Friday, February 12, 2010

Creators: The Species

Whether you consider what I'm going to say now a "Science Fiction Construct" or whether you are intuitive like me and just realize I'm speaking from real experiences is okay with me. Because in the end, "Why should any of us believe in anything we haven't directly experienced anyway?" This is why I'm perfectly comfortable whichever way you view this.

I was thinking about Creators(I have written about them in Memories, my online book and some of the short story form sequels at:

If you click on the parts 1 through 11 it is there.

Also, if you click on: His Oneness there it talks about the leader of our Galaxy that I call "The Galactic Sentience". I used this name because we are referring to a relatively immortal being who has already lived millions of years and is capable of living Billions likely who is the grandson of the Creator and his wife who originally created the Milky Way Galaxy as a way to feed their kids and progeny on into the future. For most people this kind of being might be considered a God similar to one in the Greek Pantheon of Gods. However, The Galactic Sentience doesn't consider himself to be a God. However, with over 1,000,000 IQ or above a human would consider such a being a God very likely as did the ancient Greeks and Romans who knew some of them.

Today, I was thinking about how Creators keep ownership of the Galaxy their family creates. I realized this pretty much is not violated by other creators who created other galaxies. Just like your home is considered your home and what goes on there is your business in most of the world, each galaxy is considered the home of the family of Creators that actually created it.

When I was young my mother prayed to one of the "Elohim" who created the solar system. His name was Hercules and in the church she grew up in he was Elohim of the Blue Ray which had to do with beginning new eras for mankind on earth. She prayed to him in regard to me so I would be physically strong and have good health. So I grew to 6 feet 4 1/2 inches in height and when I was in my 20 could press 1000 pounds just using my legs. So I had very strong legs as a young man. I often picked up the front end of my VW bug while in college and turn it 180 degrees or 45 degrees if I was stuck in mud or snow and I found though I couldn't pick up the rear end of my VW bug I could bounce it out of being stuck in the snow. So, my mother believed the Elohim Hercules that she believed help build the solar system. So, the builders of the solar system were supposed to be the "7 builders of creation" or the "Seven Elohim", Elohim being and ancient Hebrew plural noun for God that is still used Today.

In fact Jesus literally said on the cross, "Eloi Eloi Lamasabacthani!" which can be translated two ways, either "My God My God(Eloi) How you have glorified me!" or to me the less useful translation which is, "My God My God why have you forsaken me?" However, the second translation is not a direct one and comes through several translations and languages. The direct translation is the first.

So, my first conscious experience of communicating with a Creator happened on Interstate 5 near Redding somewhere out in the sticks heading north toward Mt. Shasta. I was within 50 miles of Redding heading north.

I had a question as to how the Galaxy was created and this being started speaking with me. I was aware the being was not on earth but in the stars. Actually, driving a car, playing a guitar with simple chords or walking in the outdoors facilitates the right set of events for me to have this kind of conscious waking experience. So, as the being explained to me how the galaxy was created and who created it I felt like I was speaking to a family member because there was that sort of intimacy like if you were talking to a best friend or brother, sister or mother or father. I sensed I was talking to a male being who had authority. I knew it was a very intelligent or evolved being but didn't think I was talking to God himself as that is a different experience. Rather I was talking to a grandfatherly kind of person or being that wanted to make sure I knew how the Universe was created. This took place in the early 1980s when I still lived on Mt. Shasta on my 2 1/2 acres of land on Mt. Shasta with my family.

So, now 30 years later I now see Creators as having created all Galaxies. He told me that they created antimatter Galaxies as well. I wasn't able to completely fathom what he said in regard to antimatter universes. But the basic idea was that the matter universe and the antimatter universe are polar complements to each other and tend to occupy the same space. So, what I would imagine is that in our polar complement antimatter universe there would be antimatter or black holes where we have stars and constellations and where we have a big black hole at the center of our galaxy that hold the whole thing together in the matter galaxy we live in, the antimatter galaxy likely has a galaxy like thing there instead to hold the Black hole antimatter thing the size of our galaxy which would be there.

He said that creators feed on the energy moving from one state to another. They don't need to breathe or drink water or eat food but energy is food to them since they are energy based. I got the feeling I was talking to a star or constellation or something of that size. If you can imagine what would need to create a galaxy to feed it is pretty big. But I find it amazing they can also take incarnation as humans. Only they might be 1000 or 1,000,000 humans at a time because they have the energy and consciousness to do that sort of thing. Later this being told me that I was an incarnation of the being(s) that originally created the Galaxy. This made complete sense to me because of what my mother told me as she had prayed to Elohim Hercules for health and strength while she was pregnant with me. So I continue to write of them so others can better understand these Creator beings.

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