Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Pre-Earthquake Human natural State

Many of us in the technological world and most especially in the Western world are trained from birth by our parents to only be rational and logical. This would be great if we were all computers and robots who might either be basically immortal or have parts to replace that were damaged all the time. But for most of us that isn't feasible yet.

So, in order to survive in the bodies we have we should use ALL the faculties that kept our ancestors alive until they could allow us to be born. So, in the interests of this I would like to share what is natural and normal for a human to experience just before an earthquake:

1st you feel like something is wrong but you might not be able to define it. If you are not used to using your feelings to track down what is wrong you might just ignore this feeling. However, it is never a good idea to ignore your feelings because you are designed to use your instincts and feelings to stay alive. Without them you won't be.

But just in case you are feeling this because of some other reason. One way to double check this is to watch your pets or wild animals or both. Though I get this from any earthquake above 5.0 within 600 miles of me if I ask someone else who is used to honoring their senses I can narrow down what I'm actually experiencing to what it actually is.

So, for me if there is going to be a 6.5 or above quake anywhere on earth I feel tension and pain. I know a lady who is also an intuitive who is about 83 years old who is much more accurate because she listens carefully to her feelings as women who have this gift tend to be better at this than men in defining these types of things.

So, if you feel something isn't right and sense it might be an impending earthquake nearby, look to pets or wild animals. For example, if you live near where there are a lot of wild birds like near the ocean or a river or watershed or nature preserve of some sort watch the behaviors of birds. If their behavior is different then you know more what is coming.

This can tell you whether it is an earthquake somewhere else or whether it is coming right where you are. The animals and birds behavior will tell you.

However, logically one can just not live in "The Ring of Fire" if they never want to experience and earthquake. But even there sometimes earthquakes occur.

Let me give you an example of this experience. In December 2004 I felt like I was going to die, for example. However, when I woke up at my father in Laws house on Christmas Day I turned on Cnn TV to watch the news and I heard of the Earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia that killed eventually 250,000. I felt very relieved I wasn't going to die. Because at this moment I realized it wasn't me that was dying it was all these people. I had noticed the heaven realms drawing very close the previous month or so. So I knew a lot of people were going to pass on on earth. I had just thought I was going to be one of them the way I felt. So though I felt bad for all those who died I felt very relieved it wasn't my time to go after I heard of the earthquake and tsunami.

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