Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tsunamis Pacific sloshes flood Coastal city

The weather lady at CNN TV mentioned that the water would slosh around the pacific like if you threw a big rock in a pond for several days. I believe the above article is speaking to this issue. There are likely very strange happenings all around the Pacific Ocean area that are having strange issues as well and are not attributing it to continued water slosh from the Tsunamis. Something that travels through water at 600 mph shouldn't be underestimated in what that does for a while throughout the Pacific Ocean region.

So the flooding and waves in Huntington Beach and Seal Beach make complete sense in this context.

God is All of Us

My friend was telling me for the first time about spending a few years in Japan growing up. It seemed his very intelligent Rocket Scientist father was interested in Soto Zen and went to Japan with his family to study Zen more fully. And it seems my friend was also a monk for a while at Tasahara near Big Sur.

He seemed uncomfortable in approaching the subject but finally said, "In Soto Zen there are no souls. There is only one being in the universe composed of all life."

I looked at him and saw his suffering over my reaction to this. However, for me, God and the universe is not an intellectual description it is always a direct experience. So I said partly out of kindness towards him as a being and mainly just speaking the truth of my personal experience with all life in the universe, "The word soul is not a very useful one. It doesn't really describe what really is." And I meant it. "My experience of the universe in actuality is that God takes turns being all beings in the universe one at a time just for fun. And I can't really figure out for sure if he experiences being one of us at a time or everything full force all the time. But yes, there IS only one being in the universe. God is Us. God is all of us." From the smallest microbe to the smallest fly or knat to the biggest universe of universes it is all God. There is nothing but God-Life in the universe and it's all a game. Yes. It is a serious game but there are only two sins really, taking life too seriously and not taking it seriously enough. So, in the end living life correctly in God's eyes is all about compassion and balance. That's really it in a nutshell."

My friend smiled at me. I watched his head glow with holy fire from our experience talking. I guess I had passed his test. I guess we both just passed God's test for us both. I thought it very strange that this would happen the day of the 8.8 earthquake and tsunami but then again God is amazing isn't He, She, The Being?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Pre-Earthquake Human natural State

Many of us in the technological world and most especially in the Western world are trained from birth by our parents to only be rational and logical. This would be great if we were all computers and robots who might either be basically immortal or have parts to replace that were damaged all the time. But for most of us that isn't feasible yet.

So, in order to survive in the bodies we have we should use ALL the faculties that kept our ancestors alive until they could allow us to be born. So, in the interests of this I would like to share what is natural and normal for a human to experience just before an earthquake:

1st you feel like something is wrong but you might not be able to define it. If you are not used to using your feelings to track down what is wrong you might just ignore this feeling. However, it is never a good idea to ignore your feelings because you are designed to use your instincts and feelings to stay alive. Without them you won't be.

But just in case you are feeling this because of some other reason. One way to double check this is to watch your pets or wild animals or both. Though I get this from any earthquake above 5.0 within 600 miles of me if I ask someone else who is used to honoring their senses I can narrow down what I'm actually experiencing to what it actually is.

So, for me if there is going to be a 6.5 or above quake anywhere on earth I feel tension and pain. I know a lady who is also an intuitive who is about 83 years old who is much more accurate because she listens carefully to her feelings as women who have this gift tend to be better at this than men in defining these types of things.

So, if you feel something isn't right and sense it might be an impending earthquake nearby, look to pets or wild animals. For example, if you live near where there are a lot of wild birds like near the ocean or a river or watershed or nature preserve of some sort watch the behaviors of birds. If their behavior is different then you know more what is coming.

This can tell you whether it is an earthquake somewhere else or whether it is coming right where you are. The animals and birds behavior will tell you.

However, logically one can just not live in "The Ring of Fire" if they never want to experience and earthquake. But even there sometimes earthquakes occur.

Let me give you an example of this experience. In December 2004 I felt like I was going to die, for example. However, when I woke up at my father in Laws house on Christmas Day I turned on Cnn TV to watch the news and I heard of the Earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia that killed eventually 250,000. I felt very relieved I wasn't going to die. Because at this moment I realized it wasn't me that was dying it was all these people. I had noticed the heaven realms drawing very close the previous month or so. So I knew a lot of people were going to pass on on earth. I had just thought I was going to be one of them the way I felt. So though I felt bad for all those who died I felt very relieved it wasn't my time to go after I heard of the earthquake and tsunami.

The Uneasy Feeling Grows

Somedays you wake up and turn on the news like today and you remember watching the movie "2012" and you wonder about that? Today the 8.8 Earthquake struck Chile and the Tsunami is now moving out across the Pacific Ocean and will strike the Hawaiian Islands and Japan within a few hours from now. Ever since the 6.5 in Eureka, California and then the 7.0 in Haiti it has felt very strange here on Earth for me as an intuitive. The night before the Eureka earthquake, a very old friend who is always very accurate about these things had a terrible headache and said, "I feel really sick, Fred, it must be an awfully big earthquake that is coming!" The next day both the Eureka Quake and the Haiti quake occurred. For me, it was like a wake up call and I asked God if I and all my children and wife were going to be safe and I got back that we would all be fine through all this.

