Friday, February 5, 2010

In dying I am reborn

To say this is sort of like saying like the lyrics of the song, "And you can survive to 105 if you're young at heart". And both things are equally powerful in regard to longevity.

It is my experience that being too attached to anything causes death. However, the childlike state of wonder and expectancy where literally anything can happen and you know it leads to a long life.

When I say, "In dying I am reborn" I'm not really talking about physically dying. No, I'm actually talking about psychological death. I'm 61 now but I have died hundreds and likely thousands of times psychologically. I believe it is one of the secrets to my having lived this long in the first place.

I have always felt close to God since I was about 15. (I felt close to God between ages 0 and 12) but then didn't know what I believed from 13 to 14 and got it back again at 15. So, since 15 I have learned to "die to self". So, whenever life just gets too crazy or impossible to deal with I will go to sleep at night and say to God, "God, this is just too much! It's just too crazy. Let me die!" And I do and I wake up reborn again in God's heart and mind the next morning.

Sometimes at night when this happens I really want to be dead but I also say to God, "Take my life if it is your Will oh God. However, if it is your will I will be restored in the morning and go on living."

This is not just an intellectual process. No. It is complete to the core of my being, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, completely. So when I wake up after this I'm a completely different person than the night before and completely restored.

So, "In dying I am reborn!" It is one of the secrets to a long and happy life!

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