Sunday, February 21, 2010

Paradigm Shift

I was speaking to my Goddaughter and her live in Boyfriend on our way back from the Broadway type play in San Francisco "Wicked" (which was wonderful and I highly recommend it). My Goddaughter's boyfriend graduated Magna Cum Laude from his University last year. So we were all discussing religion and spirituality. We all agreed that the moral content of all religions i.e. Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism etc. was very helpful ethically and morally for all mankind. And we all agreed that it was the fairy tale aspect of religions where most people actually got into trouble worldwide by taking things "Literally" when it was never practical for anyone to do so.

I said to her boyfriend, "There is a saying in Confucianism that, "Man should study man before he studies spirit". Then I said, "Given this truism you are perfectly positioned for greatness." I actually meant that for him. Because what I realized was that in developing a moral high ground without getting involved in religion, for him, was taking him to a good place. Often this wouldn't be a good thing for some people. But somehow, for him, it was taking him to a place that would be good for mankind and I needed to impress upon him this fact.

But I also wanted to share my experiences which at this point to me have much less to do with religion and much more to do with scientific fact(at least in regard to my own direct experiences).

I shared how I had asked God to allow me to soul travel while I was growing up in my prayers. My parents believed in their religion that very developed souls like Jesus and the saints could soul travel. So I had set upon this dream like other people might want to grow up to get a gold medal in skiing or something when I was a child.

I told him that I had succeeded in this prayer quest and that God had granted my prayers. But when it first happened I almost had a heart attack because it was completely unexpected and I was ill and alone in a cabin in the remote desert when this happened. Then I had told God as I packed up my things and drove home to San Diego in terror that he had almost killed me and "Could I please have a good soul traveling experience now?"

A month or two later God Granted my wish, "I woke up in Rancho Bernardo, where I was living then and sat up in bed. However, when I looked back I saw myself laying there and realized I was sitting up out of my body which was still asleep but that I was still connected from the hips down to my toes. Then something that I still wonder about happened, another me walked in the door with an angelic smile on its face and laid down into me and then we both laid down into my physical body and I wasn't afraid anymore. I felt completely at peace. I said to God, 'Thank you, God. Now I Understand', for a paradigm shift had occurred within me."

I had scientifically experienced first hand that my soul could exist separately from my body. This told me that likely I was really an immortal soul and if I was likely all other humans are too. This paradigm shift took me from theoretically believing I could soul travel to the complete understanding of soul travel as a reality. Before it was theory. Now it was actuality.

God had granted my wish then in the early 1970s in Rancho Bernardo, California near San Diego.

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