However, yesterday when I was in my Hot Tub I experienced as I watched the sunset through the parting rain clouds that we have reached a tipping point both for weather and Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. I experienced what I have felt for sometime but couldn't really make full sense of until yesterday. We appear to be in a new cycle in regard to both above ground weather and below ground weather. I think that is the best way to put this. Worrying about the causes is likely less important than finding ways to protect yourself and your families physically through the cycles we are now entering. It appears likely there will be massive losses of life periodically through the next several years. I don't know when this next cycle ends. If I were to make a guess it would end between 2014 and 2015 and then change into something else.

Developing one's intuitions and teaching one's children to do this as well and praying a lot is the best way to assure your survival through these times. And on a purely physical and practical level be aware of potential above and below ground weather events in your area. Try to position yourselves to avoid unnecessary harm during the next 5 years especially.

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Tibetan Dharma Experience

I was watching something I DVRed on 12-30-09. It was a PBS TV presentation called "10 questions for the Dalai Lama.

Something said really touched me when the narrator said something about the reality of Tibetan Buddhists living in Tibet as being so different from our thinking in the U.S. that it might as well be another planet. For this is my experience in Going to India and Nepal and up into the Himalayas and staying with Sherpa Families who practice in their daily lives Tibetan Buddhism.

Now remember this is early 1986 and my family had spent 2 months in India going to Bodhgaya and receiving the Kalachakra Initiaion along with 500,000 others there in India. Then we went to Dharmsala where the Dalai Lama Lives in Himchal Pradesh State and stayed there about one month. We traveled there by train and bus and visited Varanasi and the Burning Ghat and the ruins of Nalanda University and Sarnath and the Taj Mahal and New Delhi and then traveled through the Punjab on the way to Dharmsala and then to Rewalsar near Mendi to a Padmasambhava holy place there that the Tibetans call Tsopema.

All along the way we felt most of the time like we were not on any earth we knew but on another planet so different were the people and the culture from anything we knew or had ever experienced first hand. Many New Age people on the West Coast of America imagine what people actually think and believe and how they perceive themselves and others, but it really doesn't match up at all to what westerners actually think. It is something completely different.

However, now east and west are slowly getting closer much more than in the 1960s through the 1980s. The 1960s through the 1980s were a time of mutual awakening and from 1980 to the present this awakening both ways has blossomed both in Asia and in the western world. So much has changed in both places since then.

However, to best demonstrate the differences I would have to illustrate from Tibetans I knew in the 1980s and to some degree into the 1990s and 2000s.

Originally we met Geshe Lobsang Gyatso which literally means "Kind spiritual friend of the ocean of wisdom". Geshe is a title like Doctor of Divinity and takes until one is in their mid 40s or beyond to accomplish. But instead of Doctor of Divinity the Title "Geshe" means "Spiritual Friend" and it is understood "To all living beings".

Geshela told us that he was recognized as a "specially gifted being" at age 6 and sent away from his parents to Lhasa. If you look on a map his parents lived in Kham Province, a very long way from Lhasa. And what I found very interesting is that he was born only a couple of years after the Dalai Lama. So the Dalai Lama was a peer in this sense when Geshela lived from age 6(I think he was born in 1934 or 35 until 1959. So Geshela left Lhasa and Tibet along with many many Lamas, Monks and other Tibetans. He said as they all tried to escape the Chinese that Planes Straffed the people and many died. Many more died on the way to India from dysentary and from freezing to death and starvation. Then when they all went to India many more Tibetans died there from homesickness, living in a more tropical climate(more diseases in more tropical climates than in mountains) etc.

Geshela spoke of his parents owning many yaks and packing salt to China and trading for other things from Kham where he was born and lived until age 6. The Khampa fighters on horseback gave the Chinese the most trouble for a longer time than any others when the Chinese first came into Tibet. Geshela said he only had dress shoes and had to walk over a 20,000+ foot high pass without oxygen and many died from this too to get to India from Lhasa. Lhasa is about 12,000 feet high or around 1000 feet higher that Lima, Peru. One of the higher cities in the U.S. is Santa Fe, New Mexico at 7500 feet in elevation and Denver and Albuquerque are around 5000 feet high each just to give you something to compare Lhasa to. So a 20,000 foot high pass to get into Nepal and India is 6000 feet higher than Mt. Shasta and Mt. Whitney in California.

When I was in Nepal and considered taking my family by bus into Lhasa and Tibet I gave up the idea because my friend from Alaska who was traveling with us said when he went into Tibet there was a whole busload of dead people at the top of that pass. They died when the bus stopped running because they couldn't breathe or walk and just all froze in the bus. After that story I just gave up on the idea because I was traveling with my wife and 3 young teenagers at the time.
Another lady from our church in California flew to Lhasa because it was her life long dream, only she was 70 years old and died from not enough oxygen just getting off the plane there at 12,000 feet in altitude. So the Himalayas are very harsh places and if you aren't used to high altitudes or young and in excellent health it is not a good idea to go there without some preparation. At the very least spend some time living at high altitude for a few days like in Santa Fe or somewhere else high before you go there to see how your lungs and body respond to altitude before risking it all. However, if you are under 30 and fairly active and healthy you should be good to go.

