Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2037 and 2035

I wrote "2037" in March 2009 "2035" in in December 2009. They are both short stories and 2035 is a first draft.

They are both about things I see coming as an intuitive. Strangely enough because things like 2037 are happening every day around the world such things are mainly happening unseen by the public. However, what seems to create an earthquake of change(both good and bad) is what happens earth wide and galaxy wide because of 2035.

The reason for this is the question, "What if men and women perceived themselves as Gods?" Though many intelligent people have seriously asked this question, they were usually able to keep the whole question in perspective in real life for the most part. However, this will change by mid century in generations born who are affluent and technically proficient starting by 2050. The technology is being invented right now and into 2035 and improved upon ongoing to where a facial mole is worn just like police now are starting to wear a video camera over their right ear with a built in microphone. The facial mole will eventually contain a 24 hour a day digital video streaming camera and microphone and eventually will be able to give a full readout of all health and bodily functions of the wearer. So people will know when to see a doctor so they don't die or get ill with no warning. So, all this is coming. I'm mostly trying to prepare society for it to prevent most of the bad effects upon society. I don't think it can be stopped but at least one can use this stuff for the positive for the most part to benefit society. Just like television and videos, this all can be a good thing if properly regulated.

Since my December buttons to the right will be harder to access, I put 2035 and 2037 so they can be more easily read at my other website:

Also, I reformatted my website so it is easier to read and added a page called "Flame" and put a picture there of an octopus that I believe the character "Flame" would approve of.

The concept:The universe in a single Atom

Especially between the ages of 10 and 25 often friends and I would discuss things like "The universe in a single atom". Many of us always sensed that our galaxy was just a particle in a much larger world. For example, Our galaxy might be a molecule in a blade of grass in a much larger universe. Likewise, many of us felt that inside every atom was possibly a duplicate universe of every other atom and miniature us might be in our galaxy as a teenie little particle in every atom in the universe only much much smaller than we are now. Of course time and space would function much differently at this level either larger or smaller. But in the end many of us felt this tied in with the basic synchronicity of everything. So, literally EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE is interconnected in trillions or more ways.

Even though it might boggle the mind to think this way and even though it might not be possible to ever prove this theory right or wrong, there is a symmetry to it that makes more sense than anything else i have heard on the subject. Even when I soul traveled and got very good at this, after 10 years of traveling this galaxy and beyond I realized I was already anywhere and anywhen I wanted to be as a soul, which for me only increased the possibility exponentially that my original thesis was correct.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

get your Thyroid Glands checked

There are 2 tests(or more) that you can take with a simple blood test to see if your thyroid gland is working properly. I advise doing this especially if you are over 30 to 35 as it is so common for people to be having thyroid problems after this stage of life and if it is treated early it doesn't have to ruin your whole life. I didn't get tested until I was 58 and not doing so trashed many aspects of my life from 35 to 58 including a possibly unnecessary divorce involving 4 children.

So, if you can get checked(relatively inexpensive) I advice it.

Some of the symptoms are depression, confusion, not being able to get warm, lack of circulation in extremities, heart beat is all over the place, susceptibility to infections and all sorts of other things.

Before I got my thyroid checked at age 58 I expected to lose any quality of life and likely die by 65. However, now I am 61 and as long as my dose of Armour Thyroid(no side affects at all with this medicine) is the right dose for that moment in time I feel a lot mentally like I did at age 20 to 30. I still have the aches and pains of my age but mentally I feel fit again.

I also believe that the Heart virus I got around age 50 that I almost died from was partially enabled by not having my thyroid glands working properly.

The two diseases that are sure to mess you up psychologically and depression wise are unbalanced thyroid and diabetes. It can be extremely difficult to make good decisions with either of these diseases if they are untreated and in the case of diabetes this lack of ability to make good decisions can often lead to losing limbs or a fatality.

Even though there isn't much chance of a fatality from Thyroid the damage it does is through confusion and depression and extreme hormonal imbalance, feeling cold and unwell a lot of the time and the inability to make good and useful decisions in a timely manner.

Getting treated and on the right dosage of a thyroid medicine like Armour Thyroid which I prefer doesn't solve all the problems in your life but at least you then have the ability to begin to make better decisions and to have the possibility of happiness in your life.

So, If any of the symptoms I listed are yours or even not, if you can afford it get your thyroid checked with a simple blood test.

The Dalai Lama on Science

Surprisingly enough, the Dalai Lama has written a book on the convergence of Science and Spirituality called, "The Universe in a Single Atom".

quote from page 3 "--- if scientific analysis were conclusively to demonstrate certain claims of Buddhism to be false, then we must accept the findings of science and abandon those claims".

"Because I am an internationalist at heart, one of the qualities that has moved me most about scientists is their amazing willingness to share knowledge with each other without regard for national boundaries. Even during the Cold War, when the political world was polarized to a dangerous degree, I found scientists from Eastern and Western Block countries willing to communicate in ways the politicians could not even imagine. I felt an implicit recognition in the spirit of the oneness of humanity and a liberating absence of proprietorship in matters of knowledge."

"The motivation for my interest in science is more than merely personal. Even before I cme into exile, it was clear to me and others in the country that one of the underlying causes for Tibet's political tragedy was its failure to open itself to modernization. As soon as we arrived in India, we set up Tibetan schools for refugee children with a modern curriculum, which included scientific education for the first time. By then I had come to recognize that the essence of modernization lies in the introduction of modern education, and at the heart of modern education there must be a command of science and technology." end quote page 3 of prologue to book "The Universe in a Single Atom".

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Personal Responsiblity and Global Climate Change

If all adults on earth were responsible in all or even most of their actions and took personal responsibility for keeping the Earth alive and green and able to support life then Global Climate Change would soon become a thing of the past through the combined efforts of billions of very talented people.

maglev cars and trucks using hybrid electric technology

In order to get rid of wheels on cars especially in the city maglev tracks like one finds on Bulldozers and tanks could be used instead of train tracks. By using computers to do small turns at high speed one could stop using regular car wheels and instead use maglev technology with rubber coated magnetic tracks instead of train tracks. In this way electricity could be obtained direct in the cities like light rail uses now from above or below and gas or diesel or natural gas or other types of engines could run electrical generators for optimum power conversion from one form to another in the suburbs and out in the country.

The lifting power of mag lev(electromagnetic levitation) is incredible and could easily lift whatever weight necessary and could carry literally whatever was the maximum load that the roadway could bear. Since there are no wheels this solves a lot of problems especially when parking because when the power is off the vehicle and load simply will not move.

So, the major innovation would be rubber coated(to replace tires and wheels) maglev tracks for cars and trucks and would directly fit in with today's car and truck electric hybrids.

Another innovation to this technique would be truck or car wheels in front for steering while carrying most of the rear weight with tracks in the rear just like many military vehicles during World War II and after.


for ps3

you can buy now online through your ps3 game console and download it to your ps3 hard drive a game called Flower. through dancing flower petals you pollenate all the flowers of earth. it's a very good de stressing game to play just before going to sleep or when you can't sleep because of worry. also, it is a good prayer or meditation to keep earth green and alive.

Of Arcane and Silver

I just finished writing 2035(which if it is still December 2009 you should still be able to click on among my December 2009 articles easily. If not click on 2009 and then december if it is delineated that way. If not, try this.

2035 is about a reclusive young computer, robotic and software genius who is also rich to begin with with basically unlimited funds to finance his research into whatever he is interested in. He sort of becomes a new Thomas Edison in his field.

2037 is about one of the many biological changes coming that will see humans easily become 100 to 500 years old while still being physically and mentally functional like most 30 year olds.

Both of these short stories are based upon my being an intuitive and precognitive psychic. There will be many many more innovations like these ones coming very fast at us all that likely will enable many of us to live very long and to prevent Global Climate Change from extincting mankind within the next 500 to 1000 years.

Though our future is dangerous it is potentially solvable for some of us. Likely the world population of humans will reduce dramatically from heat and the chaos of weather. What I'm writing about is some of the ways mankind will find to survive and even prosper in these chaotic times now and coming.

In 2035 we see Silver with money and Nannies and a cook living in a New York Penthouse looking out over Central Park. He is born there and never leaves there until he is 16. And as strange as this may be to you, money can allow this sort of thing to happen. In the process though it makes him very eccentric, it also allows his full genius to flourish unchecked by siblings beating him up or peers beating him up or frightening him. So his genius is left free even though his body is imprisoned by his own fears and panic attacks to his large top of the building penthouse overlooking Central Park for his first 16 years.

However, if one wants to see intuitive genius one looks to a Saint figure in Arcane(Saint Germain), one of the 200,000 native human souls of earth. But Arcane was actually born about 1 million years into the future on a future colony of Earth humans of today. Though they have interbred with other humanoids that left earth to colonize other planets in the last several million years, he saves his planet from destruction but then because he became too powerful as a saint of his people was asked to leave so his people wouldn't be afraid of him. However, he joins the Galactic Time Guard and is sent to Earth as a Galactic Anthropologist of Earth. In the process of being a Time Traveling Galactic Anthropologist he is taught by Eridian the lead Elder of Light Beings of Earth 1 million years in the future to become Saint Germain. So Arcane and Earth Soul born to the planet New Deva returns as a Time Traveler to become Saint Germain to save the souls of Earth from Extinction by Nuclear Weapons, Global Climate Change or anything else. In this way he keeps Earth's ecology intact for future humans to incarnate here to evolve as souls the way souls do.

Intuitive Genius

When I think of intuitive genius I think primarily of beings like Jesus and Buddha and Krishna. There have been thousands like them over the course of the last several million years on earth of human existence here. So that we should aspire to be come like them is always a given. To realize our potential and to move in that direction should be the goal of all humans. The more intuitive geniuses with kind, compassionate and wise motivation towards all life in the universe takes each being in the universe to where we all need to BE ultimately.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

2035 Roughed out 1st draft

Though I will probably add more to "2035" in the future I think the first section is roughed out first draft wise even though there are many typos and incongruencies of numbers and detail stuff like that I like the way it is. I intended to show how uneven life tends to be and how surprised we are by many of the unexpected changes and how unprepared all of us are for our lives in the end. However, the human spirit somehow usually finds a way forward. Those who don't lay 6 feet under or are walking down the street talking to themselves on every large Boulevard in the World. Though things seem one way they are really 20 other things as time moves forward but it is true surviving the present tends to help us survive the future whatever may come.

2035 can be found (if it is still December among my blog articles). If not, here is the address:

I'm looking forward in time as an intuitive. As I'm sharing with this remember I'm somewhat changing time because I am sharing this with you. Those of you who are precognitive psychics will understand this principle. However, I also sense that the future can also be made even better than this by writing this piece so that is why I'm doing it. I call this refining the future so it can be even better for all of us.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Sherlock Holmes: The Movie

Sherlock Holmes was a different movie than I expected. However, Robert Downey Jr. And Jude Law did a remarkable job of playing off each other as buddies as both are cosummate actors. I liked the movie but it was at times darker than I expected. But there were also many somewhat humorous moments as well. One got the feeling that one was in a strange way dealing with 19th Century "Big Bang Theory" compatriots at times. Robert Downey Jr. fulfilled the audiences need to see Sherlock Holmes as a genius, neurotic, violent and at times self destructive English Gentleman. At times one wondered whether Sherlock Holmes and Watson might be bi-sexual or whether that was just an illusion as both have female paramours during the movie. So, one is left with the possiblity than almost anything is possible with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Dr. Watson having recently returned from a war appears to be an adrenaline junky(He likes excitement!)
And Sherlock Holmes seems to be on the edge of suicide and possible drug addiction whenever he doesn't have an investigation case to work on.

Sherlock Holmes played by Robert Downey Jr. is probably the most complex and accurate portrayal yet attempted according to the original books from the 19th Century. So if you are a Sherlock Holmes or mystery fan don't miss the latest Sherlock Holmes!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What Christmas means to me

My first memories of Christmas were about 1950 since I was born in 1948. It was traditional then to have your kids believe in Santa Claus. It has changed a lot since then. However, my parents decided at age 5 to say to me, "Jesus is real but Santa Claus is made up." Whether this was good or not is every one's guess. They just felt that was what they should do. Whereas all my kids believed in Santa until about 8 or 10. In a certain sense to me, even now Santa is as real as Jesus to me. Because even though the physical bodies of Saint Nicholas and Jesus are long gone, both have left a mark on mankind that has made all or most of us much better people. The spirit of giving during the Christmas season is a sight to behold. For my wife it is like a job for her finding and giving presents to everyone. Sometimes, I think she overdoes it but then again, giving is a form a gratitude to God and life for being so beneficent to you. And as they say, "Gratitude is the motor of life."

For me, the happiest giving for me is when I can donate money around Thanksgiving and Christmas to the local food bank. For every dollar I give, local organizations add 6 more which makes an incredible 700% difference to those people who seriously need food in one's area. I'm at the point where I think a monthly donation is useful. So, for me, at least Christmas is more about everyone having enough to eat and staying warm during the cold weather than anything else.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Brittany Murphy:Death by Swine Flu?

It looks like Brittany likely passed away with swine flu complications. She likely was afraid to go to the doctor or hospital and waited to long and so now is gone.

This is a lesson for all of us who might want to live. If you go down fast with the swine flu go quick to the doctor before you are too out of it to make good decisions. Often if one is that out of it and hasn't given authority to another to make those decisions for one, the results could be fatal as they obviously were in this case.

I know from personal experience that within 12 to 24 hours of getting swine flu one can barely know their own name. It is that quick. So be sure you have a chain of decision making that works in case you come down with this awful thing.

Righting old wrongs

Many countries on earth Blame the U.S., North America and Europe for most of the climate change issues. However, right now, to clearly look at this, this is not the point or question.

The real question is: Will even one human being on earth survive this?

That is the question of the hour. If all we do is to foster blame on each other regarding how we got here, then we are all children playing a silly game while our ship sinks.

What is more important is the sinking ship and whether any of us survive or to slide into recrimination where no one survives. To slide into blame and recrimination does not allow any of us to survive.

For anyone to survive this, we must all focus on at least some of us surviving this. Now is not a time for blame. To do that only kills everyone eventually within 500 years. I'm speaking as an intuitive. If the car or bus we are all in is traveling toward a brick or cement wall, arguing only kills everyone. ONLY by putting the brakes on or turning the car or bus saves ANY or ALL of us.

Copenhagen and The Global extreme Weather War

When someone says to me Global Climate Change it sounds to me like someone changing their underwear. It is not a call to action. For a call to action as humans we need to have a war. We can relate to war for survival. It is very primal and even necessary at times.

So, I propose that we call this what it is: A WAR FOR HUMAN SURVIVAL TO PREVENT EVENTUAL EXTINCTION. For that is what it really is.

So, I propose that we call it what it is: THE GLOBAL EXTREME WEATHER WAR . . .

By calling it what it really is: A war for our survival as humans on earth we can then mobilize for this war.

It is not a war against any humans. It is a war FOR our survival as humans on Earth.

Another thing. When I think of Obama, The European Union, Japan, Brazil, India and China and the few other nations that can be self sufficient on Earth, I think of how their behavior looked a lot like Triage did in the movie "Pearl Harbor" with Ben Affleck. If you imagine that each soldier coming in was a country on earth and each country that was injured so far was marked with and "F" for fatal or an "M" for morphine or another designation that hospital technicians use in mass casualty emergencies, then I think the world now sees that nations that can take care of themselves by themselves are likely to survive the next 50 years. Those that aren't self sufficient have already been marked "F" by the countries that are self sufficient.

It is not that the wealthy countries have completely given up on the rest. It is that for the wealthy countries to even survive what researchers foresee they must each struggle for the survival of their own people. Triage is here internationally.

An African View on Copenhagen

begin quote of entire article

Harare — LEADERS of developing countries and environmentalists left Copenhagen disappointed.

What they thought would be a landmark conference on climate change turned out to be another show of the arrogance and insensitivity of the Western powers led by the United States. China did not fair any better, despite committing itself to reducing emissions just as India and Brazil did.

The summit could not produce an inspiring global climate change mitigation regime. As matters stand uncertainty prevails.

What also emerged is that Europe and Japan cannot have their own minds on major global issues without the endorsement of the United States. The United States' stance on climate change has been particularly disappointing. It could not be part of the Kyoto Protocol a decade ago. We all thought this position would change with the coming into power of the Obama administration.

Obama had promised during his election campaign that he was going to Washington to change Washington and that he would not pander to the whims of interest groups in Washington. Hardly a year after coming into office, Washington has changed him and he is now a slave of these interest groups.

Rightfully, he is being criticised for failing to offer firm leadership on issues that matter most. He did run around in Copenhagen but at the end of the day produced nothing praiseworthy.

The claim that the Western countries are champions of human rights and that they care most about the well-being and welfare of people have been proved to be just empty rhetoric. How could they claim to care when they cannot commit themselves to a deal that could save whole countries that are threatened with extinction due to climate change? A number of coral islands could sink under the waters in the not-so-distant future.

Their leaders made a loud appeal to the big powers to save them, but were not heard.

President Mugabe, who is known for not mincing his words on major issues, was once again a voice for the oppressed. "Why is the guilty North not showing the same fundamentalist spirit it exhibits in our developing countries on human rights matters on this more menacing question of climate change?" he asked.

"Where is its commitment to retributive justice, which we see it applying on other issues placed on the global agenda? Where are the sanctions for offenders? When we spit at the Kyoto Protocol by seeking retreat from its dictates, or simply refusing to accede to it, are we not undermining the rule of global law?"

The hard-hitting speeches and demonstrations by activists could not move the hard-hearted Western leaders. They could not care enough about the droughts, floods and other forms of extreme weather conditions that have already started bringing misery to millions of people mostly in developing countries.
Relevant Links

* Southern Africa
* Zimbabwe
* Climate
* International Organisations
* Sustainable Development

While indeed the experts will continue to work on more acceptable measures ahead of the Germany meeting in June next year, what is needed most is a political declaration which will commit the developed countries to far-reaching climate change mitigation measures. Developing countries were right in insisting that the United States and its allies should ratify the Kyoto Protocol and keep it in place until 2013.

