Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ye Are Gods

There are several things my parents believed when they were alive that stuck with me in a philosophical sense throughout my life. In the Bible, I believe there are several quotes my parents loved. Some of these purported to be uttered by Jesus were: "Ye Are Gods" and "Even greater things than these shall ye do" along with God's name that came from Moses, "I am That I am".

As I grew older I put all theses ideas together with: "We are all made in God's image" and wondered what that meant. I have finally been able to make sense of the whole thing in relation to all beings in the universe by realizing that God's image is not physical it is perceptual. I suppose it could be both. However, it works for all beings in the universe in our own galaxy and beyond if it is primarily perceptual: "Every being that has consciousness is a potential and actual microcosmic God". So, from this point of view there are trillions and trillions of microcosmic God beings just here on Earth. I find this oddly comforting to be surrounded at all times with trillions and trillions of microcosmic Gods.

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