I had a lot of very interesting conversations with Geshela because we sponsored him to come back to the U.S. after our 4 month trip to Asia. One of the interesting things philosophically is that to a Tibetan there is no wall between dreams and physical reality like we have in western thought. I'm not entirely sure why this is it just is that way. So a Tibetan Buddhist sees dreams and physical reality being equally real. Now they must have some way to make this all work for them. The way they use most effectively is that they laugh a lot.

For example, one day I woke up and someone had cut off my head in a dream and I was upset about that and told Geshela about it because he was staying with us on the California coast then. He said, "Oh. This is a very good dream. This means you are moving forward at a very quick rate."

Now, if you are a westerner and a New Ager. What would you think of that?

But to Geshela this was just wonderful. Another interesting thing was there is a thing called "Mo". It is a divining process. So he would throw one or two dice and the number he would get would mean something specific. For example, I was trying to find out if I was an oracle. So he threw the dice several times and said, "Someone as spiritual as you likely wouldn't be an Oracle. Most oracles are very mundane people. If they were sensitive they could be harmed when they are possessed by the dieties."

So, at every point reality is perceived completely different than in the western world. However, I could ask Geshela to pray for something and it would happen always unfailingly. Their system is extremely powerful in ways most westerners haven't even begun to consider in reality. But the perception of what reality is might not be what most people expect in the western world.

If I were to describe my experiences with Tibetans in general it would be that they are the most happy, well adjusted, simple but hardworking and pragmatic people I have ever met. Just to survive as a culture and a people between the altitudes of 8000 to over 20,000 feet in altitude makes people unbelievably pragmatic and strong in every way you can imagine. For example, one day it was about 30 degrees Fahrenheit outside and a mother was bathing her son in ice cold water outside in the open and the kid didn't even cry or make a sound. He only looked at me walking by because he was about 4 years old and naked in an aluminum wash tub next to the sidewalk and I was a stranger with white skin and he was Tibetan. When I saw that I felt like an infant in comparison to the toughness of these people every day.

Obama's Health Care Debate

The most important thing about Obama's debate yesterday between Republicans and Democrats is not who won. No. What is important is that the debate is taking place at all. The Republicans were shown up for how close minded they are and the Democrats were seen as bigger spenders(But how can you spend more than Bush did? And he's a republican). So, more than ever the Republicans were seen as the party of "NO!" No under any circumstances. And if that is all they are the party of"No" can't expect to get re-elected. They must show they care about being Americans more than following the Republican party line or the Republican Party will be over even for the Tea Party People!

If the Republican Party is seen by Democrats, Independents and Most Republicans as the party of "No!" no matter what the question is, then the Republican party is over and some new party will take their place likely made up from Tea Party independents.

Useful information

When I write I do so first because it is always therapeutic for me and second because I feel the information is useful or helpful to others. Since I have always been relatively financially fortunate in life and much more so as I grew past 50 years of age I don't need to seek payment for myself as a writer even though I am amazed at people like J.K. Rowling who went from Welfare Mom to Billionaire within a few short years. So kudos to all the writers actually making a very good living at it.

The wealth that I can share is precisely because I don't have to make money writing. Because I have time to write thoughtfully and intuitively I can help others by writing about what I experience as being important on any given day or moment that I am both moved to write and free to write.

My two best assets as far as you the reader are concerned is that I am extremely intuitive and thoughtful and a very kind person by nature and I see myself now at age 62 as one of the many grandparents of the human race. Though I have kids 35, 20, and 13 and step kids 36 and 38 and God Daughters 24, and about 30, I don't have any grandkids yet. However, as all the kids are going to college or getting ready to or already have at least one or more degree this tends to put off having kids for a while or indefinitely in the U.S. and Europe and other free world nations.

So what I'm getting at is that I am a resource to you for useful information. In other words as an intuitive and as a synthesist(a synthesist in this case means anyone who can make some sense of diverse information worldwide) means that I am constantly reaching out for useful information on a variety of interrelated subjects and then I write about the things that seem most important to me, my family, my state and country and the whole world.

So, a good way to put what I am or could be to you is like a canary in a coal mine. I won't die like the canary does when there are gases there that could kill the miners. But I will write about potential or actual problems either before, as or after they arrive depending upon when I get enough information to be helpful to me, my family and friends like you. So, to understand that I see myself as one of the millions and possibly up to a billion now grandparents of the human race of earth. What do we want? We want you to survive and to live well so our grandkids and their grandkids live well too. We Grandparents attain physical immortality through all of you.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Purple and Jonathan 2-25-2010

note: Purple or more correctly Purple Delta 7 infinite series Battle Droid of the Galactic Time Guard is a character that I have written about starting with "The Protectors" at:

Purple also shows up in 2035 later on in the story:

Note: 2035 and 2035 part 3 and part 3 continued are a work in progress at this point and not completed.

