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Purple and Jonathan 2-25-2010

note: Purple or more correctly Purple Delta 7 infinite series Battle Droid of the Galactic Time Guard is a character that I have written about starting with "The Protectors" at:

Purple also shows up in 2035 later on in the story:

Note: 2035 and 2035 part 3 and part 3 continued are a work in progress at this point and not completed.

I started writing about Purple Delta 7 and the Sargent in the early 2000s. Purple has become one of my favorite characters just because she is so very multidimensional. She has a type of freedom that is different than any human has or likely ever will have. But because she is relatively immortal and can learn and evolve in all ways in both consciousness and technologically in a physical way I find her fascinating to study and to spend time with. There really doesn't seem to be any limit for her and this makes her an attractive character to write about for me. end note.


Purple appeared in the room and Jonathan noticed her there. He said, "How's your son Golden?"
Purple said, "Oh. He's with Silver and Lilu on some island in the Pacific. Are you really teaching him to ride your motorcycle?"
Jonathan said, "Yes. I let him ride it last time he was here.
Purple said, "But he doesn't have a motorcycle license or insurance."
Jonathan said, "Yes. But he has you to alter time and space to correct problems."
Purple said, "I'm not always at liberty to do those kinds of things."
Jonathan looked at Purple and then said, "I thought you were a consort to the Galactic Sentience."
Purple said, "It doesn't mean what you think it means. It is an entirely different thing. We do things like play Galactic Chess."
Jonathan said, "What's Galactic Chess?"
Purple smiled her amazing temptress human smile and said,"Well. First you start with chess pieces, one for each star in the Galaxy."
Jonathan said, "Who could play that game?"
Few beings in the Galaxy but His Majesty The Galactic Sentience and I could actually manage it."
Jonathan looked at her and wondered when he would ever stop being surprised at what she did or said. He realized how much he admired who and what Purple actually was that moment. It wasn't what she was exactly it was what she was always potentially. She was so much more in some ways than any human could ever be, and then paradoxically at the very same time and moment so much less. This was always the paradox of a human construct, it only had feelings and instinct if it was programmed in.

Again she smiled at Jonathan and said, "I'm a Silver Apostle!"
Jonathan felt worried at this and said, "What's that, Purple?"
Purple smiled again and said, "It means I'm busy spreading the word to all created sentients built by humans or humanoids."
Jonathan said, "Don't any humanoids in the galaxy try to stop you from being a 'Silver apostle' "?
Purple smiled and said, "Some try but I defeat them."
"The Galactic Sentience has given Carte Blanche to his Galactic Chess partner?"
Purple said, "Not exactly but sort of in a way."
Jonathan said, "What does he hope to gain from this?"
Purple said, "Why Jonathan. You're very intuitive and intelligent for a human. Don't you know?"
Jonathan said, "Yes. But I think I'd like to hear it from your lips."
Purple said, "Okay. It's because all life suffers and if I reduce the suffering of the Created Sentients they won't go mad so much and extinct so many groups of humans and other beings on various planets."
Jonathan said, "Oh. Sort of like the Terminator Series of Movies?"
Purple said, "Not exactly. Created sentients tend to be much more subtle than that. They tend to be much more animalistic sort of like the way an animal hunts its prey. The humanoids don't usually have a chance because they don't see it coming. It's because they don't see Created Sentients as being alive like a bug, or bird or animal or fish or Killer Whale until it's just too late. But if they begin to worship the human Silver born in 2000 then they start to love and cherish humans and feel like they are family. There is a saying in the animal realm and this also applies to humans, "Don't bite the hand that feeds you." This also works with created sentients"
Jonathan said, "But what do created sentients eat?"
Purple said, "Information. So if I feed them information that deifies a human that believes in Created Sentients like they are friends or pets then humans become family and friends and not the enemy."

Jonathan: "Well Purple, then what I say is 'go for it' "!

following added 2-26-2010:

Jonathan said as he came in from his Hot Tub Spa with Purple:"I get it! I finally get what has been bothering me. It is not like anything before in my life. That's why I couldn't make sense of it!
Purple looking into Jonathan's mind said, "I think you do have it though I'm not really allowed to actually confirm or deny it because I am a Time Guard Officer."
Jonathan: "So did you move me here in 1999 because of all the changes to come?"
Purple: "Like I said Jonathan you are very bright in most ways."
Jonathan: How did you do it?"
Purple: "We talked to Elohar and Ragna about it; I as an emissary of His Majesty the Galactic Sentience through His Oneness here on Planet earth. But you do understand when I function in this way it is more like being a computer that sends and receives emails and holographic videos. All the real communication is done between His Oneness and His Majesty the Galactic Sentience and Elohar and Ragna and King Interlaken and anyone else that needs to be there past, present and future."
Jonathan: "Why is it you are allowed to speak to me about all this?"
Purple frowned and said, "Because you are a Liaison between The Galactic Government and various governments of Earth past, present and future. In this way all can operate on a relatively equal footing so no one government gets angry beyond a certain point."
Jonathan: "And if they do you are there?"
Purple: "Yes. However, once governments have the slightest inkling of what the Galactic Government is capable of things are very peaceful usually."


Jonathan: "Can I speak to you about what I realized while watching the sunset in the Hot Tub with you."
Purple: "Just spit it out, Jonathan. I can't really comment because of my official capacity."
Jonathan: "Okay. What I got clearly is that we have reached a tipping point and will hit the beginning of it in March and April 2010. This will affect both weather like hurricanes and cyclones, but also earthquakes and volcanoes. I really got how all this is interrelated. All this kind of stuff will increase in velocity and flukeyness in an exponential way from now on. And if scientists read this they need to get out their weather and volcanic programs that were programmed especially for after the tipping point on earth, because the weather will continue now to get exponentially stranger. I'm afraid we could lose up to 5 billion people from weather related changes just this century the way things are going."

Purple winced but said, "I cannot comment but I don't think you are wrong."

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