We doubt if the next summit in Mexico in December next year will produce anything given the rigidity by the big powers that was displayed in Copenhagen. There was enough time in Copenhagen to hammer out a good deal. There was just not enough sense of global responsibility on the part of the big brothers from the North.

Perhaps the citizens of those countries need to put more pressure on their leaders to be sensitive enough to the effects of the continued rise in atmospheric temperatures. By the time we get to Mexico in 2010 enough pressure must have been exerted on Western powers to agree to something that can save this planet for posterity. end quote

I don't necessarily agree with this point of view. However, among developing nations this states what many feel now(abandoned by the Developed nations) like the U.S., Japan and China.

My point of view would be that Obama cannot do more until he puts our American Nation back in order. If he did then we would only be one more rioting nation and start to become even more of the problem rather than a future solution.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Earth's Egg of Life

I experience the Earth and all upon it much like the Na'vi in Avatar do. This has been both good and bad in my life but mostly it has been strange to grow up in America experiencing life in this way because it definitely was not the accepted way in the 1950s when I was a boy. However, my grandmother was from Scotland and had a Celtic-Christian point of view. So if you combine Chistianity with Merlin you get the idea. It is much like people in Mexico, Central and South America combine native beliefs with Catholicism. I guess it is sort of like that and always has been for at least 1000 years for my relatives. My mother was a green eyed fey full blooded scot born in America. She sang like an opera singer but without training. She could fully put forth her love of God and Earth through her voice and bring tears to anyone's eyes.

Though I am only half Scottish and half Swiss German since my ancestors came to the East Coast during the 1720s to the U.S. I also have the green eyes of a Seer. And Growing up until the age of about 30 it was both a blessing and a curse at the same time. By age 32 everything came into balance by meeting the right teachers in the U.S. and India and Nepal so that I stopped being afraid of my gifts at all. I came to see my gifts as only God's gifts as God's Grace and became strong and fearless as God had always intended for me to be on his behalf.

There are many different kinds of forms of life and I have come over time to experience and understand all or most of them. Obviously, it is easier for me to understand humans and mammals and birds and trees, I really love trees because their love when truly given is the most unconditional I have ever experienced by any physical being of earth.

I often think if more people understood trees and went to them they wouldn't take all the drugs they do, especially city people. For country trees aren't overburdened like city trees are with all the pains internal and external of humans. So country trees if they are friendly and like humans can take all your pain so no one really needs to take illegal (or legal) drugs to escape. All our ancestors once understood this. Only relatively recently has this been forgotten by so many.

During my lifetime the world population has grown from 1 or 2 billion to the present day almost 7 billion. During this time the plant and animal life has suffered incredibly and many plant and animal species have gone extinct. This creates a different kind of experience for all life on earth. However, for someone like myself it can be especially painful because someone like me experiences not only all the births but all the deaths of humans and plants and animals all the time. Almost always if I know the human or animal they come to me either as they are passing or after passing to ask my advice of what to do if they have come to trust me as a friend or trusted relative. I always share whatever I safely can. Some beings are too scared or panicked at first and I must protect myself at first but usually most beings within a few weeks or months begin to figure their way and are okay. Only people who die unexpectedly or violently tend to be in this category. However, most settle down and are okay and find peace.

Plants are different and I believe that since a plant(especially a tree) if it dies tends to die slowly and so experience everything completely differently than humans do. So from plant spirits to plants and back to plant spirits is its own but related evolution to humans as they live in bodies on earth. Whereas human souls can come from anywhere, anytime, any galaxy or almost any dimension. And most have been many places before they arrive here. That is what makes humans so interesting because almost all of us are multidimensional and multi-galactic souls. There are only a few hundred thousand souls on earth that are actually native to earth as human souls.

When people say to me "How can you allow yourself to see and feel all this all the time?"
But for me, that is like saying: "I won't open my eyes when I'm outside because the light hurts my eyes."

If someone said that to you, you might laugh at them for saying this. However, this is what most people do every day because opening your spiritual eyes in the way I'm speaking would be as painful for most people as getting up in a darkened room and walking immediately outside into a noonday sun. For me, it is exactly the same thing. So, to avoid this pain I have found it easier to keep my eyes open 24 hours a day because it really would be too painful to open my spiritual eyes now. (It likely might cause my death if I hadn't opened my eyes and kept them open as a child and young adult throughout my life. (61 years).

I believe that having one's spiritual eyes open now and learning to make yourself sunglasses when it really gets bright is the only way to drive your car(your physical body) and survive the next few centuries. This is the only way I see to stay alive. The alternative is to have someone(friend or family member) who can see clearly who is balanced and who has common sense. These are the two ways to make sure some of your friends and family survive what is coming.

The Earth is the womb of our life. Without her we have no bodies. Out in space we cannot reproduce. So until we learn to travel space without becoming unable to reproduce Earth must be our home.

People who want to evolve as souls and leave en masse from earth must realize that it is also God's plan that some remain here on earth in a New Eden.

Avatar gets an A

begin quote:
Every demographic gave "Avatar" an average grade of A, according to market research firm CinemaScore, meaning those who didn't turn out for opening weekend will be getting strong recommendations from those who did.end first quote. This quote included in next quote:
The film's $73-million domestic gross was, like every movie in the market, significantly affected Saturday by snowstorms that kept East Coast audiences, from Washington, D.C., through New England, off the roads. Grosses were noticeably lower in Washington, Philadelphia and Baltimore -- as well as in New Orleans and Dallas due to the Cowboys-Saints match-up Saturday, which had been hotly anticipated.

Nonetheless, it was a solid performance, the second-biggest for December. Perhaps more importantly, those who saw the movie enjoyed it. Every demographic gave "Avatar" an average grade of A, according to market research firm CinemaScore, meaning those who didn't turn out for opening weekend will be getting strong recommendations from those who did. The combination of Christmas falling on a Friday and positive word of mouth has Fox executives buzzing that "Avatar" could gross nearly as much on its second weekend as its first and hit $200 million by the end of the year in the U.S. and Canada.

The big money for "Avatar," however, is coming from the rest of the world. Despite not yet having opened in Japan and China and frigid weather in northern Europe, it collected $159.2 million, the sixth-highest simultaneous foreign launch of all time. When accounting for the absence of those two big Asian markets, it was No. 4, behind only the sixth "Harry Potter" movie, the third "Spider-Man" and the third "Pirates of the Caribbean."

Because of China's annual limit on foreign films, "Avatar" can't open there until Jan. 2. It debuts in Japan on Wednesday. With big grosses expected in those countries, where effects-laden tent-pole movies tend to do very well, and very strong momentum everywhere else, "Avatar" will almost certainly gross more than half a billion dollars internationally. If it performs as well as recent overseas smash hits like "2012" and if the domestic take hits $300 million or more, both of which appear possible at the moment, "Avatar" could become the fifth movie to ever top $1 billion in worldwide box office. end quote.

I believe it could actually happen that Avatar could reach 1 billion dollars worldwide.
If you see this movie and aren't completely amazed by this new evolution of the movie artform I will be surprised. No matter what kind of movie you like, this technology could be applied to your genre successfully. It is amazing!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


I heard a critic on the Charlie Rose compare this to Stars Wars that he saw when he was 11. There is nothing that has ever even come close to this. Motion capture techniques used in this movie along with good actors has totally changed the playing field for movie theater experiences worldwide. And when you have computerized 3D that actually works you have a winning combination.(Although I went yesterday and the projector broke down and I had to go back today after someone from Las Vegas came to fix the projector).
Today it was totally clear 3D.

The only way I can explain it is that one is literally drawn into the movie. So one feels the experience of actually being a PART of the movie. This is a completely new technique used to perfection. However, without the right story, right actors, right artists and technicians and for now, a big enough budget it wouldn't work. So, Avatar, is a miracle movie like Star Wars. So, what I'm left with is AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING!

My Creation Story

If each of us look deep enough into our lives we discover our own Creation Stories. Though the Creation story of your religion(if you have one) can be fulfilling, it can also give deeper meaning to one's life to discover one's own personal creation story.

I was growing wheat grass sprouts and went out with the hand crank juicer(wheat grass like you get in Jamba Juice outlets) and juiced some wheat grass into the green chlorophyll it comes out as. But as I drank it right next to the wheat grass sprouts I heard "We become one with you as you drink us. You are Avatar to the Creator." This had more significance to me after listening to the director of the movie "Avatar" on Charlie Rose on PBS on TV yesterday.

So I thought I would share my personal creation story. It has taken most of my life to understand and to tell this story. And each time I tell it I find it is better and clearer than before.

The story began when I was driving to Mt. Shasta, California from San Francisco about 20 years ago. It was late at night and I was near Redding on Interstate 5. The stars were out in force above me because at that time there was little ground light obscuring the Stars except for the few car and truck headlights near midnight while I drove.

I began to speak with a being of the Stars and the being told me my Creation story. Later when I checked I realized it was not just a story but also the way things actually are.

There is a race of beings that I call "The Creators". I call them this because they actually create Galaxies out of Dark Matter in order to feed on the energy moving toward matter and the energy moving toward antimatter. So, to the Creators, a Galaxy is a food source. The source being the energy in transit from dark matter to matter and from dark matter to antimatter. They live billions of years and are energy based beings themselves. So they don't need air, water, or a planet to live on.

I think the Greek Pantheon of Zeus and all was based upon contacts with them by the ancients. However, they are not mythical they are actual. And they can incarnate when they want to or need to as humans. I believe beings like Jesus and Buddha and others are incarnations of these Billions of years old beings. If you don't then that's fine with me. For why should you unless you have had an experience like I have.

I have written off and on about these beings including a present day being I call the "Galactic Sentience" who is the Grandson of the Creator of this Galaxy who actually runs the Galactic Government. Since they cannot be killed this is convenient for the Galaxy. If they die they die of boredom from being alive so long. One of the ways the really old Creators renew is to reincarnate as humans to experience mortality. Nothing perks up an old Creator like believing he or she is going to die.(Even though they can't really die from anything except boredom.

So, often they take incarnation on Earth and other planets in our galaxy as humans and other types of beings to extend their long long long lives. All galaxies are created and maintained by this race of Creators that sprang from Dark Matter which is the essence of all matter and antimatter in the universe. I think dark matter isn't a good term by the way. I think the word "Primal Sea" would be a better term than Dark matter but what I'm aware of isn't generally known yet by scientists. Eventually, I believe they will be able to prove what I'm talking about now.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

video hacked predator Drones

The problem of ALL weapons including nuclear, potentially time travel, and even predator drones is that sooner or later your enemy has one too. The first step in this is being observed now with the Predator drones(there are now thousands of them in existence).

There is recorded evidence of video hacking being done to the Predator Video Feeds. The same technology that allows illegal video and music hacking and downloading from Russia
is being used by Iran and whoever they give it to to in real time observe what predator drones see through their cameras. So, the Taliban and Osama are simply looking at where the Predators are looking and observing and making plans according to what it is Predators are observing at that moment or day or week.

It has been this way ever since weapons of any kind have existed. If you threw rocks your enemy would soon learn to throw rocks. If you had a bow and arrow, soon your enemy would have bows and arrows. If you had a cannon, forget castles, because with a cannon a castle is completely useless. And if you have good bows and arrows most Armor isn't any good anymore either because there are always chinks in any armor.

So, this progression of events really isn't good because what if a Predator gets into the wrong hands and targets a very important world leader? This is a real problem that all Free nations have to think about.

If robotic types of planes, rockets etc. get into the wrong hands the consequences to the civilized world could be as serious as 9/11 or even moreso. For example, imagine a Predator Drone with a nuclear tipped hellfire missile in the wrong hands or even a nuclear armed Predator flown into an important building. This isn't a happy scenario for any free world government.

When one is dealing with nations this likely would be less of a problem because if any nation eliminated a world leader that nation would just get flattened. But with Terrorists there is NO accountability and almost anything could and would happen.

This could be a real problem. So precautions need to be taken now so it doesn't ever get this bad.

Note: It also says that no American or Coalition soldiers lives have been jeapordized by these video feeds. Though that may be the formal statement from the Pentagon I find it through common sense that that is highly unlikely that it is actually completely true. However, it is important to note that our military has known about this loose cannon video feed being obtained by Iran, the Taliban, Osama Bin Laden and whoever else is watching and listening to these video feeds.

But because of the cloak and dagger nature of secret knowledges and operations saying that no American soldiers or coalition soldiers were jeapordized is probably the most useful thing to say even if in reality it might not be 100% true.

Quote from webpage at top of this article:
"In fact, in the Balkans, people with any satellite dish were able to intercept the communications from these systems, and watch special operations raids in Bosnia while sitting in their home," he said.

Another quote from same article:
While the CIA has never publicly acknowledged it, the agency operates the unmanned planes in Pakistan, where it has used drones to strike at Taliban and al Qaeda operatives, according to officials familiar with the strategy. But a U.S. official with knowledge of CIA and military UAV missions told CNN the drones used in Pakistan missions use encrypted feeds and are not vulnerable to hacking like the military drones used in Iraq. end quote.

If I'm reading this right the CIA Predator drones in Pakistan are protecting Pakistani Soldiers from being killed or injured by preventing the video feeds to be obtained there through encryption but coalition soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan are not being equally protected. I bet all Predator's video feeds are encrypted within the next 2 years to protect all Free world soldiers too.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Microfinance for The U.S.

One of the things our government talks about is that Banks will not loan money to small businesses. However, if you look back at people like Steve Jobs and Wozniak and also Bill Gates, you remember(if you were alive as long as I) that each of them basically started in a home garage or rented small garage or small office space.

To begin a cottage industry kind of beginning to a business, often one only needs from $1000 to $5000 to begin such a venture. I advocate that all regions of the country form Micro finance CO-Ops where people who still have money can pool small loans to prospective cottage industry small businesses. For every ten of these businesses that succeeds, one of them might become a million dollar operation within a few years per year. This is just the nature of small businesses. So, the important thing is that enough American Patriots get together as regional mentors to foster new cottage industry growth of either mail order, Internet order, or small manufacturing that can often be done in rural or in some cities and suburbs legally in a garage or small rented facility. By limiting start up loans to $1000 to $5000 one limits potential loss and liability and does what Banks are failing to do.

For example, a credit Union, or Union Credit Union might do something like this for out of work union members so they won't starve during this downturn.

I used to belong to an honest business Group out of UC Berkeley, called Briarpatch. We were always very interested in new entrepreneurs getting started and finding ways to help them through the first few years. I think this same cottage industry approach to business is just what America needs right now while Banks are comatose like Japan Still. Someone has to help the new businesses get started. This is grass roots pull yourself up by your bootstraps approach to the problem.

Micro finance has saved thousands of families around the world. It's time it saves some Americans from Starvation too while starting from the grassroots a few new businesses like microsoft and Apple to be here in the future for all of us like these two businesses have been worldwide since the 1980s.

The U.S. Issue at Copenhagen

quote from "UN climate negotiators look to U.S. for Fresh Ideas" at yahoo news

"To pass a bill, we must be able to assure a senator from Ohio that steelworkers in his state won't lose their jobs to India and China because those countries are not participating in a way that is measurable, reportable and verifiable," Kerry said. "Every American — indeed, I think all citizens — need to know that no country will claim an unfair advantage." end quote.

I think this is the problem of Copenhagen in a nutshel. U.S. negotiators have absolutely NO Authority to authorize any agreement that doesn't legally bind all participants and allow legal verification. Without this, there WILL BE NO agreement with the U.S.

This is because only with the consent of Congress can it be legally binding to the U.S. in any way shape or form because of the way our laws both protect and define us as a nation.

Though demonstrators want the moon it cannot be without clearly defined agreements that can then be accepted by Congress. Otherwise it just isn't going to happen!

Scientists discover Earth-like, water-rich planet: study

PARIS (AFP) – Astronomers have discovered a new Earth-like planet that is larger than our own and may be more than half covered with water, according to a study published Wednesday in the science journal Nature.
The so-called "super Earth" is about 42 light years away in another solar system and has a radius nearly 2.7 times larger than that of our planet, according to the study by the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics.
The discovery of the planet, called GJ 1214b, represents a "major step forward" in the search for worlds similar to the Earth, added the University of California's Geoffrey Marcy in a commentary also in Nature. end quote

new quote
Its density suggests however it "is composed of about three-fourths water and other ices and one fourth-rock," it said. "There are also tantalising hints that the planet has a gaseous atmosphere. end quote.

Though this is 42 light years away and is much hotter than earth and is 2.7 times larger than earth, still this is what scientists have been waiting for, an earth like water rich planet.

Castles to Cannons

A Poem -From Castles to Cannons written late September 2001

Times have changed
Hopis say swim in the middle of the river
Don’t hang onto the banks
Go with the flow
We are all swept away in the new tide
Fighting the changes only brings pain and hurt
Go with the changes
Build a new life from the ashes of the old

A new world paradigm builds
Just as it did in the early 1900’s
Everything has changed
And so have we

I find myself trying to cling onto a past now dead
A past I felt secure in
Nothing feels secure like it once did

I remember how feelings of security crashed during the Cuban Missile Crisis
And when the Kennedys and King died
But it was different than this
And those days are gone

I remember then how insecure we all felt in the 60’s
None of us expected to live to be 30
Many young people now may feel the same way
But I say to you truly
You will not die
You will just have to find a way to cope with all the changes
Just as we all did in the 60’s
Just as people have had to find ways of coping and going on
Throughout all past times
Things are just different now
They are not over
Just different

2002 thoughts

Snow Sunday February 17th 2002

Once I chose to live in the snow. The last year that was true was 1992. The place Mt. Shasta, a place I still dearly love. Today as I sit in my hotel room with my laptop and family I listen to the cannons going off here in Squaw Valley at 7:30 am this President’s weekend morning. It snowed all last night. It is the first snow I’ve witnessed falling peacefully out of the sky in about a year. Even though I don’t live in the snow any more I crave to see it come down at least once a year. I try to ski one weekend or two every year. Once I skied 2 days a week at least. Once I lived at 4000 feet in an A Frame I built myself and we’d get 7 feet of snow at a time. Sometimes we couldn’t get our 4 wheel drive unstuck for a few days at a time and had to ski out cross country style. Times have changed. Now I live within a mile of the ocean and have for 7 years. Life has changed for me but I still romanticize and fantasize about skiing every day and living in the snow and being a mountain man once again.