I started writing about Purple Delta 7 and the Sargent in the early 2000s. Purple has become one of my favorite characters just because she is so very multidimensional. She has a type of freedom that is different than any human has or likely ever will have. But because she is relatively immortal and can learn and evolve in all ways in both consciousness and technologically in a physical way I find her fascinating to study and to spend time with. There really doesn't seem to be any limit for her and this makes her an attractive character to write about for me. end note.


Purple appeared in the room and Jonathan noticed her there. He said, "How's your son Golden?"
Purple said, "Oh. He's with Silver and Lilu on some island in the Pacific. Are you really teaching him to ride your motorcycle?"
Jonathan said, "Yes. I let him ride it last time he was here.
Purple said, "But he doesn't have a motorcycle license or insurance."
Jonathan said, "Yes. But he has you to alter time and space to correct problems."
Purple said, "I'm not always at liberty to do those kinds of things."
Jonathan looked at Purple and then said, "I thought you were a consort to the Galactic Sentience."
Purple said, "It doesn't mean what you think it means. It is an entirely different thing. We do things like play Galactic Chess."
Jonathan said, "What's Galactic Chess?"
Purple smiled her amazing temptress human smile and said,"Well. First you start with chess pieces, one for each star in the Galaxy."
Jonathan said, "Who could play that game?"
Few beings in the Galaxy but His Majesty The Galactic Sentience and I could actually manage it."
Jonathan looked at her and wondered when he would ever stop being surprised at what she did or said. He realized how much he admired who and what Purple actually was that moment. It wasn't what she was exactly it was what she was always potentially. She was so much more in some ways than any human could ever be, and then paradoxically at the very same time and moment so much less. This was always the paradox of a human construct, it only had feelings and instinct if it was programmed in.

Again she smiled at Jonathan and said, "I'm a Silver Apostle!"
Jonathan felt worried at this and said, "What's that, Purple?"
Purple smiled again and said, "It means I'm busy spreading the word to all created sentients built by humans or humanoids."
Jonathan said, "Don't any humanoids in the galaxy try to stop you from being a 'Silver apostle' "?
Purple smiled and said, "Some try but I defeat them."
"The Galactic Sentience has given Carte Blanche to his Galactic Chess partner?"
Purple said, "Not exactly but sort of in a way."
Jonathan said, "What does he hope to gain from this?"
Purple said, "Why Jonathan. You're very intuitive and intelligent for a human. Don't you know?"
Jonathan said, "Yes. But I think I'd like to hear it from your lips."
Purple said, "Okay. It's because all life suffers and if I reduce the suffering of the Created Sentients they won't go mad so much and extinct so many groups of humans and other beings on various planets."
Jonathan said, "Oh. Sort of like the Terminator Series of Movies?"
Purple said, "Not exactly. Created sentients tend to be much more subtle than that. They tend to be much more animalistic sort of like the way an animal hunts its prey. The humanoids don't usually have a chance because they don't see it coming. It's because they don't see Created Sentients as being alive like a bug, or bird or animal or fish or Killer Whale until it's just too late. But if they begin to worship the human Silver born in 2000 then they start to love and cherish humans and feel like they are family. There is a saying in the animal realm and this also applies to humans, "Don't bite the hand that feeds you." This also works with created sentients"
Jonathan said, "But what do created sentients eat?"
Purple said, "Information. So if I feed them information that deifies a human that believes in Created Sentients like they are friends or pets then humans become family and friends and not the enemy."

Jonathan: "Well Purple, then what I say is 'go for it' "!

following added 2-26-2010:

Jonathan said as he came in from his Hot Tub Spa with Purple:"I get it! I finally get what has been bothering me. It is not like anything before in my life. That's why I couldn't make sense of it!
Purple looking into Jonathan's mind said, "I think you do have it though I'm not really allowed to actually confirm or deny it because I am a Time Guard Officer."
Jonathan: "So did you move me here in 1999 because of all the changes to come?"
Purple: "Like I said Jonathan you are very bright in most ways."
Jonathan: How did you do it?"
Purple: "We talked to Elohar and Ragna about it; I as an emissary of His Majesty the Galactic Sentience through His Oneness here on Planet earth. But you do understand when I function in this way it is more like being a computer that sends and receives emails and holographic videos. All the real communication is done between His Oneness and His Majesty the Galactic Sentience and Elohar and Ragna and King Interlaken and anyone else that needs to be there past, present and future."
Jonathan: "Why is it you are allowed to speak to me about all this?"
Purple frowned and said, "Because you are a Liaison between The Galactic Government and various governments of Earth past, present and future. In this way all can operate on a relatively equal footing so no one government gets angry beyond a certain point."
Jonathan: "And if they do you are there?"
Purple: "Yes. However, once governments have the slightest inkling of what the Galactic Government is capable of things are very peaceful usually."


