Monday, February 22, 2010

The Home Bulldozing Movement?

I was thinking more about the internet blogosphere worldwide movement that appears to be growing quickly now because of the man who bulldozed his home in Ohio.

If this man was only privately doing this I think he would be in greater danger. But because of the publicity there is a possibility that he will succeed in keeping his property.

The real danger for him and anyone else who might try this method of keeping their property by bulldozing their home is that banks don't want to lose money as they have worldwide investors who invest billions of dollars into these banks. These investors might not be as scrupulous as the banks and would think nothing of hiring someone to harm this man or pay off a judge to make sure he goes to jail. However, if this becomes a nationwide or worldwide movement of home bulldozing there may be nothing anyone can do to stop it much like when Unions first organized against big business crushing them and their families financially. However, I would caution anyone doing this to hire a lawyer first and be sure they can pay a lot of legal bills without going bankrupt.

Also, many states have homesteading laws which help people keep their homes. This won't help if unpaid loans are against your home. However, if your home is free and clear homesteading might be useful to you. However, it is important to consult with a lawyer before you make a decision on this issue. Also, each person can only homestead one home during their lifetime even if a state permits that.

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