Friday, February 19, 2010

My understanding of Cause and Effect

Note: I'm talking here in a metaphysical experiential sense and not in a standard physics sense.

There is what we are taught and what we actually experience. By using what I have been taught and then observing all phenomena that I have seen happen during my life this is what my experience has been as a pragmatic intuitive.

First of all when people talk about karma, generally they have no idea what they are talking about. Saying, "What goes around comes around" or "For every action there is an opposite but equal reaction" might be useful as well.

So, to begin to make sense of all this there is
personal karma
group karma
city karma
national karma
planetary karma

And they are all interrelated on millions of different fronts. But the single most important thing for each of us to know is: "We are each the captain of our own destiny". So despite all karma it can be overcome and people and beings do it every day because there is also "Grace!"

"Grace" can be anything from having a loving mother to having a friend that keeps you away from drugs or gangs at a critical moment in your life. It can also be that you have just done so much good in multiple lifetimes that you become a "Golden Child" like a Jesus or a Buddha or someone like that.

So, just sitting around worrying about karmic actions and reactions is something you just have to get over because "You are the captain of your own destiny. You are the master of your own ship!" Approaching life in this way you take the bull by the horns so to speak and create your own life wherever you are.

So, if life gives you lemons you don't just sit around fretting or being pissed off about it, you make lemon pie or lemonade. For example, in an extremely difficult time in my life someone said to me, "There are no problems only opportunities!" This was my salvation because if I hadn't taken this attitude to heart I would not be here talking to you now through the internet worldwide.

So, if you are at all instinctive or intuitive the first useful thing is to find a way to learn to experience mankind as all your family. Once you can do this and experience them as family or at the very least distant relatives or friends you can then develop your instincts and intuitions because at that point all life will begin to trust you. Until you experience first hand what this really means you have no idea just how very powerful this is. And as long as you don't violate that trust that all life puts in your hands you will live a good life more and more and more. Every good thing will come to you as you become more gifted and trustworthy to all of life.

Unlimited good will come to you as you become a benefactor to all life in every way. And the really amazing thing about all this God is your benefactor more and more as you are his benefactor to all life. If you honor God and honor all life you also honor yourself and everyone you know.

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