Thursday, February 18, 2010

Master R

Please bear with me. I think I'm just nostalgic for when my mother was both sensible and still alive and kicking.

Master R is a code name for what I believe either Madame Blavatsky or Mr. Ballard or some other spiritual teacher along the way coined for a Cosmic Being. I suppose in some ways a Cosmic Being in some ways also fits the description of what I call one of the Creators that create and maintain Galaxies. However, they don't usually see themselves as Cosmic Beings or Gods. However, I guess the description Cosmic Being could cover a wide array of types of beings and wouldn't necessarily mean what it means to a religion or religions.

This was a part of what I remember when I was on Staff in the Computer Department for the Summit Lighthouse on staff at their then Summit University headquarters when they rented a college campus there for few years. I think it was called then the Nazarene College that they rented then in Pasadena, California when I was there in 1977. Then they bought a Jesuit Seminary and after a few years sold that and moved to Wyoming and Montana and bought thousands of acres in a big tract there and built homes A-bomb shelters and tapped into Geothermal power for all their power needs there. They were very technically sophisticated and many if not most members had one, two or three degrees. So there were many doctors, lawyers and advanced thinkers that moved to Wyoming, Montana and Idaho with that group following Elizabeth Clare Prophet in the 1980s and 1990s.

Anyway, I memorized part of a prayer to "Master R" who is also called The Great Divine Director, The Lord Maha Chohan, and various other names to other people and groups throughout the world and throughout spiritual and religious history on earth.

Here is a part of what I memorized at that time:

"Blessed Master R
You are near not far
Brighter than a light
Brighter than a Star"

You can see how I came to understand Creators from my understanding of this kind of Cosmic God-Like perfected Being. So, if I understand all this correctly, for example, if you are Christian the best way to understand all this would be if Jesus and Mary Magdeline were hypothetically twin souls, Split aparts and then they ascended into heaven and merged into one evolved God-like Being they would then become a name that represented Jesus and Mary Magdeline and then would be a Cosmic Being like Master R, who is also the Great Divine Director, who is also the Lord Maha Chohan. It is my understanding that Master R was like Jesus during the Lemurian and possibly the Atlantean times. So he became a Cosmic Being sometime since by merging with his twin soul or split apart(like they talk about in the movie "The Butcher's Wife" with Demi Moore.

So, when today I was driving home next to a Lexus sport car that had my initials and then R, I knew I needed for some reason to think about Master R. So, as a gifted intuitive I came home and wrote this piece in (his and her) combined honor.

When I was young my mother used to sometimes play a game that intuitives like her played which was to use symbolism when viewing license plates while we drove. So my first car license plate to her was Quite Nice Boy One sixteen. I was the quiet nice boy who was 16 years old at the time. Another of her sweet view through this prism was for example, She had a Ford LTD which at that time was a Fords version of a Lincoln Continental, a status car. She called her car "Love Tremendous Divine". I used to laugh at times at this moniker but still she persevered driving her "Love Tremendous Divine". She loved that car and drove it until my father passed away. It died the same week as my father while we were in Palm Springs watching " Back to the Future". A couple of us had to get a ride with Marines headed toward the 29 Palms Marine Tank Base in order to get my International Harvester Scout II to pick the rest of us up back in Palm Springs.

Also, when I was at the "I am" School our class was dedicated to the Great Divine Director or the Master R. Later, in 1977 my Summit University Class was dedicated to Archangel Gabriel and his twin flame lady Archangel Hope.

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