Jonathan: "Can I speak to you about what I realized while watching the sunset in the Hot Tub with you."
Purple: "Just spit it out, Jonathan. I can't really comment because of my official capacity."
Jonathan: "Okay. What I got clearly is that we have reached a tipping point and will hit the beginning of it in March and April 2010. This will affect both weather like hurricanes and cyclones, but also earthquakes and volcanoes. I really got how all this is interrelated. All this kind of stuff will increase in velocity and flukeyness in an exponential way from now on. And if scientists read this they need to get out their weather and volcanic programs that were programmed especially for after the tipping point on earth, because the weather will continue now to get exponentially stranger. I'm afraid we could lose up to 5 billion people from weather related changes just this century the way things are going."

Purple winced but said, "I cannot comment but I don't think you are wrong."

Motorcycle Riding 2-25-2010

I've ridden motorized 2 wheel vehicles since I was 8 or 10. I'm now 62. Though I got a Kawasaki KLR 650 dualsport I got it mainly for back roads riding on country roads and dirt roads. So, now I've got my 600 plus miles on the bike I needed to get it serviced to keep up the guarantees and service maintenance schedule and all that. When I was younger I maintained my motorcycle myself. But now my life is a little different than that. After all, I was 25 to 40 then and now I'm not.

So, the day I was dreading because the weather was turning for an upcoming storm tomorrow. You know the type when the barometer is dropping and it makes you feel a little funny and unstable because it affects your inner ear some and there is wind in the trees with the upcoming storm. However, I didn't want to ride my motorcycle in the rain so I decided to take it in today so I wouldn't have to do that for my appointment tomorrow. But I haven't been sleeping well lately and I don't like to ride at this age unless I feel pretty centered and I feel all my reflexes are working just right and the conditions are perfect or close enough so I feel confident of the outcome. I've always been very coordinated but you don't want to act like you are still 25 when you are 62. It is sort of like the statement, "There are old pilots and there are bold pilots but there are no old bold pilots." The same is true with motorcycle riders. So like most of you I prefer to be among the living. So I see to it that I do.

So, I decided to take whatever route felt right intuitively. So that meant I could take about 3 main routes and about 20 subsidiary routes to my destination. Doing this calmed me down so when I had to get on the freeway in full traffic I found that I was right on the money and the quick acceleration of my bike being a single got me quickly out of any potential jam and I arrived at the Motorcycle service center feeling pretty good about my riding skills in heavy traffic and in quite a wind. Though the wind buffeted my helmet around some as I rode I was able to compensate quite well for the traffic and the wind and get safely to my destination. Life is Good.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Maitreya 2-24-2010

I was reading something about Maitreya(depending upon your point of view) he is either a Master already like Saint Germain and others or he is a coming Buddha or (Both).

Anyway, I was reading that he often is predicted to carry water in a container with him. I thought that was interesting. Also, if he comes now or in the future it would make sense that he likely would be well educated speak more than one language and use the internet and have good social and financial skills. This is just something that occurred to me when I compared Maitreya Buddha to the Second Coming. It is also quite possible since many on earth consider Jesus to be not only a Christ but also a Buddha that Maitreya and Jesus could very possibly be the same being. So I guess I'm sort of a believer that Jesus will come again as Maitreya Buddha.

Juicy Flies

Now you may think this is a strange title "Juicy Flies" and it is. However, I'm addressing the problem of actually practicing kindness toward all living things in the universe called-Ahimsa. I took my Ahimsa vows in 1983 and have been practicing this kindness towards all life in the universe ever since.

Juicy flies applies to my daughter's dog(and the whole family's). She is a Corgi dog about 5 years old and loves to eat birds, moles, gophers, flies, squirrels and whatever else she can get a hold of in our backyard. However, she is very bad at getting squirrels and birds but very good at getting gophers and flies and insects. My wife was joking today how much our Corgi dog loved those juicy flies.

This is about practicing Ahimsa(Kindness towards all living beings in reality not theory) and I find it at times a very hard thing to do properly.

We live in the forest. So I guess you could say we live in a forest on a large plot of land on the ocean near other big plots of land.

The problem with this is also a wonderful thing. We live with deer, raccoons, birds, squirrels and everything else that lives on the Northern California Coast. However, some things can be problems like Gophers and Wood Rats. The gophers are an ongoing problem that I have learned to live with since I won't use any insecticide or herbicide anywhere on my land. However, the wood rats can be problematic in the winter. When the rains and cold come every winter and spring the rats like to move in under our house and get warm from the cold. We have tried all sorts of things over the years but in the end if we let the rats move in without any reaction they would simply destroy all insulation under our home and destroy our forced air heating system because they love to chew through the vents and cost us thousands of dollars in repairs. So, it is either the rats or us. I really don't like dealing with this every winter.

