Sunday, February 14, 2010

From Paris With Love: The movie

Though I had expected Cloak and dagger stuff from the previews I wasn't prepared for a terrorist movie. But if you combine Travolta's "Swordfish" with James Bond and various "shoot em up" movies on a slightly smaller budget, you get a very satisfying shoot em up with terrorists and love and everything else like could only happen in Paris, Europe, the Middle East or a south Asian Country.

If this movie had taken place in the U.S. it wouldn't be believable for a variety of reasons. But having been to Paris I could see something like this actually happening. Because of the porous nature of all European borders something like this could actually happen there. The way Europe is so closely connected by land and smaller bodies of water to Africa and Asia there is no realistic way to keep terrorists out of Europe the way there is with the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans between most Terrorists and North America.

This movie had terrorists, spies, shoot em ups and love. It was a well rounded movie that was both entertaining, funny and had an element of realism. However, Wax(Travolta) sort of had the over the top adrenaline junky going in his charactor to the max. You could only imagine two careers for him, either this or prison or dead. So, Wax was definitely an interesting character to watch.

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