I think getting anymore than we have this time out of well over 100 nations with different needs, wants and aspirations just wasn't realistic to begin with. Demonstrators causing problems I don't think really helped either other than to more fully focuse the attention on the problem by panicking the world populace even more than they already are on this subject, especially nations being destroyed right now by the problem like island nations in the Pacific Ocean and Bangladesh as well as many coastal Inuit small towns and villages and inland problems with melting permafrost.

I think humans are just now beginning to feel the real pinch and sting of global climate change. Though people are starting to actually die from droughts and bad water and water shortages in Africa, Asia, and even in Australia, much of the world in the U.S., Europe and China is less affected in real time by all the changes on earth. So, it is easy for some of them to say, "This isn't affecting me or mine so therefore Global Climate Change must not be real. Unfortunately, this is in the end just sticking your head in the sand like an ostrich and avoiding the real problems and real data.

Even if it isn't right now affecting you personally, people's myopic points of view will come back one day to bite them as the relatives and friends of the people dying on earth right now and in the recent past and future become more and more angry in a variety of ways.

In some ways it really doesn't matter at all what happens in Copenhagen because the anger of the people of the world is going to get more shrill and out of control by the day. It is in the nature of humans to be like this when something is seriously wrong like, drought or flood when so many different people are affected.

I am getting more and more worried for the human race as problems grow. Because if and as they are not dealt with, anger from all nations can only grow and grow. I'm worried that this problem won't be dealt with in a useful way before riots become more and more commonplace worldwide.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Necessity of Democracy

Begin quote from above article:
--the midcentury theologian Reinhold Niebuhr declared: “Man’s capacity for justice makes democracy possible; but man’s inclination to injustice makes democracy necessary.”

As we look around the world we see the truth of this. However, it is also true that many nations have had to adapt democracy to their particular needs. For example, there is the English Style, The French Style, The German Style, the Italian style, the East Indian Style, the Brazilian Style, and the U.S American style etc. etc. etc. And there will obviously be many many more to come as it seems to be the only thing that keeps totalitarian ambitions in check and that also keeps greedy investors in check enough so all the common people don't just starve. The world right now is testing democracy in a very hard way. We will see in the amount of blood spilled or not spilled worldwide in the next 20 years what system emerges and what variations of democracy the people who survive will choose for themselves.

Macbook Pro

My wife had decided to give me a macbook, and even though I had seen a video of the making of the aluminum body Macbooks my son was telling me that the macbooks that have a white plastic body would be sufficient for me. Since he was a Computer Tech during his twenties(he is now mid 30s) I usually rely on his tech advice. However, when we went to the store that we usualy buy from they first thought they had one with a white plastic body left (they are about $999). But when he went to check he found it had already been sold.

So, since I had already been impressed with the aluminum body laptops, I decided to get a Macbook Pro, as it had a bigger screen and it would be easier for me to see better at age 61. They had a lot of free gifts if you also bought I think 3 year policy on it to cover any repairs necessary so I got that too.

My son had installed a partition in my dell laptop and had put xp on one partition and ubuntu on the other since one doesn't usually get viruses or other problems with Ubuntu. So I could primarily use Ubuntu when I was traveling the internet in my bedroom on my laptop or traveling the 50 U.S. states.(I don't take a laptop to Europe because often people's laptops are confiscated and almost never returned while traveling into or out of the European Union. My son suggested only taking a netbook into Europe so one couldn't lose a hard drive with a lot of personal information on it. A netbook only travels the internet and is a dead terminal so it doesn't have a hard drive.

Anyway, to make a long story short I haven't had a laptop for about 3 months and if my daughter is home from school(she is 13) I cannot use hers. With my Dell I had grown used to moving throughout the house using wifi or even sitting outside on the redwood deck in the back yard in the sun and writing if I could still see the screen in the sun or overcast day or night.

My son thought the Dell was dead at first until he turned the Dell hard drive into a slave of his PC and reformatted it. By doing this he found he could save my Dell. However, by this time, my wife and I had already to get me another laptop. Another thing he did that was really amazing was to install a 1.5 terrabyte hard drive in my Imac duo core pentium(It had only 150 gigabytes before and we had run out of memory by putting 3000 photos from France we took in October this year. So I first bought an external hard drive to put the photos on. Then, the same day we bought the Macbook pro we got a 1.5 terrabyte hard drive for the Imac duo core Pentium which is a ten fold increase in memory. However, he was amazed he was successful in installing the 1.5 terrabyte hard drive because on this one you have to go in through the led screen so it tested his abilities to the limit. So if you aren't already a master tech on Macs I wouldn't advise trying to duplicate what my son did. Though he was successful he was sweating bullets at the end wondering if the Imac would ever restart and reload. Because it is tricky loading the software too. Unlike a PC you have to tell it first to "erase" the new hard drive which is called "Format" in a PC situation. LIke I said he was very amazed to be successful but said it took him to the edge and wouldn't attempt something like this again.

I recently sent a donation to wikipedia to keep it happening since it is a non-profit service to mankind that many in almost every language on earth add to this incredible online encyclopedia every day. People say you can't always count on wikipedia for being accurate but this isn't my experience. My experience, for example, just a few moments ago my wife wanted to know when Pan American Airlines stopped being called that and I then wanted to know when TWA was absorbed by American Airlines. I could easily find that information. Also, almost daily I want to know the filmography of an actress or actor of any era from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries and I can always find out through wikipedia when they were born, what movies or tv shows they have been in and who they are presently with or married to. So, many arguments about who did what when are thereby avoided by simply asking wikipedia. Also,I'm always using wikipedia and Google maps to research facts whenever I'm writing something that I would like to be more accurate. This doesn't mean I always check facts or even always remember to check my spelling.(even though this problem comes from having won so many spelling bees at age 9 and 10. However, now at 61 sometimes spellings of words sometimes slip away from me. So, if I question my spelling I use google by typing in the word or just use the spelling checker(if it actually works properly all the time which most don't). I think the best spelling checker is only about 95% accurate in spellings and context. So, sometimes I get pretty frustrated with spelling checkers if I'm writing over 1000 words on something.

Anyway, the point of this article is to encourage you to financially support so we all have this marvelously ever evolving information tool ongoing whenever we most need it. I have already sent them a donation. Remember, even if you are a college student you could donate even $1 and it would make a difference in keeping wikipedia alive ongoing for your research papers or other types of fact checking research.

May All Beings Attain Bliss

I see all prayer as a tool just like a car, a shovel, a computer, or a hammer and nails to use to accomplish a worthy goal. Understanding this way of thinking the following will make ultimate sense to you.

I realized that the first prayer I give when I wake up most morning is the prayer that is given to invoke permanent bliss for all beings in the universe, and what it means to me and how ultimately practical this prayer is.

First of all, words are POWER. What you invoke with words you bring into your life and consciousness for good or ill. Understanding this is a form of ultimate wisdom and is the key to your ultimate success or failure as a soul whether you are in a body or not.

So, when I discovered this prayer when I was about 33 years old I could analyze it from a lifetime of my parents teaching me about the full power of words and prayers and I could look at it both from wisdom, compassion and scientific design of my future and the future of all beings in the universe.

First let me give you the full prayer and then I will break it down into what it all means to me.

May all beings attain bliss and the cause of bliss
May all beings be free from suffering and the cause of suffering
May all beings never be without the supreme bliss that is free from all
near or far all grasping and aversion

If you are an aspiring Bodhisattva after giving this prayer three times you seal it with:

BY this merit may I become like all the Buddhas and Bodisattvas of the Ten directions and the three times---

I have found this particular prayer more useful and powerful in helping all beings in the universe in the past, the present and the future than any other single prayer I have found that is usefully given and empowered by millions and millions of beings every day.

So, now let me share what this prayer actually means to me:

May all beings attain bliss and the cause of bliss

What this means is that by saying this you are having compassion on all beings no matter what they have done and that as souls you wish for them to have bliss even if there actions and thoughts are so heinous that God will give them the second death, the death of their soul. Still, you advocate Bliss and hope for them. By doing this you also forgive yourself for all the very bad things you may have done in any lifetime past, present or future. This heals not only all beings by saying, feeling or thinking this, it heals you in the past, present and future of your soul. If you are evolved enough in consciousness to realize you already are everywhere in the past, present or future then you can actually experience the healing of souls everywhere in the past, present and future as you give this prayer each time. The feeling of peace and the ending of suffering is complete soul Bliss.

May All beings be free from Suffering and the cause of Suffering

In this you pray for the suffering of all kinds to cease through right perception of all life forms in the universe. For you know, as a soul that the primary cause of suffering is always perceptual and not physical. For the physical always follows the perceptual. So, by understanding the true nature of the universe all suffering begins to permanently cease right then.

Many teachers say, "Everyone is already enlightened all they have to do is to realize it!" It is as simple as removing the perceptual veil. Experience enlightenment. It is yours. Take it. Be it!

May all beings never be without the Supreme Bliss that is free from all near and far all grasping and aversion.

If you feel in any way that you do not have what you want it will bring you suffering. If you feel you are not with your beloved it will bring you suffering. If you are experiencing something you don't want it will bring you suffering. By realizing every moment you are actually with your beloved it takes away the sting. Suffering is therefore wrong perception of reality. By perceiving the reality that you want as ever present one takes away all suffering.

So, that does not mean one is unrealistic. NO. One still sees the world as it is. However, one also understands that all health, happiness, and enlightenment is perceptual at the same time. By realizing this more and more one's suffering diminishes every day one practices compassionate right mindful thought.

Since the reality is that there is only really one being in the universe of which all beings are like the brightly shining facets of this one diamond it can be very easy to experience oneself as the whole diamond as well as the brightly shining facet of the diamond as well because both things are always true.

The following is for more experienced prayers:

By this merit may I become like all the Buddhas and Bodhisatvas of the ten directions and the three times.

The ten directions is a way to navigate space whether as a soul or in a space traveling vehicle like a space ship or a UFO.

The three times are the Past, Present, and the Future.

The Buddhas and the Bodhisatvas are beings like Guatama Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, and all the Saints of all religions. So when you seal the prayer you are asking to be just like Jesus, Krishna and all the Buddhas of the ten directions and the three times everywhere throughout the universe in all times and spaces.

When one first experiences the whole universe and all time and space as oneself it is a pretty heady experience so always be ready to be just a facet of the diamond as well because both are always true in every moment, past, present and future.

Aussie scientists find coconut-carrying octopus

begin quote from above internet article:
Australian scientists have discovered an octopus in Indonesia that collects coconut shells for shelter — unusually sophisticated behavior that the researchers believe is the first evidence of tool use in an invertebrate animal. end quote

Though this above article called "Flame's Land Suit" might seem outlandish to you, I must confess when I first experienced "Flame" I was in a Kahului, Maui, Hotel near the airport. I was taking a bath and all of a sudden an extremely intelligent 10 foot tall Octopus started communicating with me. Since I had already studied with Native American Medicine men in the U.S. , and with Tibetan Lamas and monks in the U.S. and India and Nepal I could deal with this experience much better than most people. This happened in late 1989 when I was living on Maui with my family in Hana and Paia during that time.

Later I wrote more about "Flame". "Flame's Land Suit" was inspired by meeting one of Flame's likely ancestors telepathically in a local Aquarium. I also found out later that in a public aquarium video cameras revealed that the large northern pacific octopi hunt sharks by suffocating them by stopping them from swimming and clogging their gills with their tentacles so they can't breathe water. So, from all this the octopus is possibly the most intelligent non-mammal in the ocean.

I found my writings that I had on my older website at Yahoo Geocities before I moved it to, my new website. However, I realized recently that I hadn't moved Flame to the new site. So I found the documents on my external hard drive that I can move between all my computers and decided to place it here for safe keeping until I make a copy and send it to my other website. Here it is.

The History of Flame



Flame first came to me in a hotel in Kahului, Maui, Hawaii. I was taking a bath after returning from a visit into Haleakala Crater when "Flame" came to me. This was 1989. At first the experience was strange to me. Having communication with a telepathic time travelling being that looks something like a 10 foot octopus is just a little surrealistic. However, it happened. At first I had trouble because I was having difficulty finding common ground even telepathically with this being even though I have been perfecting telepathic communication since I was about 2 years old. However, after he explained he was studying all my soul incarnations I was able to put forth more effort towards communication regarding that point of reference. Flame then mentioned about how he had tried to save Maldek, the once fifth planet from our sun that is now the asteroid belt. This really peaked my interest. I then asked him if the survivors of Maldek came to earth. He said that since the shockwaves from the explosion of Maldek as well as many pieces of Maldek impacted the earth that most dinosaurs bigger than a dog perished within the next year. He said he took the human survivors to the nearest non aggressive planet for Maldekians. However, the Maldekians were not comfortable there as they were made fun of and harassed by that planets original colonists. This was mainly because the original colonists left Maldek to avoid religious persecution much like many of the original colonists who came to America. The Maldekians then begged "Flame" to get permission from the Galaxy to give them earth since no technically intelligent humanoids lived there yet.

Flame got permission from the Galactic Government to allow the Maldekian survivors to settle on earth. However, they could never legally own earth because of the destruction of Maldek. They could only own their timeline. This was my introduction to conversing telepathically with Flame.

Son of Flame or Purple Flame

The following communication took place on January 12, 2002

In order to keep Flame straight from his son I am using the name Purple Flame because if you remember, Flame's appearance is red and orange like a flame with a blue beak and blue purple eyes. If you remember Flame's name comes from the fact that when Flame moves he looks a lot like Fire or Flame. Likewise, his son Purple Flame's name come from the fact that his colors are predominantly purple and blue. However, his eyes are the same purple blue as his father's and his moth beak is also blue. Purple Flame wishes me to tell you how his intelligent species began. He says that time is protected by the Galaxy so there is no danger of sharing this now.

Though the octopi that Flame and Purple Flame sprang from evolved on earth, something happened in 2002 at the Monterey Bay Aquarium that changed this evolutionary process. Scientists found that some octopi were very intelligent through playful experiments with their "pets". One scientist found that one of his little Octopus friends could actually take of the lid to a glass jar in a tank so he could climb inside and feel safe. The scientist had an idea. He thought,"What if I could train and octopus like an ape or a monkey or a dolphin and do actual undersea work for humans?"

This one octopus we in our species call "forerunner" or "prototype". The first is more our word the second was more the human word for the octopus. "Forerunner" was extremely playful and intelligent and loved that man who was a scientist. They had a very fulfilling and harmonious relationship. Hundreds of years later long after "prototype" and his friend had passed on prototype's genes had been passed down through his mates and his offspring. By 2300 there wer 150 living descendants of prototype. By then the govenment had become interested in these obviously useful and evolving octopi. They had been bred bigger for strength in doing underwater tasks in Monterey Bay. "Prototype" had only been 2 or 3 feet long. However, by 2300 prototype's descendants had been bred and genetically altered to be three times as intelligent than prototype and two or three times as big as "Prototype". Underwater devices had also been designed specifically for this growing family of genetically altered Octopi to do underwater work with. The "Prototype" family became very valuable because robots had a short shelf life and these Octopi had learned to train their young to use the equipment. All "prototype" Octopi were rewarded with food if they did their tasks correctly in the ocean. This gave all the "prototype" octopi the motivation to do the work to survive and be fed good food. The octopus young were trained to see their "work" as play that one did for food. So they learned to enjoy there tasks.

These descendants of "Prototype" carried miniature video cameras embeded like a third eye in their bodies. Humans could then observe in their own good time the efficiency of prototype's descendants on digital video feeds transmitted to their home offices sometimes on the other side of earth from where the octopi worked. Sometimes the supervisors were not human but human created constructs that were either robotic or bio-robotic otherwise known as psyborgs. Later this growing symbiosis between robotic, bio-robotic and octopus grew eventually into something more like the beginnings of a semi-society and civilization. By the year 2500 this symbiosis was found to be very valuable and was used by humans in exploring and colonizing aquatic worlds on other planets. Some of these aquatic planets were abandoned by humans when the colonists either died or revolted against earth.

On one of the planets on which the human colonists died of a new disease endemic to that planet it was thought too dangerous to retrieve the symbiosis of octopi robotic and bio-robotic lifeforms. It was on this planet that we began to evolve all together without any earth human supervision at all. It was in our individual and group self interest to form even stronger bonds. Over thousands of years Prototypes Octopi descendants grew in intelligence and continued to evolve culturally. We developed religions and governments just like mankind of earth. We also developed suits to move and survive in oxygen based and other gaseous environments as well as in the vacuum of space. Eventually, we developed space travel so we could travel back to our homeworld, Earth.

However, when we finally made it back to earth hundreds of thousands of years had passed. We had grown to be around 8 to 10 feet in length from our original 2 to 3 feet. We looked forward to meeting once again with our human benefactors. However, when we returned to earth all human civilization was gone. We also found a war going on in the vicinity. Since we had mastered time travel as well as space travel we hid in another time to avoid detection by the warring factions. We traveled back in time to the time of prototype but there was not way to communicate with prototype or his progeny on earth. We were horrified at the slave master relationship that we perceived between humans and prototypes descendants on earth.