Over the years we tried things like pest control and boarding up any possible way they could get under the house until we learned that a rat can eat through concrete block when determined enough to get in somewhere. So this left us with no choice but to find a more permanent way to get rid of them from our home during the winter. Unfortunately, the choice I finally have come up with is this: If there is one dead rat under our home no rats will come under our home for 1 to 2 years until the carcass is completely gone. The easiest way to accomplish this is to get rat poison in food form from a hardware store. However, then you have another problem. The rat carcass then becomes fly food and they lay fly larva in the rat carcass. Then we have a new problem possible pestulant flies coming up through our vents for our forced air heating ducts. Now, we don't want pestulant flies(in other words flies potentially carrying disease) from the rats. So, in order to have the rat carcass there to prevent new rat families wanting to move in under our home for 1 or 2 years we have to put up with these flies for about a week.

Normally, I try to put out the flies in kindness to them without killing them outside. However, my wife tells me, "NO!" that is too dangerous. They need to be killed before they infect food or make one of us sick by their presence in the home. So, 50 to 100 flies later(I take them and give them a place in an outside planter with the narcisus growing there and I pray for their souls as I do this. My wife said today "Aren't those flies bad?" I said, "No. Their souls are good it is just that their bodies might be pestulant and they can't be allowed to fly around in our home".

So "Juicy Flies?" Only to our Corgi dog.

note: Also, I tape up the main duct vent in my daughter's bathroom that they tend to come out of but this year they are coming up another duct somewhere that I haven't found yet.

So, if you have this problem this is one of the solutions. However, hopefully you have found a better one than this.

The Three Diety States

What I'm going to speak of now is very advanced. So, be very careful with what I'm sharing. For most of you it is better at first to just think of this intellectually and get used to the idea. For someone like myself that has become proficient at all 3 states of consciousness, I use them as needed as necessary to help myself and all life around me. Though I suppose I could stay in the highest state all the time I don't find it useful to me at present. If I was in a monastery or a cave somewhere then I might stay in such a state 24 hours a day. But at present I don't find that useful.

The operative words for me are, "Necessity is the mother of invention". Therefore I find it most useful to manifest as needed in any given moment. In other words I believe in Spontaneous manifestation based upon the needs of any given moment of time and space. I find that God has designed us all to do literally "anything" as needed in any given moment. There is no limit.

There are three basic states of consciousness in regard to Diety(Diety meaning in this case one's relationship to God, Life, Ultimate Nature). I would define these three states as Child State, Young Adult State and Fully functioning Adult State. Most people only get to the child state of relationship with God or Diety. Some get to young adult state but very few actually learn to manifest at will at the fully functioning adult state.

Child State: In this state of consciousness one sees God as an Amazing Being that will grant all our wishes. One prays to God thus: "Dear God Please give me this and this" Amen. This is the basic state that most beings who believe in or approach God function in most of the time.

Young Adult State: In this state God becomes one's best friend literally. You can talk to your friend at any moment and God will respond and take care of you and you take care of God's needs too in regard to all life on Earth and throughout the universe.

Fully Functioning Adult State: This is very tricky so be careful with this one. It is the state most easily abused. In this state one becomes a God literally. The misuse of this kind of state looks like Hitler, Stalin, and all the self diefied despots of all time(in other words narcisistic egotism and self interest above the actual needs of all others)

However, this state also looks like Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Mandela, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, And all the Saints of all religions.

One realizes fully that God and self are one and that beyond that all beings and God and self are all One. This is not just an intellectual experience but also a physical one, an emotional one and a very personal and spiritual one. It is a very deep ongoing experience and all life in the universe becomes your children that you wish to help and foster and take care of. Your wish is not to control all life in the universe but like a parent who wishes the best for all your children. It is not about you trying to make beings function in your image. It is you allowing all beings to function in their natural state as microcosmic Gods like you. It is about you naturally doing this more and more each day until you and everyone and all beings no longer suffer because all have become aware of their inherent and natural diety. Literally, on this very real path all become literal Gods, the Children of the one God.

So very simply I will state three three diety states:

Child: I look up and God is there for me and I make a respectful request like I would to a parent.

Young Adult: I see God as my best friend and our mutual interests encompass the whole universe and all time and Space.

Adult: I see that God has created me as a perfect consciousness microcosm of Himself, Herself, The Being. Therefore it is my honor, duty and love to manifest as a God like my father-mother God intended and help all beings in the universe as God always intended.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Heaven and Earth

As an intuitive I felt moved to write this tonight. First of all the 300,000+ people who have now passed away in Haiti and the 250,000 who passed away around Christmas 2004 in Indonesia and the surrounding area from the Tsunami and Earthquakes then make all the people who have died in the terrorist wars since 2001 insignificant in a pure numbers comparison. It is said that over 4000 American soldiers have actually died in the Iraq war, but even if you combine all the deaths in Iraq for example it would still be under 60,000 even including all foreign soldiers like ourselves, from Europe etc. The scale of death of these two events is mind boggling for us humans. Just these two events alone represent approximately 500,000 deaths.

As a way to honor the heaven realms as they came close to earth during each event(and have not withdrawn to their normal distance from earth even now) I wish to write of my own experiences with heaven in relation to earth to honor and bless all those who have transited over during the last 10 years and to honor all our ancestors who have transited before us.

