Tuesday, February 2, 2010

6.2 New Guinea

It is possible that this is a part of an earthquake progression around the ring of fire. As an intuitive I got that there could be a progression of over 6.0 earthquakes in a clockwise motion around the ring of fire. So, starting with the 6.5 in Eureka, California then a series of 4.0s to 5.0s along fault lines leading to the 7.0 Haiti quake which then lead to many 4.0s to 6.0s in the vicinity of Haiti and down into South America. The largest of these appeared off the southern tip of south America with a 6.3 in the ocean. Lately, 5.0 earthquakes abound from California to Haiti and South America and on up the eastern rim of the ring of fire. If this progression continues up the ring of fire with over 6.0 to 7.0 or above earthquakes between now and march and progressing over the Aleutian Islands to Alaska and Down the Cascade Range then I suppose it might be possible that this might then create a 25% at least chance if all these conditions are met trigger a Yellowstone Caldera eruption. However, for there even to be a 25% chance of this all these conditions would have to be met. Also, I am not speaking as a scientist but only as an intuitive who has successfully predicted previous earthquakes before they happened. My purpose in mentioning this is not to be an alarmist. My purpose is so people will be more prepared if this actually happens. Your prayers might help create a better outcome.

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