Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Energy of the Day

My wife often tells me, "Don't pick up everything that happens. You need better emotional and intuitive boundaries." However, my response to this is that, "If you close yourself off to what is happening around you, you are more likely to be injured or die accidentally."

So, I guess you could say I filter energy effectively. This prevents me from feeling everything but still allows me to feel what potential life threatening problems are for myself and those around me. This keeps me alive and those around me alive, and relatively happy and healthy. This works for me and always has. I have watched people shut down and then go have a car accident. Unless you are going to be home and shut down and not walk around very much or do anything physical I don't recommend completely shutting down. I prefer being alive. If you prefer being alive and unhurt be sure to sense what is going on especially if you are doing something physical like driving a car or walking across the street or riding a bicycle or motorcycle or flying your own plane.

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