Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Plane owned by Tesla engineer crashes

begin quote:
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A Cessna 310 owned by a Tesla Motors executive struck an electrical tower after taking off in northern California on Wednesday, crashing into a residential neighborhood and killing all three people on board, according to local authorities and a media report.end quote:

The article also said all 3 were employees of Tesla Motors.

The Tucker, The Bricklin and now the Tesla have all had their share of problems of one sort or another. It seems really unfortunate when a really good prototype is developed like the Tesla that companies have so much trouble getting production going. Of course, trying to start a company in a recession can be difficult too. Though I hear production is now going strong with Tesla and I hear stock is being offered this crash likely won't help the company much except in regard to publicity of their product.

I can remember a silicon Valley company that had 40 plus members of their executive level people on a flight with me and my family that almost crashed at San Jose about 13 years ago. I overheard the CEO say, "We are never going to have this many executive level people on a single flight again in case it crashes. Because if it did our company might end right there with the crash."

I thought this was a wise idea.

I also found something I didn't expect to find on Stainless steel cars while I was trying to remember the name, Tucker. Here it is:

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