Wednesday, February 17, 2010

David Letterman

You know how sleeping dreams are, they can be so real in such a surrealistic way. Anyway, I flew to visit with David Letterman in his home. In the dream I was in my early 20s and he was in his late 40s to early 50s and he appeared to be single. I visited him like I was a relative meeting one of my parents brothers for the first time. So I was welcomed but sort of an unknown quantity to him. There was a girl visiting him that reminded me a lot of Monica Lewinski during her affair with Clinton. She and I were about the same age and talked a lot. Letterman in the dream seemed very intelligent and kind of sad in his life. However, he was interested in what we both had to say. It appeared we were both staying with him for the weekend like distant relatives coming to meet their famous uncle. He was trying to get a memory card inserted properly into a camera like device and it kept jamming and not seating properly. I said, "Here let me try. I have an affinity with everything mechanical. Once I didn't have much money on a drive back from Canada and one of my tires got threadbare and I couldn't afford to buy a new tire so I talked to the tire and just drove a little slower and sure enough when it went it just slowly went down flat and happened right next to a Les Schwab Tire outlet in southern Oregon. I went there and asked if they had any used tires and they said, "Take a look in this used tire pile." So I did and found a matching tire to my own that still had a little wear left. They said they couldn't guarantee the tire but I didn't need that at the time and installed it on my car for 25 dollars cash which left me less than 25 dollars in my wallet. Since I didn't use Credit Cards or ATM cards at the time so I would never get into debt it was cutting it pretty close. But I made it back to my home in Mt. Shasta, California safely."

So he handed me the small digital camera and I installed the flash chip for him. Then I said, "All the men in my family can talk to mechanical things like cars and planes and get a useful response. We all tend to do very well with cars, planes and electronics since we have this gift."

He just sort of looked at me and thought me strange but realized I did have some kind of affinity with technology.

Then he helped me get my airline ticket home. I could see he didn't know quite what to make of me and wondered if I was just strange or unusual or some new variation of human being that he wasn't sure of yet. The Monica Lewinski type of character got on her plane first and then I got on my plane.

Then the dream faded into something else and I woke up for a moment and then slipped into a vision. In the vision I was taken into a fault like the San Andreas somewhere between San Francisco and Seattle. The earth fault line communicated with me and was explaining that it didn't want me to talk about earthquakes anymore. It said, "What needs to happen needs to happen and if you tell everyone about it they might pray and change everything and it could throw off earth changes and natural consequences for the Earth Being whose body earth is."
I said, "Well. I'll try not to talk about this anymore if it is that important to Gaia "Mother Nature"

After that I really didn't know what to make of that and I asked Saint Germain what to do. At first he said, "Do nothing like they said." But later he had me write this so you all might better understand.

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