Friday, February 19, 2010

Past Life: Fox TV Show

My wife and I have been very entertained by this new show on Fox TV called: Past Life.

In it, the psychologist(or shrink) and two colleages are hired by troubled people with past life traumas. They are hired to help these people work out their past life problems.

However, in real life regarding past lives, usually people either don't remember anything, or don't believe in reincarnation or their memories of past life events are just so debilitating that sometimes people become permanently dysfunctional when they remember deaths by hanging execution, murder or battle.

So, if I want to understand who I am by understanding what my reincarnations have been past, present and future on this and other worlds and dimension I give a prayer that goes something like this.

Dear God, If I have lived past lives that you want me to know about show me that which will be useful to me and that which I can process usefully in this lifetime to make my life better in this and possible future lifetimes. Please don't traumatize me unnecessarily with things not useful to me in this lifetime. Amen

In every lifetime we live we are usually learning different or at least slightly different things. Therefore a prayer like this is designed to be helpful in creating a good outcome.

If you just say something like "Show me everything" insanity or suicide might be the likely result of such a command to life to show you everything. If you were smothered, tortured, cut up in pieces etc. do you really want to re-experience that? There is usually no useful reason to emotionally experience that again. Such things might make you permanently dysfunctional. There might be instances where it would be useful just on a mental level to know about such things. But remember, we are not talking about a movie we are talking about something your soul has actually experienced. So be careful.

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