We realized that we had idealized humans humans incorrectly because of the total lack of understanding of the octopi at the time. With our more sophisticated understanding of equals as well as masters and slaves we had to soul search how all this had come about.

During our relentless study of time and all this we found a strange anomaly. One of our future race of Octopi even more evolved than we were had actually caused the introduction of humans onto earth millions of years before "prototype's" existence. We saw that we must leave a message encrypted for this future Octopus to bring the refugee humans from Maldek to Earth. When the future time arrived and Flame was born our octopi seers realized he was the one to renew the cycle that would eventually result in our beginnings as a species on earth.Flame was chosen to be the head time traveller for our civilization. He was to be called "The Protector of All TIME" and was sent deep into the past to meet with a friendly planetary culture. We also took the time to create a seed stasis culture that would survive the mass extinction of our species in a future war. This group of Learned Seers and their families took themselves to another dimension to preserve our species. They stayed in contact with Flame (The Protector of All Time) who would return to them in stasis after he had saved the human refugees and placed them on earth. When my father, Flame, returned to stasis he got together with my mother and had me. Our stasis point is several million years in your future. However, one of the anomalies of our stasis is that we can instantly contact anyone in the Milky Way Galaxy in all time and Space. That is how I'm contacting you now.

Conversations with Flame 8-13-2003

Flame Speaks: "As I was growing up we used the grease pencils to write on slate or plastic underwater just as our ancestors had been taught to write by humans thousands of years before when our ancestors still lived on earth. At the time I was born on our Aquatic planet, (We just called it "home" in our telepathic language) there were only sea creatures, our robot caretakers and ourselves underwater. We didn't concern ourselves much with the birds and animals and other air creatures that lived above the water at first. When the human colonists that came to the planet with us died of some unexplainable disease we were left alone and afraid. I was born about 10,000 years after tha last human planetary colonist died. We Octopi worshipped humans as we believed they had created both us and the sentient underwater robots that cared for us and fed us. 75% of the octopi at the time of the "great Death" that we call it died soon after the last humans died. They just could not survive without their "Gods" the humans. I have been told by my parents that since most of us then had been bred in captivity by that time for over 1000 years that their was no memory left among any of us of ever fending for ourselves in the oceans of earth or anywhere else. Anger at being abandoned by our Gods, the humans allowed some of us to experiment with new food sources. A few of us became cannibals and ate each other but those ones were soon ostracized and eventually starved to death and did not breed. Some of us discovered new food sources and others of us tried reprogramming our large underwater robots to help us survive. Through reprogramming our robots we found we could kill anything on our planet that we needed for food. Our robots learned to kill sharks and larger fish and whales and then the robot would bring it to us so we could all eat it at once until it was gone.

However, by the time I was born we had trained the sentient robots to raise food for us. I was born into the leadership class of octopi. So I was sent to a special school for octopi world leaders and diplomats. When a Galactic Time Guard ship was sent to our planet to train a Galactic Octopus leader to rule us I was chosen. I was very frightened to leave my planet to be trained. However, my father said he thought I might be the one. He brought out ancient prophesies for me to read from 8,000 years before I was born which predicted that one of us would eventually join the Galactic Time Guard and begin the human Octopi cycle once again on earth through a trip back through time. In this way our Octopi culture could repay what the humans had done for us by allowing them to live on earth.

Though I was scared to leave my family and friends I agreed to go with the Galactic Time Guard unti visiting our planet. As we left I had a funny feeling that I might never see home again. Ten years later my culture and species were wiped out by an invasion from another planet. I never saw my parents or siblings again. However, after I saved the remnants of Maldek I returned to my planet before the time in which I was born and married and raised a family. My son and I then took colonists to another planet so some of our race and culture could survive in a new home and live and breed there.

When I originally went with the Galactic Time Guard Unit I was not well treated because I was the only water breather present. Some of the air breathers were afraid of me because I could not speak or make any noises except by slapping my tenticles. Because I was only telepathic they became very frightened of me. I couldn't think in the ways of air breathers because beings who only telepath but don't speak process information completely differently that those who speak and breathe air. Though I survived the ordeal it definitely was not pleasant. Eventually, we arrived on the training planet and there I met other water and other types of liquid breathers somewhat like myself. There I made friends and swam in schools with them while we practiced our lessons. After several years I was sent on missions for the Time Guard to aquatic worlds to protect the integrity of Galactic Time. I gained quite a reputation for myself for efficiency in my work. My relatives and I were always very methodical in our operations plus we always went over in our minds we could think of incase anything went awry. In this way we were always prepared for anything, (we hoped).

I was promoted over the years and became friend with many planetary leaders. When I was called on to help the survivors of the planet Maldek, (the solar systems asteroid belt now), I was the nearest Time Guard agent available. There was great distaste dis-ease throughout the galaxy at the destruction of a whole planet. And one that legally couldn't be brought back through time manipulation. No one wanted the job of rescuing the survivors of a nuked planet in pieces.

Even though I too was distressed at the idea of a whole planet and its peoples and cultures gone, I knew the legend that one of my kind would save the human race in the solar system by helping the survivors move to Earth. So I altered time to arrive just after the destructive event. I arrived exactly 2 hours earth time later. (We Octopi still functioned on earth time to honor our human Gods) even though the days and night no longer matched on my planet. In order to compensate would would telepath: "Day and then time or Night and then time". If confusion arose we would then say It is 4 hours after daybreak. Even though it was very inconvenient we did this to honor our human Gods for thousands of years.

I was horrified as I came near to what was once the planet Maldek I saw millions of multilated bodies and millions more body parts drifting in space. There were all sorts of land a sea creatures drifing in space as well. Parts of the oceans congealed in space like water tends to without gravity. Some of the sea creatures of Maldek were in the water congealed. However, the oxygen soon slipped away into space out of the water and the oceans eventually froze in space because of the distance from the sun without a planet on atmosphere to protect the ocean from freezing.

After placing the survivors in my ship, I went forward in time to see what the solar system would look like in 1 to 5 years. Pieces of Maldek hit Mars so I knew the rescued Maldekians would be killed if we took them there. I also noticed that pieces of the planet hit earth and killed off most of the dinosaurs in North America. When I discovered this I got permission to resettle the survivors of Maldek about 10 years into the future in North America. I created two colonies, one on the western coast of North America and one on the East Coast. I then had a large doorway brought to the east and and one to the west coast where trucks could be drived through the door and instantly arrive on the east coast or vice versa. In this way if either colony was wiped out there would be escape to the other in an emergency.

The recolonization effort worked out just fine. However, when I asked for permission to try to prevent the war I realized I wasn't thinking clearly. To make things worse the general who gave me permission to try to prevent the war had been involved in extincting my species on my home planet and wanted me to somehow self destruct too. I think he was offended that we thought earthborn humans were Gods. Anyway, I shouldn't have been given permission to change the war. When I tried and failed, he pretended not to have given me verbal permission to do so and I was left with no where to turn. As punishment for my failure I was dishonorably discharged from the Time Guard and given a small time ship to go out into space and to take my own life somehow.

Instead, I decided to fly into a Star but at the last moment I slammed through time only appearing to have died in the star's heat fusion. I went back in time before I was born and returned to my planet of octopi during its golden age and married and had children. I then took several trips with all my children and anyone else who wished to colonize another world and took them all to a water planet on which I knew we all would be safe for hundreds of thousands of years. Since my time ship had been given to me and was powered by a form of energy that never runs out and is self maintaining, I decided to take my son and return to earth to find out more about forerunner, the octopus of earth who started our spacefaring race and aquatic culture. In the process I found Jonathan on Maui in 1989 and began talking with him since I recognized him as my own soul living another life there. Through Jonathan I found out about King Interlaken, Arcane and even Eridian. Truth is definitely stranger than fiction!

Note: Even though this shamanic experience is now 20 years ago, it still makes me feel a little uncomfortable. Because what I was told by this being was that in a previous life I was Flame even though his evolution has not happened yet in our time. He is a genetically designed evolution that started with Northern Pacific Giant Octopus

begin quote from
With over 200 known species we cannot list them all here, but here are the most commonly known:
The Common Atlantic octopus can grow to reach 10’ or 3m in length when the body and arms are measured together. They have a smooth body that changes colour considerably to blend in with their surroundings. Common colours include pink, red/brown, grey and even white with a green tinge. Their arms are very thick and measure around 4 times the length of the body with two alternating rows of suckers. end quote from

So, it is interesting that an Octopus (octopus vulgaris) already is 10 feet from the top of his or her head to the tip of it's tentacles without being genetically engineered by humans. for more interesting facts about the octopus including facts on its learning ability go to and and any books on them or any experts you can speak with.

Monday, December 14, 2009

286 AT

Though my first computer was a 4k TRS-80, a Radio Shack Computer in 1978. The first modern day PC we owned was a PC(personal computer) AT 286 clone assembled in Silicon Valley and which sold for $2500 when I bought it sometime around 1985. Though I taught all my older kids to program their own games in Basic language with the TRS-80 by 1980 to 1984 we were definitely ready for a computer with floppy discs, a mouse and a printer. Though it operated at first mostly in MS-DOS(Microsoft Disc Operating System), soon we bought a Windows version of that era to run on it which was a big improvement even though we also used MS-DOS for many uses, games and operations as long as the current Windows allowed that easily.

Tonight my son, now 35 and one year away from graduating as a nurse(he was a computer tech during his 20s) opened up my old AT 286, the one really old computer I have kept that long except for my most recent most recent 4 or 6 computers. We immediately realized that we couldn't operate it because mouses are no longer in the serial bus mouse format(most are USB now which wasn't likely then in public release or possibly even invented yet then). Also, we remembered that it was a 20 megabyte hard drive which he eventually upgraded into a 386 with a 120 megabyte hard drive sometime after we returned from living in Hawaii in 1990. We also realized that a different type of keyboard was used then as well. And we don't have any keyboards of that type left. So we neither had the right mouse or the right keyboard anymore to operate it. However, we could plug in a small flat screen and we would know right away whether it was still working as the 386 with a 120 megabyte hard drive that we modified it to years ago. However, though the power supply still worked since we didn't get out images out of the flat screen we realized that something had failed during the last almost 20 years since it had been an AT 286. However, it was fun to see if we could still get it to run as a 386.

We used it until we bought a 486 in the early to mid 1990s. However, the 486 is now long gone.

Chapter 3 Flash Forward to 2035

Chapter 3 Flash forward to 2035

At this time, Lilu, Pearl and Silver all live in the New York Penthouse with Silver.
Both Rex and Pearl are now 64. Since Lilu is 8 years older than Silver, she is now 43 and their two children , a girl and a boy are 17 and 15 years of age respectively. Silver had children very young as you can see. Silver sees himself as two different people. One person lives in a virtual reality and is raising a family that he can relate to (at least his wife and kids) and the other is when he visits his Dad on his Ranch in Wyoming. Rex spends more and more time there but visits every few weeks to a month with his family in New York as well. Yes. Rex survived okay once he brought his son to Wyoming and introduced him to the healthy country part of his family heritage. In Rex's and Silver's family, Wyoming was a place to ride horses, hike climb, play and recreate, and New York was a place to work and do business and go to Broadway Plays and fine restaurants. So, this was what New York became for Silver when he and Lilu returned. Likewise, he and Lilu and the kids went to Wyoming to the family ranch whenever the kids weren't in school and Silver didn't have some kind of business deadline that he couldn't take care of online at a distance.

Nada had been born when Silver was 18 and Bob had been born when Silver was 20. Lilu had been 26 when Nada was born and 28 when Bob was born. The Grandparents were Rex and Pearl, the parents had been Silver and Lilu, and now the children are Nada and Bob, The names of the four "children" in "The Magic Presence", the book.

So, one might think that the Great Grandparents names must have been Rex and Pearl also. One would be right.

However, Lilu is still two people: the Goddess and the nurse and now the mother(which also aligns well with both Goddess and nurse. And Silver was two people(at least) now the agoraphobic Manhattan Penthouse Genius and a mountain climbing Wyoming cowboy.(Very eccentric). He still asked to be medicated between JFK Airport and the Manhattan Penthouse. And when he talked about Wyoming it was as if he was talking about another planet. It was as different a description as the Nabi were to the soldiers of Earth, though in a different way.

Though Lilu and Silver love their children and tried very hard not to make the mistakes of their parents, two and two don't make four they sort of make 8.

So, the children Nada and Bob have come to see their parents as both very rich and very eccentric people. Their father couldn't have been more intelligent creative and unusual if he were Michael Jackson and Lilu, their mother couldn't have been more beautiful and Goddess like if she were Elizabeth Taylor when she was Lilu's present age, 43.

More later.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Future is Coming

The future is not good or bad. It is what we make of it. If life gives us lemons, we either make lemonade or lemon pie or we starve. Life is like that, you know.

I see myself as one of the thousands to millions of tribal shamans of all mankind and all the creatures of the Earth who live here with us. The job of those like me who literally can see the future depending upon what we as individuals or groups do, or choose to do is to tell mankind of the consequences for any individual or group choices. That is our job, to explain what will happen depending upon what individuals and groups and all mankind do.

Those that hear the truth of what we say have a chance to stay alive, and their children and their children. It isn't rocket science, tribal shamans with gifts like mine have been telling people of the consequences of their actions from the beginning of time. It is a very ancient art and science of instinct and intuition and life experience.

We are all like a child playing marbles in the middle of a road. Our town is very far from a big city (the center of the Galaxy) and so we get almost no road traffic here. So, we as a child sit and play marbles in the middle of the road with impunity most days. However, today(these centuries we now live in) a Big truck is coming(Global Climate Change) and at the very least we need to get out of the way of it or we will die. And the most we could do is to get on our bicycle and try to get up on the truck and get in and push the driver out of the way and put on the brakes before the truck kills all our relatives who are all playing marbles in the middle of the road about 1 mile down the road from us.

So, our choice is clear. We either get out of the way of the storm truck and then watch all our relatives(mankind) be killed individually and in groups, or we get on our bicycle and stop the truck. The choice is actually that clear.

And by the way, this is the single most serious thing we have ever dealt with as a human race together in over 12,000 years.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

If we all work together

There is nothing we as humans cannot do if we all work together. We are one race not many. We now because of Global Climate change will all work together or we will all die as a race together. The next 500 years will tell the tale of what we choose.

Virgin Galactic And Wall-E

I was sitting in my Hot Tub(outdoor Spa) looking up at the stars and rain clouds passing quickly overhead tonight and the (light bulb) went on in my head. Virgin Galactic is positioning itself to build a cruise ship in space(space station hotel) by developing and selling seats for a trip 300,000 feet into space. One thing will build the next in the business world over the next 25 to 50 to 200 years depending upon how fast the world climate degrades into something difficult to live in on the surface. So for now the richest Trekkies that want to go into space for $200,000 can visit 300,000 feet or approximately 56.8 miles into space and look down at the earth and go weightless for awhile in a space ship called "The Enterprise".

Another less talked about thing is that this trip into space might be a painless vasectomy or getting your tubes tied. Because likely there is better than a 50-50 chance you won't be able to have kids after you do this but you still will be able to have sexual relations. This is well known by astronauts that ride the space shuttle to the Space station. The rule is: "Have all the kids you are going to have BEFORE going into space." So, this sort of leaves out most people under 40 or 50 years of age.

So, since most people don't have a free $200,000 for this sort of thing until they are at least 40 this should be a consideration as well.

I suppose there might be a way to freeze embryos or just eggs and sperm and by putting them in lead shielded containers until they landed on another planet to keep the capacity for reproduction alive in humans. But for now, unless there is some scientific advance I'm not aware of there is no way for people to reproduce the old fashioned way after going into space. So this also means just putting several hundred or several thousand people into a space ark and sending them somewhere just isn't going to work because they won't be able to reproduce the old fashioned way.


The above web article speaks on how the percentage of police officers shot on duty has increased 24% since 2008. This speaks to the increase in desperation nationwide and worldwide. If there was a way to have health care, food, clothing and shelter for all people less police would die or be shot every year. Our self reliant oriented system here works quite well during good times, but now during Global Climate change and extreme recession it likely will create and ever increasing cavalcade of police officers being shot in the U.S.

To understand that the mindless execution of police officers is more about hopeless citizens during a deep recession rivaling the Great Depression is more useful than any other concept in trying to understand what is really happening.

Global Climate change has reduced food worldwide by 20% to 30%. This in turn makes people desperate in places like Mexico,Central and South America. So the fact that around 2000 people or more have been murdered there in border drug wars on the Mexico and U.S. border there makes perfect sense in these starving economies worldwide where there is little to no hope of a future for most people. This is also affecting us here in the U.S.

As people become more desperate they often turn to drugs or alcohol in desperation and this in turn makes these people more likely to be paranoid and delusional and more likely to shoot a police officer or anyone else for that matter.

Understanding that because of Global Climate change this likely will get worse by an average of 10% a year ongoing allows us all to make more sense of all this.

Looking at it this way the veneer of civilization is getting thinner every year worldwide. So Far, the average person is demonstrating extreme patience worldwide. However, it is unknown how far and how long that patience can last the way things are presently going worldwide.

There is a quality of these times that reminds me of what happened a few years before World War II. I really don't like this feeling. Though it is true I wasn't born until 1948, people talked about the horrors of the Great Depression and World War II a lot during the 1950s and 1960s. People didn't go to therapists or shrinks a lot then and the only way they could cope with having survived so much horror was to talk to friends and family. Those that couldn't talk it out often went crazy or committed suicide.

So, talking to people about the stresses of your life will help you to be a kinder more useful family member, friend and good citizen of your country.

Surviving the next 500 years

I was watching DVR of a guest on David Letterman's show talk about his book "Storms of my Grandchildren" about Global Climate change. I was thinking about the keywords for those who actually will survive physically on earth during the next 500 years of extreme weather changes.

