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Edna Ballard 1886-1971

This following is a previous article I wrote about Charles and Pearl Sindelar.

This following is a picture of Guy and Edna Ballard taken in the early 1930s with a picture of Saint Germain behind them.

I knew Edna Ballard from 1948 when I was two months old and blessed in the yard of what is now an apartment complex there in Mt. Shasta City, California. (I believe the building might still be there I believe on Chestnut). I started staying at Shasta Springs during conclaves when I was 5 years old. I was allowed to do this only because my parents were put in charge of the Los Angeles "I Am" Sanctuary. This was 1953. Soon after many other children were then allowed to stay at Shasta Springs too during the Conclaves usually held in July or August of every year since the late 1940s since.

At age 6 I was playing with my cars at the cafeteria eating area under the big tent then in August 1954 when Mrs. Ballard walked by and said to me, "You are going to be the boy Jesus in the "I am" Pageant when you are twelve." I said, "Okay." I was pretty impressed that the worldwide leader of my parents religion actually spoke to me at all.

At age 12 I played the part of the 12 year old boy Jesus. They put hair extensions on my hair so I looked the part in 1960. It was kind of painful and new and strange but I loved playing the speaking part of the boy Jesus. I remember this line, "They that know thy Name I AM will put their trust in Thee" Still.

My father and I walked the Shasta springs trails that summer rehearsing our parts in the Pageant of Jesus' life. I remember my father rehearsing his part of John, the Baptist saying. "Oh ye people, Oh ye people. The day cometh which shall burn as an omen and take heed that ye be not consumed!" and "All of you who wish to be baptised, come with me to the river." OR the humorous version actually uttered once in dress rehearsal. "All of you who wish to be baptised, come with the river to me." The multitude got a real kick out of that.

When I was 13 I was no longer sure there was a God and if there was where was he for me? I had childhood epilepsy and thought I might die. By 15 I had gotten over both Epilepsy and my uncertainty of God. My son recently told me I had to have had Blunt Force Trauma Epilepsy because that is the only kind people grow out of. He's studying to be a nurse and will be one soon.

When I went to my next Conclave conducted by Mrs. Ballard I was 15 in 1963. She made me an angel in Jesus' transfiguration scene and resurrection scene. I did this every year until I was 21 when I was made Archangel Gabriel Resurrecting Jesus from his tomb. That was my last year knowing Mrs. Ballard. The following November She asked me to leave the "I am" Religion telling me "We would like you to stop attending 'I am" Classes for a little while. Two years later she was gone. In 1969 she would have been 83 and had no idea what to make of all the social changes going on in the world especially among young people like myself. She told my parents, "You will be amazed at how evolved he will be by his 40s" as she was very intuitive like me and often channeled Saint Germain and other masters. She called it "Giving Dictations from the masters"

Her spiritual name was Lotus and she wrote spiritual poems under the name Chanera which meant "Chan Era". I guess she remembered a lifetime or more during this time.

I also graduated in my senior year in High School at the "I am" School on May 1966 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The four of us graduates that year wore indigo Capes with white satin linings. I wore a white suit and white tie and white shoes with my cape which made me a member of the "Brotherhood of the Indigo Cape" for life. This brotherhood shepards young people into enlightenment and out of danger.

If you can imagine DeMolay in the Masons mixed with Christian Science mixed with Rosicrucian it was a lot like that in thought and actions always.

Since I was born into the "I am" Activity and the Saint Germain Foundation I knew nothing else except public school in Glendale, California growing up until my senior high school year.

My last memory up close with Edna Ballard. "I am" Students called her "Beloved Mama" and even though he passed on in 1939 Guy Ballard was always referred to as "Beloved Daddy". My mother met and knew him from 1936 until 1939. She was 16 in 1936 and was brought into the "I am" by her father, George who had been a Methodist Minister and later a Cabinet Maker.

I think that the summer Conclaves were cancelled because of the riots in 1966 in Chicago. So instead I went to the following Christmas Class in Chicago.

So, it wasn't until summer 1967 that I could wear my Indigo cape with white satin lining and escort "Beloved Mama" to the platform for her service for "I am" students from all over the world who were attending the conference there. This honor was reserved for recent Graduates of the "I am" School. This was the last time I spent much time with her in person until she gave me pointers for being a Good ArchAngel Gabriel at the 1969 "I am" Come Pageant in Mt. Shasta, California.

Finding God in my parents religion helped me defeat childhood epilepsy because my father allowed me no medicines. So all I had was mind over matter. This set the tone for my life. Defeating epilepsy brought spiritual gifts into my life. And my spiritual gifts, especially when I told people things were going to happen and they did upset a lot of people because they didn't know what to do with that. Because religions need soldiers not captains not generals. Religions need obedience and nothing else. God had different plans for me. He made me the captain of my own destiny, and a spiritual researcher for mankind. However, I am eternally grateful for all that was given to me through the "I am" Activity. Though having to leave when I did nearly killed me during my twenties, in the long run I could see God's real plan for me. I was never created by God to follow anyone but God in the end. But I needed a good start and I got that from "Beloved Mama"(Edna Ballard). So, I'm very grateful to God for the disciplinarian that she was and for my beloved parents now gone who introduced me to Lotus "Beloved Mama".

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I have not been a part of this community since 1969. However, a few of us have stayed in contact over the years.

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