Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day: The Movie

All the actors in this movie turned in good performances but the ones that stood out were Ashton Kutcher and George Lopez. Watching them you really thought they were real friends and had quite a bond as buddies which might be true off screen as well as on. I don't know. Jessica Biel's performance as a woman who hates Valentine's day is especially funny. And pairing the anti-valentine's day party in the same restaurant and room as an East Indian wedding I thought was pretty funny as well. All the actors and actresses contributed to making one feel that all the major reactions to Valentine's Day worldwide had been covered. So everyone, I believe, walked away with a happy, funny but more realistic view of Valentine's day. Yes. It was Hollywood at it's funny best but the humor actually made sense and people could appreciate the thoughtfulness of the movie. So I guess I enjoyed it.

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