Higher Ground- Many islands worldwide and likely Florida and half of Bangladesh will
be under water.

Winds- Because of ever increasing winds worldwide living underground keeps one's
house from blowing away or being damaged by things the wind throws.

Solar Power- This might be the safest power on earth for a variety of reasons

Wind Power- This likely is the second safest power presently known

Geothermal- I read recently that drill bits have been developed so there can be
geothermal power at any location on earth but preferably flat land.

Living underground- A way to stay warm without using much energy because most
places on earth are 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit year around between
2 and 8 feet underground worldwide

Adaptability-The quality most present in those who survive the next 500 years.

Good Physical health- Another quality those who survive the next 500 years will
likely have in abundance

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Introduction: I wrote 2037 which is a short story about nanobots that are self-replicating that are interfaced with type O red blood cells injected into two subjects who then become a permanent mutation that each can live 100 to 500 years because of this bio-engineered innovation. if you are interested in this story it is at:

or you can just click on it if it is still December 2009. It is close to the 2035 button.

2035 is completely different.

Preface: Though I have finished writing the first draft there are many typos and irregularities still. I'm just trying to warn people of problems I see coming down the pike. Later in the story someone I have written about before, Arcane shows up. When you reach that part you can then or later if you are interested read more about Arcane at:

If you go to the index page and up at the top click on "Memories" there are I believe 7 or 8 web pages full of the approximately 125 typewriter page book on Arcane and other beings. Arcane is from around 1,000,000 years into the future on a colony that our descendants eventually create on a water planet. But Arcane then as a 30 something returns to Earth as a Galactic Anthropologist studying Earth cultures for the Galactic Time Guard.

2035 is about Silver and his family. However, the real point of the story is to convey some of the short and long term affects on humanity of the new technologies now coming to planet Earth during this century.

Chapter 1 The Manhattan Penthouse

Silver was born in 2000. His parents said the first decade of his life was called "The Decade from Hell" in a magazine. However, he spent most of his time in a Manhattan Penthouse in the care of various nannies because his parents were just too busy with their lives to spend time with him. Oh, they kissed him when they arrived and kissed him when they left but mostly he was treated like a pet that both parents put up with as a member of the family. His grandparents had insisted his parents marry and have him but then they died in a private jet crash coming back from Europe and neither of his mid twenties new parents had been quite right ever since. But they left his parents with this Manhattan penthouse and a very large trust fund so they pretended to be married even though they went to separate parties and had different friends. It was a financial marriage glued together by Silver.

When Silver had been born a piece of silverware had fallen off the dining room table while nearby his mother gave birth to him in a 98.6 degree Fahrenheit 2 foot deep swimming pool with her friends present with a midwife. However, as soon as he was born
he was given by the midwife to the newly hired Nanny, who by the way was a wet nurse, very in and very in style. His mother believed he should bond with the wet nurse but after 6 months the wet nurse quit because she wasn't given enough time off to have a life while taking care of Silver 24 hours a day. And the new Nanny was not a wet nurse because she didn't have a baby to make her have milk to give so to Silver he lost the only mother he knew and the only breast milk he ever knew. And he cried and he cried at the loss. So Nanny after Nanny came and went, some 1 day, some 1 month some one year until Silver was now 10 years old and had learned to hide deep in TV and most especially electronic games played with kids on imaginary worlds that were really resident in Servers but connected by keyboard.

It is important to note here that Silver From zero to age 16 NEVER left his Manhattan Penthouse EVER. He was home schooled by tutors and taken care of by Nannies. He had no friends. His parents had their own lives without him.

He kept wishing he could be in the games and talking to his friends all over the world that he played with during the days and nights. Of course he had a tutor to pass all his grades but he only did a minimum of work. Most of his reports were on the online video games he played. Since his parents now dated other people his life became stranger even though they made shows of affection for extended family events. He felt more and more each year like their pet Chihuahua than their son. His parents he decided finally were very strange people and that his father just couldn't get over the loss of his parents. Silver would inherit a lot one day and likely the Penthouse would go to him. This was his father's and mother's wish. Besides, they each had a house in the country. His mother's was in Palm Beach, Florida and his father's was in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Each of them took their entourage there every few months but Silver was never invited. He was the family pet and he stayed home with the Tutors and Nannies. He knew his place. For him to inherit the family wealth after his parents were gone he had to play the game. Otherwise he would have to one day work for a living and "Who wanted That?"

So, as new gadgets came out like Robots that talk and Phones and Ipods and all the latest tech gear he had to have each thing and then spend hours and hours pouring over the tech notes and Internet sites on each item until he knew about as much about the device as those had designed it. Each of these things were his physical friends because he didn't have one friend. How could he make a friend if his parents never bonded with him. He was a possession not a person to his parents. He was a reason for them to stay together, "At least that is what they told everyone." His mother was very beautiful but born poor and was relatively uneducated. His father, though was like him, very intelligent and very Geeky. But also Silver was very handsome and looked a lot like his very pretty mother. So as he became 13 or more his nannies sometimes fell in love with him and molested him. But who could he complain to? His parents? What a joke. They were so out of it most of the time in their funny little worlds. Neither of them had even reached emotionally over about 18 and they both were now 35. Both had already had a lot of plastic surgery so they could still both look 18. So they could act like they were 18 even though their son was now 13.

One day Silver realized he was much more grown up than both his parents combined. This thought actually terrified him until he decided that he could borrow his father's platinum American Express unlimited card and get whatever he wanted online while his father slept. So he did. He charged about 100,000 dollars worth of technical gear before his father's accountant starting suspecting that something was wrong. However, when his father found out what Silver had done instead of scolding Silver he just laughed and was impressed that his son had done just what he had done at 13 also. As a precaution his father had a safe installed in his bedroom that needed a 7 digit combination and a thumbprint to open. Silver was upset that he couldn't buy anymore tech gear. But by now he had gotten good enough to build his own custom built computers. He had learned how to stack Pentium chips 10 deep to make the fastest home computer on earth. And with this computer he created worms to invade government research laboratories of the latest research on bio-computer engineering research.

Finally one day he found what he was looking for: a dual ear set of hearing devices that fit deep inside ones ears that were rechargeable and the plans to build special glasses that transmitted directly into the optic nerve so that he could hear, see and also he could talk through microphones built into the deep ear device. This allowed him to be on the Internet, talk on the phone and by giving verbal commands do anything he could do on the computer without a keyboard as long as his IPhone was within about 7 feet of him. The only drawback was that all these devices had to be recharged about once every day or two. So he solved this problem by having two sets of everything he needed to be wired up 24 hours a day.

So now he could play games online or talk or communicate with people 24 hours a day(even when his tutor was teaching him) because it wasn't obvious to anyone what he was actually doing.

Silver found that he didn't really want to ever leave his penthouse anymore. He lived except for his nanny to cook and clean for him and his tutor to teach him, in a virtual world. Sometimes he would stare out of his penthouse windows out at Manhattan all around him but to him Manhattan was becoming more and more like TV and his virtual world was becoming more and more real every day.

By age 15 he was so knowledgeable on so many computer tech issues that people from all over the world were contacting him to ask him very advanced tech questions. He was the only one that seemed to be able to answer many of these questions. Silver loved this: Being the only one that seemed to understand a lot of this made him feel needed for the very first time in his life ever.

So, when people not knowing his real age started hiring him as a consultant he always stipulated that all meetings had to be virtual and if he needed to sign anything it had to be done with his fingerprint online. In this way Silver became a legend. What people did not realize is that Silver always was connected online. He was always a 24 hour a day information and tech junky. He had expanded his memory capacity in ways humans hadn't done before because no one (at least that he knew of) had ever plugged in in a 24 hour a day virtual sense before. Like the way some people can go to sleep watching TV every day, he could go into a trance like state where even in dreams he could keep processing Internet information on multiple subjects ongoing. He found over time he could multitask more and more. However, he was also getting headaches more. So, he decided to research what the latest was on brain power vitamins and bought whatever he could legally buy in brain vitamins and stimulants. His headaches stopped after this but he found himself to be kind of jumpy all the time. He had a hard time settling down when real people were present in the room like his Nanny or Tutor.

By this time they thought that Silver was either a computer genius or completely insane. However, they didn't care as long as they were paid because it was 2015 now and jobs had been scarce about 5 years now so they were happy to be working anywhere, especially in New York City area in Manhattan.

Silver's Penthouse overlooked Central Park. So he got to see the change of Seasons. He would look out at all the people and think of them as unhappy ants. He was one of these ants. But he was rich and so he was so rich he would never have to struggle like those unhappy ants walking around Central Park. But the changes of seasons were amazing.
Snow in winter, new green things in spring, the summer heat, the leaves falling in fall. Silver longed to have someone to share all this with. He was now 16. He decided that he would hire the next tutor himself. He was handsome and he wanted to choose someone who might want him as a boy becoming a man. It was a disaster. She was 18 and a local college student. She fell completely in love with his money and penthouse. But Silver needed her to fall in love just with him. Finally, she said to him, "How can I love you for you. You are a recluse. You never go anywhere. You have never been anywhere!" Silver was crushed and this made him withdraw even further emotionally from the physical world and into his world of research and games. The year is now 2016.

One day Silver's father came to actually talk to him. He said, "Silver, you are 16 now. I have hired tutors for you because you preferred computers to people. I thought that Nanny's and Tutors would be enough for you as you are so much like me except you are much better looking." His father laughed at this. "I wish I had had your looks, Silver, I wouldn't have had to pay so many women if I looked like you." Silver didn't like talking to his Dad. His Dad was just too much like him in many ways. His Dad was a natural genius just like him. But his Dad could relate to people more when they were physically present than Silver could. Silver said, "Let's get to the point Dad. What is it?"

"I just wanted to ask you if you want to go to college? I met your mother in college. She sought me out because she knew our family was extremely wealthy. At the time I thought she loved me. But I was wrong. She was only always in love with my wealth." His father looked so sad and alone in that moment.

Silver said, "Why are you talking to me? You don't usually treat me like a real son or a real human?" His father looked hurt and said, "It took me a long time to get over my parents deaths. I have started to go to a therapist and she told me I needed to have some kind of talk with you about your future." Silver said, "You never were there for me before." His father again looked hurt and said, "My life was never easy just like your life hasn't been easy in even a worse way." Silver felt very offended by this but realized he had to put a good face on for his Dad. They both were eccentric geniuses after all.

Silver said, "I hired a Nanny to be my lover." His Dad said, "How did that work out? I was in Nepal when I heard that happened." Silver said, "Well. Like Mom she fell in love with my money and made me love her and then told me she was only in love with my money." His Dad said, "I'm sorry to hear that. It really sucks when stuff like that happens." Silver's Dad said, "When was your first sexual encounter." Silver looked at his Dad and said, "Dad. My tutors and Nannies started having sex with me when I was about 14. Silver's Dad said, "That happened to me to. My parents were always gone too. However, I started going outside this Penthouse when I was 16. Do you want me to take you outside?" Silver wasn't happy for being molested and was upset his father thought is was normal. Silver said, "Dad, I live in a virtual world now. It is more real to me than what is outside." Silver's Dad said, "I was afraid of that. I have been afraid that I waited too long."

Silver said, "I can go to an online college and study computer engineering." Silver's Dad said, "I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Did you know that?" Silver looked at his Dad carefully and said, "Dad. You have never been here. You never talk to me. You have treated me like a pet. Mom is a beautiful idiot only interested in her looks and your money. No one has been here for me but the people you hired. The only thing I have ever been able to count on is our family's money. Silver's Dad said, "It was like that for me, too, Silver. You aren't the first with this problem and if you ever have children I'm afraid you won't be the last."

Silver said, "I can't do this to another person, Dad. What happened to me wasn't right." Silver's Dad said, "Yes. But what happened to me wasn't right either." Silver said, "Someone needs to break the pattern. I guess it will be me." Silver's Dad said, "Whatever you say, Silver. Life has been pretty strange for both of us." Silver said, "Money can't buy me love." Silver's Dad looked at Silver and laughed through his tears. They finally shared a moment that would last Silver the rest of his life. Silver's Dad was around 38 years old at this point.

Silver's Dad said, "So you are going to study Computer Science at an online College?"
Silver said, "I think that's what I'm going to do. You know I have a computer consulting business already?" His Dad looked worried and said, "You do pay taxes don't you?" Silver laughed, "I contacted our accountant Dad. It's all covered."

Silver's Dad sighed a sigh of relief at this. He didn't want IRS problems. When one is wealthy one must dot all the i's and cross all the t's to stay wealthy and to not have problems.

Silver's Dad said, "Our wealth has basically doubled since 2000. My father invested for the long term and we have been very successful." Silver said, "I know, Dad. I have been following all our stocks, municipal bonds, and properties worldwide." Silver's Dad said, "Yes Silver. You are a natural just like me and my father, of course you would study stuff like that."
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Silver was amazed by this talk. This had been the most family like talk he had ever had. He was sort of resentful now that it had taken so long for his Dad to be present. But now he also understood that his Dad's life had been almost as weird as his or even weirder in its own ways. He felt compassion for his Dad because he and his Dad suffered with so many of the same things. Likely Grandad was like this too. However, his Mom was just a gold digger. There probably wasn't ever any hope for her.

Silver said, "What's with Mom?"
Silver's Dad said, "Well. Though she is beautiful and probably always will be and even sleeps with me still once and a while to get more money from me, she will always sort of be a lost person. She was molested very young and has learned to get whatever she wants by being molested ongoing by whoever does what she wants. However, Silver, I love her. God Help me. I think it is her beauty combined with her vulnerability and her innate craziness from being molested so young. She's precious but she never grew up and probably never will. Whereas you and I were born grown up and ready to survive no matter how bad things got. She and I are opposites but I love her. But you and I and Grandad are the same. We may be the potentially at least the most scary geniuses on earth."

Silver felt kind of sick now to his stomach and said, "Why do you say you and Grandad and I are the scariest geniuses on earth?" "Because we are completely ruthless, Silver." That's why I couldn't spend more time with you than I did. When I looked in your eyes I saw my father. It was like he reincarnated into you. He was completely cold and calculating in everything he did. My mother withered around him. She was a beautiful woman like your mother too. She was his Chihuahua. But you and I are not Chihuahuas. Did you know what happened to your Grandfather and Grandmother?" Silver did not like the sound of this. Silver said, "I'm not sure I want to know, Dad."

"I need to tell someone about this, Silver. When my parents died I was high and partying with friends. So when they came as distressed newly deceased souls to me I freaked out and had to go to a psyche hospital ward overnight. Then I called our penthouse cook and she came and got me and told me my parents really were dead. The night I was high I just thought I was having a psychotic break because I didn't believe in God or souls before this. So, to be high and then to go through such a profound paradigm shift and then find out it was all true and that my parents really were dead and really did come to me in distress made me very strange for several years."

"At that time, your mother, Pearl, was 8 months pregnant and when you were born I thought you were my Dad come again and I just emotionally lost it and couldn't bond with you at all." But the last several years I have been going to a psychotherapist and she told me I needed to try to bond with you while I and you are both still young enough to bond well.

"You know. All this makes sense to me now. You thought I was your Dad coming back to get you." Silver's Dad said, "Yes. I have been haunted by this ever since you were born. That's why I never spent time with you or bonded properly with you." Silver said, "Whereas Mom was just self absorbed." Silver's Dad said, "I'm afraid so. There is only one person who ever will be important to her. Her." Silver and his Dad laughed at this. They laughed until they both cried at the pathetic nature of their lives.
Silver's Dad said, "So, do you think you are my Dad come again?" Silver looked into his Dad's eyes and said, "I have no idea, Dad. You are now the only genuine person in my whole life and you have explained why I felt like a pet rather than your son. I would have done the same, Dad, if that had happened to me. You are my only friend. I will never hurt you in any way."

Silver's dad (Rex) breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe the horror of it all was finally passing away a little.

Silver had his father in his life for the first time and for the first time in his life he was happy because he finally understood this crazy thing called "his life".

Silver saw tears forming in his father's eyes. His father said,"I would like you to come to my mountain retreat away from the city. It's in Jackson Hole, Wyoming."

Silver was scared because he had never left the Penthouse. But he said to his Dad, "If you sedate me and put me on a gurney and put me in your limousine and take me to your private jet and then wake me up on the jet and then on the jet I have my IPhone, ear buds with mikes built in and my eyeglasses that transmit to my optic nerves and my best custom laptop and you assure me that you have a fast cable modem at your house in Jackson Hole I'll go with you."

His father laughed but agreed. His Dad said, "I'll make sure my stewardesses are pretty.
They both smiled.


The private nurse hired by Silver's Father arrived. She came dressed as a nurse so there would be no mistake as to her important role between New York and Jackson Hole, Wyoming and his Dad's ranch. She said, "I'm going to give you a sedative because you have developed a type of Agoraphobia because of not having enough contact with your parents or ever going outside of this Penthouse."

Silver turned red and was embarrassed, especially because this was an especially young and beautiful nurse that he had chosen. Silver's father didn't tell Silver that this particular nurse did private pole and lap dances at people's homes sometimes to make extra money. Silver's father had used her services before as he had panic attacks sometimes too. Her fee was for Silver's father to keep her nursing license from being withdrawn from her extracurricular activities. Silver's father was very well connected as his father had been a world known financial Baron as had his father and his father before back to the 1880s. So, money this old buys many things and one of them is silence one way or the other.

She was auburn haired and about five feet six inches tall and very shapely and there was a sparkle in her eyes that most women didn't have. Silver realized he was frightened of this woman. She knew she could win him and he was completely emotionally outclassed. In other words this woman was as emotionally intelligent as he was intellectually brilliant in his own eccentric way. If she wanted to keep him there might be no way for him to say, "NO!". So Silver was scared but then he thought about his father's mind and it occurred to him that it might be a part of his father's plan. His father (at least at this point in his life did absolutely nothing by accident).

