Friday, February 26, 2010

Obama's Health Care Debate

The most important thing about Obama's debate yesterday between Republicans and Democrats is not who won. No. What is important is that the debate is taking place at all. The Republicans were shown up for how close minded they are and the Democrats were seen as bigger spenders(But how can you spend more than Bush did? And he's a republican). So, more than ever the Republicans were seen as the party of "NO!" No under any circumstances. And if that is all they are the party of"No" can't expect to get re-elected. They must show they care about being Americans more than following the Republican party line or the Republican Party will be over even for the Tea Party People!

If the Republican Party is seen by Democrats, Independents and Most Republicans as the party of "No!" no matter what the question is, then the Republican party is over and some new party will take their place likely made up from Tea Party independents.

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