Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Google Translator


I had a comment on one of my articles that was in Chinese. So I was able to find the Google Translator that I could paste Chinese into to find out what it said: Here is the tranlation:

The best way to foster a child is for the parent to be an able bodied person.

I found this interesting because it sounded like a Confucian saying.
I was then having trouble getting my sea legs being without my Armour Thyroid medicine for the first week or two. I can't get a replacement in the U.S. that works as well for me anymore. I have to try to get it from Canada. If you too are suffering the loss of Armour thyroid in the U.S. here is one of several locations where you can get some from Canada. But you do need a doctor's prescription to use Canadian pharmacy companies.


The following website defines the problem:


I learned from one of the consumer complaints forums that Armour thyroid is actually powdered thyroid gland (T3) and Synthroid (T4). For people like myself this is a miracle cure. And it is causing serious problems for thousands of people in the U.S. to not be able to get their miracle cure here in the U.S. anymore.

My wife's and my grief therapist( each of us lost our last parent in 2008) told me that he had studied hypothyroidism and diabetes and was very surprised at all the physiological and psychological changes that are caused by both diseases. Though undiagnosed and untreated diabetes will more likely be fatal, undiagnosed or untreated hypothyroidism seriously affects people's lives and reduces their quality of life and seriously shortens their lives as long as it isn't diagnosed or treated.

One of the many potential causes of hypothyroidism is being a vegetarian. So even though I had the clearest arteries and veins of any person my doctors had ever seen at Stanford Medical when I had an angiogram, likely being raised from birth a lacto ovo vegetarian also likely helped give me hypothyroidism(the body isn't making enough thyroid to keep hormones in balance). Some of the symptoms can be unable to keep warm, confused thoughts, feeling like you are not yourself, heart palpitations, various heart issues etc.

If you have any of these symptoms getting a t3 and a t4 blood test for thyroid imbalance might be useful.

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