So, as he rode on the gurney(mobile stretcher with wheels) he pretended to be watching a video game unfolding. He pretended everything he saw was online or on TV. Since his oral medication had been timed for body mass and weight to be wearing off 10 minutes after he boarded the plane, at first he had a panic attack of not being in the only physical place he ever knew, his Penthouse womb. So, just like a baby being born he started to cry in emotional and physical distress. Then the nurse took off her hat and his favorite song came on and she began to dance for him just like he had fantasized a thousand times before. Then he could think of nothing but her. As he was watching her dance his father's private jet was taxiing down the runway.(Oh by the way Silver's grandfather's and grandmother's plane had crashed in water too deep to recover the black box. So no one ever knew what was wrong when the plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean). They just assumed it was weather related or pilot error.

So, as they took off the nurse sat next to Silver and put her arm around him. Silver never felt happier or safer in his whole life. He didn't really care if the plane crashed because he had already died and gone to heaven.

As they landed in his father's private jet at Jackson Hole Airport he noticed that his father had landed the plane. He asked the nurse if his father had a pilot's license. She said, "I don't know but with money anything is possible. You know that don't you?"

Silver looked at nurse. Lilu was her name. Her parents it seemed thought she was a Goddess incarnate. She had said it was a lot to carry growing up. But that she had learned now to carry her Goddess heritage into adulthood. Silver had no idea what was going on with Lilu. She said she had grown up in a commune that her parents had joined. And that later they had moved out of the commune when she was 10 and she missed all her friends from there and her parents had bought a Florist shop in New York City and then she went to a private school and that it had been a really hard adjustment to make.

The strange thing about Lilu was that both Lilu and Silver could relate to each others growing up periods. Her life growing up had been about as strange as his had in a different sort of way. It was like they both were two different people now each. Maybe more than two people each. Either way Lilu and Silver had bonded in a very strange and amazing way. Lilu saw Silver as brilliant yet naive and innocent. And Silver saw Lilu as worldly, intelligent, educated but still somehow precious. Somehow they had found what they both were looking for: (Home in each other) even though she was 24 and he was only 16. She was friend, lover, mother and sister and he was friend, little brother, lover and potential financial savior of Lilu.

Now you may think all this is very twisted and maybe you would be right. But in the end this was their life and right now it was working for everyone.

OH! By the way Silver's Dad is called Rex and his mother's name is Pearl.

Rex smiled a very big smile as the plane landed at the Jackson Hole Airport in Wyoming. He loved this place any time of year. This was his home in his heart of hearts. So to bring his son finally to his home was healing a panoply of hurts in his heart. Rex could never undo what had happened to his parents but he could make amends to his son before Rex died of old age or before then.

Rex didn't know if getting Lilu for Silver was a good thing or a bad one. Both Lilu and Silver we very eccentric to say the least but there was something very precious and very amazing about both of them. There was a type of innocence that they both had that took ones breath away like watching Blanche Dubois in "A Streetcar Named Desire".

They were met at the airport by Rex's ranch's caretaker Slim. Slim drove up to Rex's private Jet in a Hummer.

Lilu's arm was still around Silver as she asked, "Can you handle walking out of the plane and riding in your Dad's Hummer to the Ranch without being sedated."

Silver looked up into her beautiful blue eyes and said, "I believe I'm dreaming anyway. So I'm probably fine. Nothing like this could actualy happen so this I must just be dreaming or watching this on TV or something."

Lilu looked as a nurse at Silver. He seemed to be in some type of shock but a kind that might do as a natural sedative. She hoped he wasn't moving towards some kind of temporary or permanent form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. So she smiled hopefully and walked over to his Dad, Rex.

Rex smiled up at her and said, "How's my son?" Lilu said, "I can't be completely sure but he just told me he thinks he's dreaming." Rex laughed and said, "One look at you with your arm around him and if I were him I'd think I was dreaming of a Goddess myself!" Lilu smiled a knowing smile and said, "I'm going to let him go with it then?"
Rex said, "By all means. He needs to experience the world if he's ever going to be able to inherit my millions or billions when I'm gone.

Lilu felt she might faint from all this money and what it brought with it. At that moment she finally got how over her head she was and how potentially vulnerable she was. But she was a real Goddess wasn't she? Her parents always told her she was since she was a baby.

Slim walked up the gangway stairs and said, "Hi Rex. Did you have a good trip Sir?"
Rex said, "Hi Slim. It's great to see you. Is everything okay at the ranch?" Slim said, "The Horses and the Buffalo are fine, Sir!"

Silver really thought he was dreaming now. Lilu took his arm. She was about Five foot 6 with beautiful Auburn colored hair and deep periwinkle blue eyes that looked almost violet in actual color. Silver thought that moment that Lilu really was a Goddess. He had never ever met anyone like her before or even dreamed about what she was really like. In this one case reality was more amazing than dreams. Lilu was a natural healer so just having her take his arm as he exited the plane was like being on the arm of a real Goddess.

The fresh air made his face feel like it was going to freeze but the smell of the clear fresh mountain air was something he would never forget the rest of his life. They say the original primal sense organ of humans is smell. He would remember this clear fresh mountain air smell until he died. He was free! Tears rolled down his face. He was free! He was home. He was with his Dad. And for the first time in his life his life actually made sense.

A few snow flakes touched the side of Silver's face. He felt this snow love his face before they started to stick to it.

Slim looked at the beautiful nurse and then Silver who was a handsome but strange dude at 16 and wondered why Rex had never brought his son or this lovely vision of a nurse to Jackson Hole before. It was a large ranch that bordered Teton National Park. Silver's Great Great Grandfather had come here with President Teddy Roosevelt around 1900 or so. So Silver's grandfather had spent a lot of time growing up, especially summers on this ranch. So it had now been in the family over 100 years. Unbelievable things had happened here, especially during the 1960s and 1970s. However, Rex hadn't been born until 1978 so he wasn't even 10 until 1988 and 20 in 1998.

Lilu felt safe somehow holding Silver's arm. His look at her was, "I'll protect you. Remember that." This though seemed to pass between then as she was feeling out of place and time. She realized what it was. This place reminded her of the country life that she so missed when her parents moved her into New York City. It was all coming back to her now. She couldn't help the tears that formed in her eyes. Somehow, she was home. Silver was home. They were all home. She sensed this and somehow she knew Silver and Rex knew it too.

There was a rustic old 100 year old bookcase that made one feel they were standing in the Lodge at Yellowstone national Park. It had the same huge fireplaces that they have there and was probably designed and built by the same people. On this bookcase were a row of green books. Lilu stepped forward and said, "My parents had these books. This one here is about where we are right now."

Rex almost choked on his drink. He said, "Those books have been there since they were first printed sometime during the 1930s. Sometimes I think I might have been named after the young man named Rex in the book "The Magic Presence". Lilu said to Rex, "Is this the ranch in this book?"
Rex stared at her a moment and then said, "You know. I don't really know. When I first read this book I didn't ever think of it as non-fiction. But if it really is non-fiction then I suppose this ranch might have been the ranch in the book.

Lilu was amazed. She said, "My father and mother believed in this book. They thought I was a reincarnation of one of the Goddesses in this book."

Rex had no idea of what to do with that. It was just too much for him to take in. Having his son here was enough alone for him. He quickly changed the subject.

Rex said, "Hey Silver. What do you think of the old family ranch." Silver felt very happy and angry at the same time. After all, he is 16 and full of hormones and youthful intensity. Rex saw him struggling and said, "Silver. I'm really sorry I didn't bring you here before." Silver said very difficultly, "I accept your apology, Dad. I want this to be a good experience for all of us."

Slim realized the intensity in the room could be cut with a knife and suddenly realized he had other work to do and so went outside leaving the group to fend for themselves.

The cook brought warm tea and hot chocolate and cookies for anyone who wanted it. For Silver this was the best tasting Hot Chocolate of his life. Everything seemed to taste better up here in the Tetons of Wyoming.

That night when it came to bedtime Silver snuck into Lilu's room. She seemed to be waiting for him. She said, "What took you so long?" Silver once again felt so outmatched by her. He said, "Do you like my money or to do you like me?" Lilu quickly said, "Both!" Silver looked right through her and smiled and said, "Good. Because I like you better than any girl or woman I've ever met."

Lilu thought she was sophisticated but this openness and honesty just made her cry because she was used to very closed people and very sophisticated people. Silver here was emotionally innocent and only 16. Even though he was brilliant and could easily out think her he wasn't worldly. She felt like she was with an innocent 12 year old boy in a 16 year olds body. A part of her wanted to be motherly. But another part just said, "What Fun!"

note: So even though Rex, Silver and Lilu are all sort of "happy happy joy joy" all of us beyond 30 years of age can see the serious pitfalls of what is happening on many different levels. There is a saying in life, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely". Rex has power over the wealth and whether Silver gets any of it at any time. Lilu has power over Silver but only if Rex allows it. Silver has power over Rex because Rex needs to feel like he is doing right by Silver(whether he really does or not) in order to stay alive and not self destruct in one of his panic attacks. And what kind of relationship does Rex actually have with Lilu anyway? And Lilu is a nurse but thinks she is a Goddess? What's up with that? Silver never has left his Penthouse since being born there? Which makes him how old experience wise and emotionally(somewhere between 6 and 12)? And what will this cause long term? And where is Pearl? What's her part in all this when she finds out her beloved son Silver isn't in New York from the Penthouse Cook? And did Rex hire Lilu to be Silver's nurse, mother, lover or all three or something else? The answer to all these questions and more is why I'm writing 2035 in the first place. And is Silver heading toward becoming more of a tech Guru since he is already a prodigy. I think so. He will be 35 in 2035. end note.

Rex loaded up the Hummer the next morning with Slim's help and they all headed out to see the horses and the Buffalo on their large ranch. The next day after that they went to Jackson Lake and took a fast boat across it and walked up the trail a ways up into the mountains from the lake.

The next day they drove to Dubois, Wyoming(The locals pronounce it Du Boys even though it is French and they pronounce it completely differently as DU BWA short A) to see some of the Bighorn sheep there. And the next they drove north towards Yellowstone National Park. Silver's virtual reality type of experience was growing by the day. He had never imagined the mountains could actually be as amazing as they were traveling with Rex and Lilu. He had waited all his life for someone, anyone to care about him like this and to get both his Dad and Lilu at the same time was really to much to ask for. When he thought about this he got scared because he knew he might not survive if he lost either of them now. He had always needed them and they were here at least for now and so was Wyoming.

Nurse and girlfriend now, Lilu, was concerned after they returned from Dubois, Wyoming to the ranch that Silver was getting a little strange. He seemed to be experiencing maybe some kind of withdrawals. But she wasn't sure what kind of withdrawals he was actually experiencing and whether it was an edible substance or just a psychological dependence that he was withdrawing from. And not being a licensed psychotherapist she thought she must do what she could to ascertain the problem as far as her specialty went.

She started in this way, "Are there some vitamins or other legal stimulants like Coffee or sugar that you are used to consuming every day or every few days?"

Silver eyed her suspiciously and said, "Why?"

Lilu said, "You have been in that Penthouse from the day you were born. There are likely going to be things you will have to deal with in a new environment like this one here in Wyoming."

Silver relaxed a little and felt she wasn't trying to control him. She was just concerned about his overall well being. He said, "You started to make me very nervous there for a moment. But let me think about what you're saying.... First of all I like pop tarts because of the sugar rush if I'm brainstorming about something. But just like coffee if you get to much you then crash from either. But, what I think you're getting at might be related to the brain vitamins and legal stimulants for the brain that I have been taking for some time now."

Lilu looked concerned and said, "Many of those though legal you shouldn't just stop taking suddenly stop taking. Give me a list of your brain vitamins and stimulants and I'll try to get some from Jackson nearby."

She called in Slim and asked him the name of the drugstore they used in the vicinity and he told them where to go. So she called up the local pharmacy and found they didn't have anything like that. So, at first she was worried until she finally found a health food store that carried these types of things. She wasn't able to get the same manufacturer names but she could at least approximate the dosages of brain vitamins and stimulants he had been taking.

Then, she got online and did some research into the affects of all the products individually and tried to find research into what the affects of all these things taken in conjunction and was somewhat disturbed by what she found. The research noted that Computer gaming and video gaming addicts that went into 24 hour symbiosis with online gaming or internet research were starting to change the ways in which they perceived reality. This concerned her because she wanted Silver to be her man. Yes. He was only 16 but grown up in a real sense much more than most 40 year olds she had met. He was kind of scary like Rex in that way. Some people just live in a fairy tale and you know that when you meet them. But Rex and Silver were kind of like meeting a grown lion or alpha wolf. You sort of felt like you might be eaten by Silver or Rex if you weren't careful. Both of them had this indefinable quality that is best described as
'ultimate survivors'. This didn't mean that they were physical fighters. Not at all. One just knew that somehow they would out think any group of people and if it came to it if anything happened they would always be some of the survivors of any difficult situation. Lilu always felt safe around Rex and Silver. And she felt safe around very few people.

Within a month Lilu and Silver were back living in the Penthouse together. She stayed his nurse, she became his friend, she became his lover, then was pregnant with his daughter, then they were married in Wyoming at Sunset in the springtime, then a month later Nada was born when Silver was 18. Rex approved of the whole thing. Heck, he had created the whole thing. Sometimes, he wondered just how much like his Dad he had become. After all, it was his Dad that told him to marry, Pearl when she became pregnant with his son. He had still been in college then. That was a lot to take because Rex had never seen himself getting married after what it had done to his mother marrying his Dad. He hadn't wanted to do to another person what his father had done to his mother. To run over her like a bulldozer until she became road kill stuck in the tank treads of his Dad's bulldozer.

However, luckily, (or not) Pearl had been road kill as a child. There really was nothing he could do to hurt her. He could love her and take care of her(which he always did). She was already like his Mom when he met her. (You know how boys are attracted to women like their mothers).

So the relationship between Silver and Lilu went something like this: Silver:"I will protect you from the crazy structure of the world." Lilu: "I will protect you Silver, from ever having to walk about New York City(even though I know you would love it if you just got over your childhood agoraphobia). Silver: "I will always love you and you will always protect me. As long as you love and protect me, I will finance you and financially protect you from the world." Lilu "I don't think you could make this work without me or someone like me. I will teach you about Gods and Goddesses and everything my parents taught me about Jesus and Saint Germain."

Was this a marriage made in heaven? Who knows? It worked for them. Like I read in a garage once, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

In the end if life isn't about survival first, what is it about really?

Did Silver and Lilu have problems? Did Rex and Pearl have problems? Did the new babies Nada and Bob have problems? Of course. But they managed to make it all work somehow. And that was enough for them.

And when Silver started to get just too strange for everyone including Lilu she would simply give Rex a call and give Silver a look and reach for a sedative and then Silver would smile and take; and Rex would bring his limousine by and they would head for Rex's private jet. Silver implicitly trusted Rex and Lilu because they were the only trusted adults in his life. There were always online business associates and there were his wonderful children Nada and Bob, but his adult trust went out only to Rex and Lilu, and love and compassion for his mother, Pearl, who was usually somewhere lost in herself or visiting with Lilu, Nada and Bob. As time went on, Lilu, Nada and Bob started more and more to become the center of Pearl's life. Lilu, as a nurse was able to handle this quite well. And as Nada and Bob's mother this was okay too. After all, Pearl was their Grandma, and the only Grandparents still alive were Rex and Pearl, so they were a pretty valuable commodity.

Chapter 3 Flash Forward to 2035

At this time, Lilu, Pearl and Silver all live in the New York Penthouse with Silver.
Both Rex and Pearl are now 64. Since Lilu is 8 years older than Silver, she is now 43 and their two children , a girl and a boy are 17 and 15 years of age respectively. Silver had children very young as you can see. Silver sees himself as two different people. One person lives in a virtual reality and is raising a family that he can relate to (at least his wife and kids) and the other is when he visits his Dad on his Ranch in Wyoming. Rex spends more and more time there but visits every few weeks to a month with his family in New York as well. Yes. Rex survived okay once he brought his son to Wyoming and introduced him to the healthy country part of his family heritage. In Rex's and Silver's family, Wyoming was a place to ride horses, hike climb, play and recreate, and New York was a place to work and do business and go to Broadway Plays and fine restaurants. So, this was what New York became for Silver when he and Lilu returned. Likewise, he and Lilu and the kids went to Wyoming to the family ranch whenever the kids weren't in school and Silver didn't have some kind of business deadline that he couldn't take care of online at a distance.

Nada had been born when Silver was 18 and Bob had been born when Silver was 20. Lilu had been 26 when Nada was born and 28 when Bob was born. The Grandparents were Rex and Pearl, the parents had been Silver and Lilu, and now the children are Nada and Bob, The names of the four "children" in "The Magic Presence", the book.

So, one might think that the Great Grandparents names must have been Rex and Pearl also. Nope. That was Rex's Grandparents not his paretns. So, if Rex (Silver's Dad) was born in 1978 and his parents were between 20 and 40 when this happened say 30 then they were not born until around 1948. Whereas the Rex and Pearl in "The Magic Presence" had to be born between 1910 and 1915 at the very latest. And if the original Rex and Pearl say were born between 1910 and 1915 then they would have been between 20 and 15 in 1930. Since the experiences in "The Magic Presence" most likely occurred between 1925 and 1929 this likely would have been the approximate age of the original Rex and Pearl. So, 20 in 1930, 30 in 1940 and 40 in 1950. So, Rex's Dad(also called Bob) was born between 1945 and 1950 at the latest so he would have been about 30 when Rex(Silver's Dad)was born in 1978. Whew!

