Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What is Real? 2-3-10

In all my writings I'm trying to share what my experience of reality is. I find my life experience is unique. A friend of mine who has published many books and I were talking and I said, "Other people that are like me." and he said, "There is no one like you, Fred." All the people that are the most like you are still in the religion you were raised in. At this point you are completely unique in your life experience.

So, do I expect you to agree with what I write? NO. That is not useful. What I do expect is that you will be either entertained or informed of new ways to perceive reality or both. If not, I'm sorry I couldn't help you in some way. Have a great life!

So, what I'm writing here is probably mostly helpful to me and possibly to you as well. For example, when I have been writing 2035 in December and since, I was thinking of how I could share what I see coming in a way that might prevent unnecessary suffering of humans, now and in the future. It was less trying to entertain you and more trying to prepare you for what is coming.

Even the somewhat chaotic changes that people experience in 2035 are based upon my own experience with both enlightenment and relationships. In other words always expect the unexpected. Of course if you choose it your life can be just as boring as you want it to be or as exciting as you want it to be. However, if you choose the latter just remember if your life is too exciting it will drive you mad or dead. So, balance is the thing always if you choose to live a long thing like I did in life. It's not that I expected to live a long time, it's what I was shooting for so to speak. So every time a physical or psychological risk just seemed to far I pulled back and lived and emotionally and physically survived. And of course I have watched many friends not know when to quit whatever they were doing and they aren't around anymore. So, after 3 marriages and three biological children(who are all still close to me) and my present marriage is very happy I look back upon my life and realize I have lived a really amazing life. It is a very different vantage point now at 61 than ever before. Now I'm grateful for each moment of life and I consider every moment after 40 to be gravy or sort of like an encore after the main show is over of one's life. Living to 40 was the thing. Everything else is just amazing and I'm grateful for each and every moment.

Tonight I was thinking about what I have written so far in 2035 and though it has been pleasurable for me to write I wonder what people would think of it? But that really isn't even why I wrote it. I wrote it to be informative of what is coming. I know people who are not religious or not new age or into Saint Germain or whatever might be put off by all that. However, I just got depressed about writing about Silver to age 16 and decided to move the whole thing in a somewhat unexpected direction. I also wanted enough stability for Silver to actually become someone like a Thomas Edison type of character mixed with the lovability and endearing nature of someone like Michael Jackson. No matter what your view on Michael Jackson's sexual proclivities, if you remove that one question you have a Saint in human form in what he tried to do here on earth for so many. So to depict Silver as being a 21st century Thomas Edison mixed with the basic lovability of Michael Jackson was what I was going for.

Since I have been an unconscious soul traveler since birth and a conscious soul traveler all over earth, the solar system, to the center of the solar system starting in 1969 and 1970 and to the edge of the Galaxy by 1973 I am trying to express what I experienced in this galaxy in regard to intelligent life when I write about the Galactic Sentience, the Galactic Government and the Galactic Time Guard which is one of the main peacekeeping units that keeps ultimate order in our galaxy. Even Purple Delta 7 I see as a real being in my personal experience of the universe. Is it important that you see her as real? That is entirely up to you. But to me, the Galactic Sentience is a real being. The Creator of the Galaxy and his wife are real beings. Even the wife of the Galactic Sentience is a real being. So, how do I or how does anyone cope with all this?

The way I cope with it is that the reality of the physical and psychological relationships in the Galaxy looks a whole lot more like Zeus and the Greek Pantheon and even the Norse pantheon which is similar than anything else I've heard of. This is not to say that Jesus and Buddha weren't real and true. However, it is a simultaneous truth
and it would be useful to say that like in Shakespeare, "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy".

If you are interested in reading some or all of "2035" in its first or second draft it is most easily reached here:

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