Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oscar, the cat that predicts deaths

In this very interesting article the cat Oscar went curled up and went to sleep with patients in a nursing home, unfailingly predicting which patient would die next with about 50 patients even when the doctors and nurses thought it would be a different patient that would die.

I think that instincts of humans and animals should be researched further. Everyone thinks that humans a so superior but most humans can't do what Oscar does every day, unfailingly, predict who will die next.

My wife and I were wondering if this is one reason why cats were worshiped in ancient Egypt as sacred beings.

There is also another strange thing with cats. There is a parasite that prefers to live in the intestines of cats to any other creature. In fact if this parasite is in rats it goes to their brains and makes them curious about cats to the point that the rats tend to be eaten by cats so the parasites can have their wish and be lodged in cats intestines. Also, humans who have cats tend to have this relatively benign parasite in their brains too. So, this odd parasite that doesn't seem to harm humans might attract them to cats. What a strange and amazing world we live in!

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