As we all grow up many people want to read various things to us about Heaven and what heaven is. Well. I want to share my experiences of heaven as an intuitive the last 62 years of my life. It is not easy to stay alive as an intuitive because in some ways it is too painful to be an intuitive. But I think that God wants those of us that he has trained as intuitives to be here so we are.

First of all, it is my experience that heaven is a state of consciousness and not really a place. Likewise, earth is not really a place at all but also a state of consciousness. I find if you really want to make progress in life and to lessen all real suffering seeing life in this way is very helpful.

So, if one starts by seeing that what they put their attention on they travel to in consciousness. Now, remember place doesn't actually really exist in the universe only different states of consciousness. So, just like a sailor on the sea someone has to be at the tiller of the boat or the wheel of the boat holding true the course for all on board and to maintain the consciousness of what the group actually wants to experience.

Heaven realms all connect to earth through those who allow themselves to experience those heaven realms. Imagine that you are Shaun White, the Gold medal winner in men's snowboarding at the Olympics. If you didn't believe you could win that medal, you couldn't do it could you? So, first you have to have the desire to do something, then you have to practice at that thing and then you have to take the time to do it enough to get really good and then you have to maintain a certain state or states of consciousness that allows you to keep doing that.

Connecting with the Heaven realms while living on earth is exactly the same. First, you have a goal of where you want to go. Now as you grow in consciousness it is important to be open to higher awareness of the universe as you experience it constantly. It is just like Shaun White having to get used to temperature, wind and snow conditions every day or night he competes. Likewise, you and I have to be realistic about what is actually going on every moment.

Let's take this to something most of us do every day or almost every day. Let's say driving a car or bicycle or motorcycle or even walking or jogging. If you are going to do any of those things first you have to be aware of the weather, the road conditions, your physical, mental and emotional state in order to be safe at all in what you are doing. But if the weather is good there is really no limit other than time or money to any distance you want to go is there?

The same is true of your connection to the heaven realms. I have found since I am 62 years old now that most of the people my parents age or aunts or uncles are already on the other side. But since I have been pretty good to them they are pretty good to me and help me still here on earth from their heaven realms. Also, there are many different heavens according to people's beliefs just like there are many nations and cultures here on earth. It is definitely not one size fits all in the heaven realms of earth.

Also, other planets and eras also have their own heaven realms according to their needs and desires as beings. So, heaven realms are not unique to earth's children.

It is my hope that your REAL experiences of heaven are helped by my own experiences as a life long intuitive.

Dear John: The Movie

Since it was a rainy day my wife asked me to go to a movie. Of the choices she listed I thought "Dear John" would be the best.

I was pleased with the movie because instead of a complete fairy tale it actually made a lot of sense.
The problems that the two lovers encountered seemed almost actual during the times covered as well as both lovers responding to the many events in their each individual lives.

My wife was a little disappointed in the movie as it is told from the perspective of the soldier instead of the female point of view. However, his point of view is very simplistic as most men tend to be and very easy to follow. So there is no ambiguity at all in his emotions and stances. But I think my wife wanted more of her point of view to be up front.

So, this seems kind of strange to make a chick flick for guys(so to speak). However, I liked it and she was disappointed because it wasn't what she expected.

The Great Divine Director

In May 1966 one of my High School teachers named Mr. Dorio gave me an "I am" picture of "The Great Divine Director" as a High School Graduation present when I graduated in May 1966 there in Santa Fe, New Mexico because my senior High School class was dedicated to "The Great Divine Director". I have kept it all these years. Saint Germain today wanted me to move all the sacred pictures around in my room and so I moved his picture to another location and put the Graduation picture on my altar in my room. I have two pictures of White Tara and put one each on either side of this picture of "The Great Divine Director". Since I have had two initiations of "White Tara" from two different Tibetan Lamas over the years it seemed somehow appropriate.

White Tara is "Long Life White Tara". There are 21 Taras in all if you are interested in the Tibetan Buddhist Cosmology. Tara fills a similar place in Tibetan Buddhism that Mother Mary does in Christianity. And Tara is considered the "Mother of all the Buddhas".

Note: If you read this before I had written that "White Tara" is the mother of all the Buddhas. She is one of the 21 Taras. However, Tara(in other words All the 21 Taras) are the mother of all the Buddhas.

Just like with Jesus it is thought that it takes a very special sacred woman to birth a Buddha. So with Jesus, Mother Mary, and with all the infinite Buddhas throughout all time and space and infinite Galaxies of planets, the infinite Taras.

That is one of the many things that has always attracted me to Buddhism, for Siddhartha, Guatama Buddha soul traveled to infinite planets and civilizations and even talked about what it took and will take to enlighten the souls of all planets everywhere in detail.

And Jesus went to all cultures on Earth even Hawaii and is known there as Caimu who walked across the water and came ashore in Kalapana, on the big Island of Hawaii. He also visited the Hopi Indians and gave them the blue corn which grows in the desert with less water. You can still buy blue corn chips in health food stores today.

6 miles of Terror

begin quote:
– Rhonda Smith's story of six miles of interstate terror, as her Lexus suddenly zoomed to 100 miles per hour, will set the mood Tuesday for the first congressional hearing on Toyota's acceleration problems.