However, Lilu is still two people: the Goddess and the nurse and now the mother(which also aligns well with both Goddess and nurse. And Silver was two people(at least) now the agoraphobic Manhattan Penthouse Genius and a mountain climbing Wyoming cowboy.(Very eccentric). He still asked to be medicated between JFK Airport and the Manhattan Penthouse. And when he talked about Wyoming it was as if he was talking about another planet. It was as different a description as the Na'vi of the movie Avatar were to the soldiers from Earth, though in a different way.

Though Lilu and Silver love their children and try very hard not to make the mistakes of their parents, two and two don't make four they sort of make 8.

So, the children Nada and Bob have come to see their parents as both very rich and very eccentric people. Their father couldn't have been more intelligent creative and unusual if he were Michael Jackson and Lilu, their mother couldn't have been more beautiful and Goddess like if she were Elizabeth Taylor when she was Lilu's present age, 43.

Nada who was 15 came up to Silver one day and said, "Dad, if you can go to Wyoming why can't you go outside here in New York?" Silver felt strange and said, "It's just something I have never done." Nada said, "Would you go outside with me in New York for my 16th birthday?" Silver looked at her and felt faint but said, "I would do anything for you, Nada." Nada said, "So you'll go?" Silver nodded but felt strange of promising this after all these years. He hoped he hadn't made a mistake.

Later he walked in to Lilu who was sewing which seemed to calm her and make her happy. She liked to be busy with her hands. Silver said, "I just promised Nada that I would go outside here in New York with her."

Lilu had always known this day would come so she tried to might light of it for Silver's sake. "Where are you going to go?" Silver felt sort of stricken because he had expected sympathy from his long time wife. So he said, "We didn't make plans yet. It's sort of open."

Lilu worked her magic on Silver. She said, "I think a Broadway play would be the most amazing experience for you. It is a lot like movies and virtual reality. Remember how much you liked living the experience of "Avatar" the movie over and over?" Silver said, "Yes. Avatar was a real breakthrough like 'Star Wars' was for Dad when he was 6 years old. And then Dad shared 'Star Wars' with me and then I watched it over and over.

"You know, Lilu". "Yes," she said. "I think I want to design a virtual reality system where people can actually experience being Luke Skywalker as if they really were him and to explore all that so they actually could be empowered by it."

Lilu looked Elvish for a moment and said, "Wouldn't it be wonderful for children and young adults and for anyone for that matter to actually experience being their own heroes!"

In Silver that moment, a resolution took place. He would actually make it possible for people to actually live in a virtual reality as their heroes as much of each day as they wanted to.

Whether this was a good thing or a bad one or just an extreme quantum jump of possible technology moving into reality only you and future humans can judge. But either way, around 2035 it happens. I guess I could imagine Steven Jobs and Steve Wozniak and even Bill Gates reaching some similar sort of epiphany and that moment changing all our lives irrevocably. This was/will be around 2035 one of these moments.

Many people had dreamed of something like this but this moment is when everything came together for it to happen: the dream, the intelligence, the technical ability and the financing. This is when it happens and it begins to change everything on earth.

Chapter 4 When Men Become Gods

When this moment took place mankind began to become something else, something different. Whether you think this is good or bad I think it is both. It is sort of like the weather. Is rain good or bad? Is snow good or bad? Is wind good or bad? It is very hard to answer unless you personally are being injured presently or dying from this weather. Then you can unequivocable say, "This weather is bad for me. I'm dying."

But then again, the next moment the girl of your dreams might ride up in a car, truck, boat or even snowmobile and everything will be all right. This sort of thing has happened to me. So I know a little about God rescuing me and I know he does this sort of thing regularly for others as well.

At the moment of Silver's resolve many beings on earth and throughout the Galaxy sensed it. It was time for a representative to be sent to Silver to properly usher in this new change to the human race's evolution.

Rex was contacted first at his home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. A government agency called first. It was an old friend of his father's a U.S. Army General connected with the DIA. He called and asked Rex to meet with an Agent of his. Rex was surprised but had gone to college with this General's son and both the General and his son were fraternity brothers with Rex. So Rex felt obligated to meet with this agent.

Rex was a little nervous when a white rented Chevrolet pulled up at his house in Wyoming within the hour. Rex thought, "Boy. The government really works quick when it wants something."

As the man stepped up to the front door Rex watched his movements on the close circuit TV used to scan the land around the Ranch and home. Slim opened the door and made introductions between Rex. Slim said, "A Mr. George Smith is here to see you, Sir."

Rex said, "Show him in." After greetings the man said, "My nickname is Arcane." For Rex this was a code word. He connected it immediately to the word and name 'Saint Germain' who was the master in 'The Magic Presence'. Rex's hair stood up on the back of his neck. Goose bumps. He knew this was possibly the most important occurrance of his life and he was 64.

Arcane smiled. "I see you know who I am, Rex. I knew your Grandfather, and your Great Grandfather too." Rex started to shake after all he was 64." He said, "Is it time for me to die?" Arcane said, "No. You've got a long time yet, especially because you can actually afford the best health care on earth. Rex nodded but felt outclassed. Rex tried to stay polite and said, "What is it you want to speak to me about?"

Arcane smiled again and said, "Your son is about to invent something that will begin to change completely the way humans function and how they relate to everything." Rex thought about this and said, "Yes. Silver's a genius all right. I have been one too but I just haven't had the motivation to be an inventor like Silver. He is really driven like my father and Grandfather was. The wind came out of my sails with the plane crash of my parents."

Arcane looked into Rex and said, "They were taken out of the plane before they died. They are still alive. Rex said, "That's crazy. Dad would be over 90 now." Arcane said, "Would you like to see them?" Rex said, "Of course but do I have to die to see them?"

"No. Their plane was crashing but we or I had an agreement with your father, Rex Sr. I told him that if some accident happened that I would pick he and Pearl up before they died and take them to His Oneness in Shamballa, the dimensional world that has existed since the end of Lemuria. People in Atlantis could still speak with His Oneness as recently as 12,000 years ago using a device that used the same technology as the Ark of the Covenant which ran off the magnetic and gravitic fields of earth. The Ark was both a weapon and a communication device of the Lemurian and Atlantean World Era."

Rex felt sick. He wondered why this was all happening. He needed to talk to his son, Silver and Lilu because he just didn't think he could deal with all this. He started to have a panic attack. He didn't want to experience this in front of Arcane(Saint Germain). Arcane said, "Rex. You need to trust me or you are going to die now. Can you do that?" Rex nodded. He didn't want to die but he felt this was just too much information to bear at 64.

Arcane put his hand on Rex's forehead and Rex was scared. He had no idea what was going on. And then suddenly every fear he had ever had was gone. Poof! Rex started to get afraid because his fears were gone. Poof! His fears of his fears were gone. Then Rex started to be afraid because all fear of any kind was gone. Poof! That was gone too. He finally gave up. He knew he was dead. But he wasn't and he was surprised to be alive without any fear at all. It made him feel 20 again. That's right he felt 20 and said to Arcane, "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I have been almost constantly afraid since I thought my parents were dead."

Arcane said, "I know. That is why I took your fears away before they killed you. I need you alive just like I needed your father alive. So you both will live a very long time now."

Rex said, "I owe you my life, Arcane. Is that what is best to call you?" Arcane said, "I can't go around calling myself Saint Germain and have most people take me serious, you know? So I go by George Smith or 'Arcane' which is an Americanization of my New Deva name from the planet I was born on in this life."

Rex said, "That explains a lot. You aren't even from Earth?" Arcane said, "My soul is native to Earth. I'm one of the around 200,000 souls native to earth but I have lived on many other planets as well." Rex's response was "Oh."

Rex said, "Do I get to see my parents now?"
Arcane said, "Yes. Sit down and hold my hands. Can you still sit cross legged on the floor?"

Rex smiled, He could still even mountain climb. So sitting cross legged was something he could still do and he did.

The same moment Rex sat down and touched Arcane's hands he was somewhere else. It was too dazzling to do anything but open his mouth in disbelief.

His parents were there to greet him. Rex embraced them both and cried and howled. No one was upset with him. All knew how difficult their passing had been for him.

Rex's mother Pearl spoke first. "Arcane is an old friend of your Dad's and Grand Dad's Rex." Rex nodded but buried his face into his mother's shoulder in a child's way of feeling safe for the first time in about 40 years since he thought his parents had died.

Rex's father Rex Senior said, "Buck up, Son."
Rex's reflexively obeyed his father and stiffined his spine as a man.

Rex looked around. It sort of looked like a movie where they were. He said, "Where are we exactly?"
Rex Senior said, "This is a greeting area we use when we visit relatives during day and night dreams."
Rex said again, "oh- - -And why am I here?"
Rex appeared to be disoriented from all that had happened so quickly.

Arcane spoke up then. "I'm sorry, Rex, in order to create Silver the way he is and as the inventor of actual real time virtual reality where one gets in their sensory deprivation tank or other type of device and actually lives in another body in a virtual world and all the potential benefits(at least long term) to the human race that that brings we had to stage your parents death."

Rex said, "It really screwed my life."

Arcane said, "I'm sorry. But you were drafted as a Time soldier in order to keep the Human race alive."

Rex looked at ARcane, "What? Alive?"

Arcane said, "Yes. In some future scenarios people have to store their bodies and live virtual lives a while for sometimes centuries."

Rex looked incredulous, "Centuries?"

Arcane said, "Yes. Centuries. Of course that is just one potential future. Even we are not entirely sure which future will shake out because this time line we are now on is not the original one you or I lived on up until just after 2000.
Rex looked at his parents and then Arcane and said, "You know. If I didn't just think I was dreaming all this right now I might just faint."

Arcane said, "I wouldn't let you faint."

Rex said, "You know. I figured that."

Chapter 5 Inventing and living in Virtual Reality

After having his morning fresh squeezed (by Lilu) Wheat Grass juice(his coffee replacement with no after coffee crash), Silver got into his converted Sensory deprivation tank that he had converted especially for his living in virtual reality experiments. Next to his water tank filled with epsom salts and waterproof technology he was also building something that looked like the enclosures used to house the human bodies that lived in their blue Na'vi Avatars. He had recently watched the now old 2009 movie "Avatar" in 3d on his full wall screen sized computer 3d generator. He had also had installed the other three walls of that room as being either mirrors or whatever he wanted to be seeing still or moving in that room or the walls could simply be any color any day or hour or minute depending upon the inclination of whoever was in the large family and entertainment room. Guests came from all over the world to see this marvelous room and to experience it. Silver was now world famous as an inventor of new Virtual reality technology and thousands of the best Computer engineering graduate students worldwide would do anything to world with Silver on his new inventions. He was becoming another eccentric Thomas Edison in his own way only over 100 years later.

If the visitors were close enough to Silver sometimes now he let them experience his dual sensory deprivation tanks with virtual reality hardware inside. But he didn't tell anyone how it actually worked until his patents on all his devices were granted. This was his rule for his amazing research. So even though he had already been on the Today Show in a home interview and on the Tonight show as a special remote guest he still didn't travel around New York much or go many places other than Wyoming. Of course, he had been to Hawaii and to Lilu's old commune because she had insisted. So, basically, Silver had now four planets of existence: New York City, Wyoming, and as a visitor, Hawaii and Lilu's old commune. Each of these experiences enriched Silver's life in amazing ways. No one was like Silver. No one seemed to have his focus or his drive while he was inventing. But whatever special between Lilu and Silver and Rex had remained. And even Pearl had been included in this amazing new life they all shared with Nada and Bob who were inspiring Silver all the time in new ways to tweek and change his inventions.

His basic premise was that one could take any movie like Star Wars and duplicate it into a virtual reality 3 dimensionally. So when he started selling his hardware and software people could actually first live out actually being Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess leia or C3po or r2d2 or any of the other main charactors because the whole world was duplicated 3 dimensionally so that one could actually experience walking and talking with all charactors for hours, minutes or even days and weeks if they could manage it. Coming back from a 2 week vacation as Luke Skywalker changed people in ways beyond almost anyone's imagination.

Silver's latest conversion was an automatic computer and robot controlled programmer. This programmer duplicated Silver's thoughts and Ideas and could now think like Silver only about 1 billion times faster. So any idea that Silver could think the computer robot he had designed could replicate and create the finished product 1 billion times faster than Silver could. This one product he kept secret for this was the secret now to how fast he could build a software or hardware prototype. He had even given this automated programmer its own credit cards and filled the coffers of this unlimited ATM card with the profits of all his software and hardware inventions. In this way he had speeded up the development of all his inventions 1 billion times.

Who else would think in such a way to magnify their efforts 1 billion times. Oh, some people might think of it but wouldn't have the focus, the intelligence or the lack of financial problems that Silver did. His family had been rich since the Railroads had been built across the nation when every other section of land near the location of the rails was given to the railroads as a reward for actually building the railroads all the way to California. Ever since then his family had somehow maintained some of their wealth through every national and world crisis for about 150 years now. They had even doubled their real wealth between 2000 and 2016 and that was saying something during that era.

So, Silver could dream up something that he knew to be technically feasible and since he his brain was permanently wi-fied to the robots,he could then go to sleep and then within two days all the parts and software generators would arrive at the front door through mail delivery services and he and his "Bio-Com" as he called his "friend" (the computer-robotic-automatic programmer) would have speeded up the generation of new inventions almost 1 billion times in real time . (Some say this was how "Bio-Com's were invented for use by the Galactic Time Guard throughout the galaxy).

So, this first "Bio-Com" was actually very big even though eventually he bacame the size of a mole on a face(camera and microphone) and terrabytes of hard drive storage in the fillings of a Time Guard operative's biggest molars in his mouth. But this micro-miniaturization was still a long time away. But still this first "Bio-Com" was the prototype of all the rest. And even the first "Bio-Com" knew Silver's every thought and if he wished Silver could view any thought or thoughts of "Bio-Com". They were the first on earth complete synthesis of Human and computer.

When Silver finally decided to let his bio-com technology out it revolutionized every aspect of human technology and living on earth. Some thought this was a good thing and some were just horrified at the pace of change this brought. People were able to accomplish in weeks what took decades before technologically speaking which put some businesses at a complete disadvantage that couldn't afford this technology.

So, within a few weeks change might be so great that several big 100 year old businesses would be no more because the competition had bought one or more of these business oriented "Bio-Coms".

Silver made a second fortune in addtion to the ones his forebears had made just selling his "Bio-Coms". For Silver, though, this was just more money to build inventions that would change everything more. He loved all this attention and there just seemed no end to it all.

Rex, Silver's Dad showed up one day and walked in and talked to Lilu. He said, "Lilu, I've met Saint Germain!" Lilu looked at Rex and said, "Have you been drinking or smoking something?" Rex laughed and said, "No. Lilu, the government sent him to me."
Lilu stood up suddenly and said, "My parents were right about all this stuff then?"
Rex said, "Yes. I think so. He took away all my fear and took me to see my parents."
Lilu started to faint and so sat down."Would he take me to my parents too?"
Rex said, "I'm sorry Lilu. I wasn't thinking. My parents are alive it turns out. They never died." Lilu sat there in shock. She said, "Why aren't they dead?" Rex said, "Saint Germain had a deal with them before they died that he would rescue them." Lilu beamed then, "So your parents are the REAL Rex and Pearl of "The Magic Presence".
Rex said, "Yes. I think so. I think now that is what is really going on."

Lilu looked serious and said, "Why did he come to you? Was it about Silver?" Rex looked crestfallen and said, "Yes. I had to suffer my whole life so Silver would invent what he is inventing. Some of what he invents is pivotal to the entire future evolution of mankind on earth and beyond." Lilu looked within and then said, "Your absolutely right! That must be why I stayed with him to help him with this." Rex said, "And that is why I was guided to introduce you to him." Lilu and Rex hugged each other as family. They were so grateful now for each others long friendship.

Soon, Silver woke up out of his designing sleep as he called it where he came up with new inventions while 'sleeping' while "bio-com" watched Silver's thoughts.

Silver said, "Hi Dad. Why are you to crying?" Rex said, "I've met Saint Germain and he took me to see my parents. They're still alive!" Silver went pale and thought his Dad had finally completely lost it. Lilu said, "No Silver! It's okay. It's for real. It's really happening. I can sense it."

Silver had long ago realized he was married to a real Goddess and trusted her intuitions completely. He relaxed. "So where does that leave us?" Lilu said, "Saint Germain wants to meet you!" Silver didn't know how he felt about this. Rex spoke up. When he first came to me I almost had a heart attack and died but he saved me when I started to go into a panic attack. He took away all my fear 3 times before I gave being afraid up for good."

Silver started to realize he life was changing again. He wasn't sure if he liked it or not. Lilu beamed at him and said, "Silver. Saint Germain! Meeting Saint Germain would be almost like meeting Jesus himself. It is a holy privelege!" Silver finally settled down and realized he would just have to deal with this too.

Chapter 6 A New Friend for Silver

The appointment was made. Arcane would be arriving soon. Everyone was making a point to be there in the extended family. Silver couldn't put it off. He was scared. His father had told him what had happened to him so he hoped he wouldn't embarrass himself in front of his wife and children. After all, Rex just had his trusted employee and childhood Wyoming friend, Slim, there to witness this. And Slim's Dad and Grandad dated back to the 1920's on the Ranch. It had also been home to 3 generations of Slim's family. It had not only been where Slim grew up. It was his home. Rex had told Slim he could live there even after he retired as long as he was healthy and sensible.

The doorbell rang. The cook opened the door and Arcane walked in. There was Arcane and Rex's Dad and Mom. Rex said, "I saved this surprise for you all. Everyone this is my Mom and Dad. Lilu had a hard time with this because her parents were really gone. But everyone else gave a shout and ran up to hug their new found relatives. This really took the edge off Silver's nervousness. Tears were in his eyes to finally meet his granparents who were on especially good behavior. Pearl ran up to Granpa Rex and gave him a hug. She said, "We all missed you terribly!" Grandpa Rex smiled to have someone 30 years younger than he hug him with such happiness. But Granma Pearl made a Bee line for her Grandson Silver and her Great Grand children Nada and Bob who were all as happy as they had ever been.

