Sunday, February 7, 2010

Strong earthquake hits off southern Japan coast

A 6.4 earthquake struck off the southern coast of Japan today. On January 12th I think at least 12 hours apart both the 6.5 Eureka California and the Haiti 7.0 hit. First the Eureka hit and then the Haiti Quake hit.

a friend of mine who is very sensitive to earthquakes going off had told me the night before the Eureka quake that there was going to be at least one big one. she was right. Not only that all the pain in my body left as soon as the eureka quake hit since I live on the California Coast near the San Francisco Bay. Though I'm not as sensitive to quakes as my friend, often I too, know when they will hit. However, for me, it comes in visions. For example, before the 1989 Loma Prieta quake for example, Death came to me and held up two boney fingers in my dream wearing the black robes of the grim reaper. Since Death had never come to me in this form before I realized it was very important. The next day I was able with my wife's help to realize the week the quake came. Since we were then in family student housing at UCSC we decided to play it safe and ride it out on Maui so our kids would be alive. However, looking back from now I'm not sure leaving the mainland was a good idea. It seems like preparing enough bottled water and non-perishable food to keep in home or private vehicle or both might be a much less financially stressful idea for most folks than flying the family to Maui like I did then and watching the quake live on CNN TV.
It happened on September 18th 1989.

Like then I had a similar vision soon after the Eureka quake and before the Haiti quake. I have been hoping my vision was wrong all along. However, it is so complicated I don't see how it could be valid. However, all the elements of my vision so far have been what I was shown before.

I saw over 6.0 quakes spread down the "Ring of Fire" from Eureka to South America. So I was surprised it hit Haiti with a 7.0 until I looked more carefully at the fault lines and realized that there was a long fault line from the "Ring of Fire" heading over toward Haiti. The next large quake was south of South America in the Ocean. It was a 6.3. Then I noticed many in the 5.5 to 5.9 range near Haiti. Then many over 6.0 in the Pacific Ocean and even a 6.2 south of Australia last week. Then there is the 6.2 of Indonesia this week and now the 6.4 off southern Japan.

So, my vision mentioned above 6.0s going clockwise from Eureka down through South America and then going up the western part of the ring of fire. So, for my vision to continue to be correct one of the next 6.0s or above would have to bring a volcanic eruption somewhere between Japan and Alaska possibly in the Aleutian Islands chain. The next part of my vision an over 6.0 hits one or more of the Cascade volcanoes like Baker, Rainier, Hood, Shasta, Lassen or any of the numerous others in this chain of volcanoes. One of the Cascade volcanoes going off or an over 6.0 earthquake in this region would be one of the last pieces of the vision that would be the trigger for an eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera. I personally can't totally believe that this complicated a vision could possibly come true. However, the strange thing is that it has so far.

The time in the vision was between January through about April 4th. Earlier I saw that the end of it all was within late March but recently I keep getting this date April 4th. However, something seems to happen this date but I'm not convinced at present that it is an earthquake.

The real usefulness of this vision is for others of you who are also intuitives like me to crosscheck what I'm getting. If it has meaning for you in one way or another it may help you save lives with your gifts. So that is how I see this being the most useful if you to are getting useful visions like
I am.

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