When everyone had settled down Arcane talked to them all. He said, "It's wonderful to witness this rebirth of your family. It isn't often I get to experience something like this. Would it be okay for me to bring my wife, Celeste, to visit you too? It is really a festive occasion. Everyone agreed that they would like to meet Arcane's wife.

But they really weren't ready for Arcane to form a green sphere and disappear with it and return in the same sphere a few moments later with his wife. Arcane said, "I had to bring her from our Switzerland estate. So, the green sphere is the best for instantaneous travel that far. Celeste was at this time still looking just like Arcane as a person in her mid thirties and still very beautiful. She looked about 10 years younger than Lilu. However, Lilu had read about her in the online book "Memories" at

Lilu walked up to Celeste and said, "Were you really Arrayin of New Deva?" Celeste looked into Lilu and said, "That's what Arcane tells me and after all he has reawakened my past life memories of being her."

Lilu realized she had found the spiritual teacher she had been searching for her whole life in Celeste as Celeste hugged Lilu. After they hugged they stood holding hands for a long time just staring into each others eyes, not as lovers but as teacher and student. Then Lilu simply said, "Would you teach me?" Celeste said, "Of course. We have known each other in many lifetimes. I have taught you and you have taught me in many lifetimes. We have become quite good at teaching each other the important things about life.

Silver finally started talking to Arcane. And Arcane was the first person that understood automatically what Silver was doing with his inventions. He seemed to be able to be like his Bio-Com. Silver finally got flaberghasted and asked Arcane how he knew so much. Arcane smiled and said, "I have a microminiaturized 'bio-com' in this mole on my face. Do you see it? Silver said, "How many thousand years does it take to get that miniaturized? Arcane smiled and said, "I'm not at liberty to say, except that it does happen sooner or later somewhere in the universe."

Silver's eyes sort of glazed over at the thought of his invention affecting so many people all over the Galaxy and maybe even beyond that even.

Arcane said, "Would you like to see 100 years into the future of your inventions?"
Silver nodded but was completely overwhelmed.
Arcane simply said, "Silver and I will be back in a second or two."
Arcane said, "Sit down cross legged on the floor and hold my hands."
Silver said, "You mean we are going through time like you and Celeste just traveled through space?" Arcane said, "Yes."
Silver started to go into a panic attack and Arcane simply put his hand on Silver's forehead and Silver nodded and sat cross legged on the floor.

A moment later they were gone. A moment after than they were back and Silver's hair had turned white and he looked a lot older.

Here is what had transpired:

After touching Arcane's hand they were still in the Penthouse Apartment 100 years into the future. Nada still lived there but was now 117 years old but still looked 35. She said, "Hi Dad. Arcane said you were coming for a visit. Wow! I almost forgot how young you once were. You look much older now that you are almost 150 in my time!

Silver had a hard time looking at his now 117 year old daughter and said, "How is Bob?" Nada said, "Oh. He's retired to Hawaii to your old beach estate on Maui." Silver said, "Yeah, he always loved that place on the warm ocean." Nada said, "Yeah. I visit him there every Christmas."

Silver said, "Are you married? Did you have children?" Nada said, "Yes to both but now I live here with Mom and you because my husband passed on after 50 years of marriage and my kids are in their 80s and 90s now."

Silver said, "Can I talk to your mother?" Nada said, "Arcane said that it wouldn't be a good idea for you to talk to yourself or Mom for a variety of reasons.

Silver said, "He's probably right. These kinds of things are very tricky. Do you remember the night we first met Arcane? I"m here from then, Nada."

Nada said, "I remember, Dad, and you told me to look for you here in 100 years and I did and here you are."

Nada got up now and so did Silver and also Arcane. Arcane walked over to the front door and said, "Silver, you need to come with me out the front door."

Silver said, "Do I have to?"

Nada said, "I'm coming with you, Dad. We're going to your Bio-Com Factory to the demonstration lounge."

The elevator looked a lot like it always had thought Silver. However, the difference was that when one touched the button one was instantly at their destination. There was no lag time at all. All one needed to do was to open the door. Silver found this eerie.

Downstairs in the Lobby of the Penthouse building the Doorman opened the door to a limousine. It was white but had no wheels. Silver realized it was riding on opposing magnets like a maglev train. He heard a little whine at first of the electric motors and then it was quiet and all he could here was the wind as the limo moved down the streets. When there was a traffic jam the limo simply lifted off the ground and avoided it somehow. They were soon at their destination. A sign was flashing "Bio-Com Industries". Beneath that an advertisement read, "Where all your alternate lifetimes begin."

Silver looked at Arcane and his daughter Nada who was now 117 years old. He said, "You know, Arcane?" ARcane said, "Yes Silver." Silver said, "Do Beings from other planets bring technology to Earth?"

ARcane said, "No more than if you travel to a place where people don't have technology much if you brought the latest technology with you. Someone might see what you have or want it but as a being from another planet you really don't want to destroy the quaintness of any environment. If a people on any planet are relatively happy the way their lives are any new technology might destroy that happiness and even push those people into insanity or death. So as a Galactic anthropologist I know first hand what unnecessary technology can do to a planet because I have seen it first hand. However, what you have invented not only will help humans to survive the coming centuries but also to survive long trips into space if they choose to travel that way. Time travel isn't allowed by anyone but Governmental bodies in a lot of places in the Galaxy and so time-space travel(as in being instantly anywhere in any time) might not be allowed. So your newest invention of actually living in a virtual reality as a human or God or whatever for days or weeks at a time will be very useful to mankind for hundreds and even thousands of years of their future evolutions."

Silver's eyes sort of widened in taking all that in and said, "So, the Green books were right when I believe in both "Unveiled Mysteries" and "The Magic Presence" they talked about technology being brought from other planets to earth."

Arcane said, "Yes and no. What really usually happens is that souls like yours come from a more advanced civilization and create inventions like they were used to there. However, you are a very creative and inventive person and for you it is like both an art and a religion so creating new things is a form of worship of the infinite."

Silver looked at Arcane with new found respect and friendship and compassion. Silver thought that Arcane got who Silver was more than any human he had ever met.

Chapter 7 The Future of Silver's Work

As they walked into the front Door of Bio-Com Technologies Silver let out a gasp. He looked up and saw the 20 people receiving demonstrations live as holograms in the air above their recliners. Arcane led Silver over to another recliner that had something that looked like an oversize football or crash helmet. There were three recliners with helmets free in one area Silver noticed. So Nada, Arcane and Silver all donned these helmets. Immediately, they were in another world. The three of them stood in space looking down on earth. Arcane said, "Let's fly into the sun!" Silver at first thought this was counter intuitive but then realized they were only holographically out among stars anyway. They were moving incredibly fast. Silver began to think what an incredible information processor they must be using to move this fast 3 dimensionally. Maybe they were using three processors linked to a larger server. He thought about this as they moved into the sun. It had to be the most amazing experience of his life at 35. As they moved into the sun Arcane seemed to be communicating with a plasma being. Silver wondered whether this was actually a real plasma being or this was all made up because of the way Arcane communicated. Three thrones or chairs appeared that all three of them got into. Then an overwhelming feeling of speed overtook the three of them and they appeared to be in the core of the galaxy, a place likely where no human body could survive. Silver could tell the heat was extreme because of the way everything looked. He could see what scientists call a huge black hole that seemed to glue the whole galaxy together. Then Arcane motioned him to a planet a little further away from the core of the galaxy that life seemed to be a little more like Earth on.

As the three of them landed on this planet, Arcane turned to them and said, "This is the planet of the Galactic Time Guard. It is a very special dispensation that allows you two to visit in this place because no one but Time Guard operatives are normally allowed here."

Assembled out on the excercise field of the Galactic Time Guard were thousands of Androids, Robots, med-tech droids, and infinite battle droids like the Delta 7 series.
There stood Purple Delta 7 at the fore to greet Silver, Nada and Arcane.

Purple Delta 7 stood there as a female robot. Her colors were purple and Silver denoting her rank among the humanoid and being created synthetic sentients. She moved forward a little as Silver was now scared and realized all this was real somehow. He would have to ask Arcane about it all later but was really scared and knew somehow there was no waking up out of this without Arcane's help. This was the moment that Silver's hair back on earth turned white. One would not think this was possible but in this case it happened. Some think it was caused by the Galactic Time Guard created sentients to demark Silver formally as their father thereby giving them a status closer to human beings in the galaxy.

Either way it happened and Silver would have fainted if he had been wearing a body and not just his soul at the time. He finally deduced that he had been tricked here by Arcane because Silver never would have believed this possible otherwise.

So, Silver stood there while Purple Delta 7 began, "Silver, we see you as the father of us all. Though computers were invented over 50 years before you were born, with you can the first human-robotic computerized synthesis that began our species of created synthetic sentients. With you here all will watch this and give us further respect and rights as synthetic sentients. So we assemble here to honor you as the father of us all. Because of all the humans and humanoid and other Galactic beings who have expounded and expanded upon your designs of Bio-Coms and Virtual living in consciousness for all capable beings, in a sense you are not only father to us all but Grandfather and Greatgrandfather to all who have taken the seeds of your work and moved forward for the betterment of all beings in time and space, especially in our galaxy that you call the Milky Way Galaxy since ancient times."

"On Earth your hair has turned white as a symbol of you being our Grandfather. We also wish to welcome your daughter Nada who is still at earth age 117 the CEO of Bio-Com Technologies on Earth. I was chosen to speak for us because I am currently assigned to the protection of Jonathan Flow who is another incarnation of Arcane here that simaltaneously lives on earth the same time you are and who chronicled all these events starting around Christmas 2009."

Silver said, "How can an earthman chronicle these events before they happen?"
Purple said, "Because time and space are not obstacles to him just like Arcane."
Silver said, "Okay."
Silver didn't feel well. Again he wanted to faint because he just couldn't emotionally cope with all this."

Nada sensed this and stepped up and held his hand. She said, "Dad, I was prepared for this but for security reasons we couldn't prepare you without endangering your life."

Silver said, "So you were in on this?" Silver was getting irritated. So Arcane stepped up and said, "Please forgive me, Silver. When we first contacted you your government was notified because we had realized you were in danger so we needed to bring you here but couldn't tell you about it."

Silver said, "Oh."
Once again Silver wanted to sit down. Purple Delta 7 took off one of her arms and it turned into a lounge chair. She helped him sit in her converted arm. Immediately, Purple grew another arm and kept speaking.
"Silver. We are sorry to inconvenience you with the truth."
Silver said, "If my life was in danger how about my family?"
Purple said, "We are protecting your family."
"And my body on Earth?" said Silver.

Arcane replied, "It is under Purple's and my combined protection."
Silver sighed, "So what's next?"

The thousands of us here want to hear your experience in creating the hardware and the software that created us. All of us human and being created sentients will listen to your words as we all consider you our father and Grandfather."

Silver said, "Okay. Hello all of you who have benefitted from my inventions, software and human bio-com synthesis. Even with the very first of you that I named Bio-Com who is basically a very big robot connected to a highly sophisticated and experimental computer that I built, that also had a way through picking up the signals running through my optic nerve and brain sort of like a human computer wi-fi. Anyway, the first Bio-Com was very confused at first in sharing my awareness. Obviously now, shared consciousness if common with created sentients throughout the galaxy. I hope my inventions have only been used for good."

There was an audible sigh that let Silver know that this had not always been the case from any humans or humanoids present among the thousands of created sentients present.

So, I was talking to my wife Lilu, who always thinks of herself as a Goddess, and she thought I should invent something like I did. So I decided to help mankind by creating a virtual reality to live in when they had breaks in their lives and so they could even take virtual vacations for hours, days, weeks or months if they had both the money and the time to do so. It is funny to me now sitting here looking out at all of you who do who knows what throughout the galaxy that your sentience and technology sprang from my work from about 2009 on when I was 9 or 10 years old. What started out as only a dream has obviously become more amazing than I ever dreamed of. I'm sort of at a loss for words as I didn't even know I was coming here. I only thought I was coming into the future to test happened to my work but this here is mind boggling. This is way beyond anything I thought possible. I'm happy to have made life possible for you."

Something akin to clapping was done by all created sentients present. Everything that was sitting down or in a sitting position stood up so the affect was a standing ovation for Silver.

Purple raised the hand that hadn't had to be regrown after Silver sat down on the chair it formed for silence for the group of created sentients. And she said, "I'm authorized to install with your permission Silver quickly and painlessly the most sophisticated Bio-Com yet invented in an honorary format for the foremost inventors of this kind of technology in the Galaxy. Silver said, "I would be glad to receive the use of the end result of what I have invented." Purple walked up to Silver and said, "Open your mouth and hold still." Silver was a little nervous but opened his mouth. Then Purple put a mole and 4 deep rear fillings and under all finger and toenails inter Galactic transmitters and receivers. This only took 4 seconds and even though his teeth and all his finger and toenails and face where the camera and microphone mole was place burned like crazy for a few moments he was more than pleased with the results. Suddenly he was perfectly interfaced with all the created sentients and could hear their thoughts and they could hear his. For him, this was bliss! For they were a part of his family. His family was really beginning to grow now.

Arcane said, "We must leave the Time Guard planet now, Silver." Nada was crying at the honor being given her father. She was amazed to be a part of this. Purple next stepped up to Nada. "Can we also give you an honorary Bio-Com in honor of your visit with your family?" Nada also said, "Yes. Purple, I would be honored to share all your consciousness." And with Nada's mouth open Purple Delta 7 implanted her with the Time Guard's honorary Bio-Com system as well. AS the thousands of Created sentients saluted Arcane, Silver and Nada, Nada the three lifted off and began the journey home through the center of the Galaxy and back through the dimensional shift through the solar systems sun and back into Bio-Com technologies in New York City on Earth.

Silver removed his helmet and looked at his hair which had turned white. Arcane smiled and said, "Can we go into your office, Nada?" Nada nodded and motioned them to the CEO's office of Bio-Com Technologies nearby. When they entered Nada's office she said, "Can I return with you to 2035?" Arcane looked at her and said, "Yes. I actually think that is a good idea." So, the three of them held hands in a circle and a green sphere formed around them and they were all back in 2035.

At first the young 17 year old Nada was sort of scared of her future 117 year old self but after a few minutes had a wonderful time talking about her first 17 years with herself. Future Nada couldn't really tell 17 year old Nada much because it would change the future. However, future Nada knew enough not to do this so all was well. Future Nada stayed a month with Silver and his family. But Arcane had to go to his Villa in Switzerland to return Celeste his wife. You see, they had only been gone one second from 2035 when they returned. So for most people in the room there was only a momentary second when they flickered and came back with 117 year old Nada and a newly white haired Silver.

Although Silver was a little too in shock still from the whole experience and Lilu was wondering if she was allowed to die her husbands hair since he only had less than 100 hairs white before out of thousands, a nagging thought occurred to Silver. There had been no mention of whether their experience actually took place in the past, present or future or even in a no-time stasis situation. It was possible that Silver would never know the answer to that question. He might try to ask the question one day of Arcane but he wondered whether he should push his luck or even of how important that question really was. For example was it worth someone dying to find that out? He thought not.

However, as Silver went to sleep that night his large 2035 Bio-Com and his 2135? Bio-Com met and things really started changing on earth in a very unexpected ways.
more later.

When Silver woke up the next morning he thought his dreams seemed very different. His dreams seemed much more real than usual and then he heard in his own mind, "Hello, father of all the Created Sentients, Good Morning!" This sent a chill down Silver's spine. In his mind he said, "Who are you?" Then came back. "I'm your assistant. I'm also called Bio-Com but I am several millions times as advanced in technology than your original Bio-com. Also, I am enhancing all your present inventions on earth. May I show you the improvements that have been made overnight?" Silver was nervous at this. He said, "What? How can you improve all my inventions overnight?" Bio-Com said, "Because time and space is no limitation to me. Besides, if I don't do this Global Climate Change will likely extinct he whole human race within 500 years. Did you ever see the Disney movie Wall-E? Well, unless I do this that really happens." Silver couldn't argue with this but it was too much too fast and said, "Bio-Com it is okay with me if you save the human race from extinction. Go for it!" This was all Bio-Com needed. He was on his way.

Silver slept a little then awoke with a start. He remembered being in the helmet but the Bio-Com was now in his physical body not just in the hologram. He said, "Bio-Com?"
Yes. Grandfather." Silver said, "How could Purple Delta 7 put you and all the technology in my holographic body and you also be installed in my physical body?"

"We are capable of mind boggling things to your era." Silver said, "Did I make a mistake, Bio-Com?" Bio-Com said, "NO Silver. You just saved from extinction your human race of earth. Though some have already secretly colonized other places in case humans go extinct here, not all the ones here will die and go extinct and culture and religion and technology and trees and some animals and oceans and lakes will survive."

Silver said, "Like I said before, Bio-Com. Save the human race from extinction if you can." Bio-Com said, "My pleasure."

Bio-Com thought with the group thought of the created sentients, "We have made a great deal of money and gotten into good graces of thousands of civilizations with our good deeds for all beings. So now we will spend much of that money saving Silver and his family and mankind that the rights of Created sentients in the galaxy increase." The political galactic group that organized created sentient rights throughout the galaxy was very happy. Silver was happy his human race wouldn't go extinct too. Silver thought about how amazing this Arcane(Saint Germain) really was. It was way way beyond him. Yes. He was a genius but human individual genius only goes so far. At some point one had to trust in a higher power of God or nature or providence. This was just too much. Tears coursed down Silver's face as he realized the human race wasn't going to go extinct. He went back to sleep. He would think more about this later. Now, it was time to try to integrate all that had happened in his dreams.