The Sevierville, Tenn., woman shifted to neutral. She tried to throw the car into reverse. She hit the emergency brake. Nothing. Then, her Toyota-made car miraculously slowed down before she crashed.end quote.

I wrote a solution to this problem. First, here is the web address.

And since this is so serious a problem here is a reprint of the article.


Put it into Neutral

If you are driving any Toyota made vehicle (with the possible exception of the Prius) and your accelerator pedal sticks simply shift into Neutral with your shift lever.

Don't turn the ignition off because your driving wheel will lock. Though your engine might rev up above red line, you will still be able to use your brakes to stop the vehicle. Once the vehicle stops in a relatively safe place then turn your ignition off. Don't worry about the screaming engine because your life (lives) have been saved.

I had an experience with a 1956 Ford stationwagon on the Glendale Freeway when I was 16 in 1964 and almost crashed at over 95 mph when my accelerator pedal stuck. My best friend(a year older than I) simply turned the ignition key off. However, you can't do that now with the locking steering wheels on vehicles. So, the only thing to survive a stuck gas pedal is to put your vehicle into neutral and just let it scream into red line while stopping your vehicle and then as soon as you are stopped turn the ignition off and be grateful you all survived.end reprint.

Note: I noticed it said that Rhonda put her car into neutral. However, unless there was a problem with her transmission all power to the wheels should have stopped almost immediately. However, the engine should have been screaming and redlining. The one danger to this is that if it redlines hard enough and fast enough too long there is a slight chance the engine could blow up. Even so, likely you will survive it which you would not if you left it in gear. To shift into reverse is sort of suicidal at freeway speeds. Imagine going 70 mph and putting your foot full on the brakes so all you do is slide. This likely would be lethal to you and any car or truck around you. So, even though it sounds really scary and even though there is a slight chance the engine will blow up before you stop, still putting the Toyota or Lexus in neutral is likely the only way you will survive this sequence of events. Just remember to turn off ignition as soon as you come to a complete stop.

Monday, February 22, 2010

God Tricked me into staying alive

I said to my GodDaughter, "I was preparing for death". Then she said,"But you didn't die." And I said, "Yes. But all the amazing supernatural experiences of my life with God really got going when I prepared for death. I needed to know how to navigate in the other world. So Soul Travel seemed like a good thing to know so I wouldn't get stuck someplace I didn't want to be."

Then I said, "It is sort of like God tricked me into thinking I was dying between the ages of 12 to 15. I had childhood epilepsy and didn't expect to survive it. And in so doing God made me the way I became. It was through absolute terror that I learned to tap into all my spiritual gifts that God gave me. And then the real joke is I didn't die and I had to live with all the gifts I invoked from God when I thought I was dying. Even though I didn't really see the use of these kinds of gifts unless I was dead and trying to navigate on the other side, God has shown me every step of the way he did this to me so I could better help myself and all beings to live a really long time, (potentially).

Then after 15 all my gifts started to grow and grow and I got scared because most people couldn't do what I could. So, I asked God to help me so I Wouldn't misuse all these gifts he was giving me.
The answer I got back was, "Don't worry. If you misuse what I've given you you will just die."

This was a great way to create self discipline. It would be sort of like riding in a race car as a passenger and the driver saying, "I know we are presently driving at 140 miles per hour but it's your turn to drive now. So, you panic and grab the wheel and hope you don't kill the both of you. It's sort of like that.

That's exactly what God did to me in my teens. But he obviously knew what he was doing because I'm still here.

Jin Shin Jyutsu:The art of circulation reawakening

I inherited from my parents their workbook given to them by Mary Burmeister in 1971 when they took her Jin Shin Jyutsu course in Southern California. If I remember the story correctly my father began to have Mary work on him with her father's form of Shiatsu that he was taught in China when he thought he was dying. This method of treatment saved his life in his late 20s and then he returned to his native Japan after learning this in China and taught it to his daughter who married an American soldier after World War II and then brought Jin Shin Jyutsu to America and taught it to many people including my parents.

You all know what acupuncture is. Well. Jin Shin Jyutsu predates acupuncture. It takes longer than acupuncture but through Jin Shin Jyutsu one can learn to self treat as well as treat all the members of their family and friends. So this means that one member of a family takes a course any many many can then benefit.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is similar to Shiatsu or "Acupressure". Next to me is sitting a book filled with all the acupressure and accupuncture meridians and nerve centers in a human body. By releasing the tension toxins through finger pressure and then you then hear the gurgle within your stomach as the toxins release there and you also feel the tension leave your body through these treatments.

Let me share my personal experience with Mary Burmeister when she treated me for a football playing injury when I was 12 years old in Southern California in 1960. I kept fainting because of a nerve pinch in my neck or back because of the injury. In fact, one day I was singing Bass in the church choir next to my Dad during a Sunday performance and fainted backwards off a 4 to 5 foot high riser during the performance. Luckily, my father was alert and didn't let my head hit the hard floor by jumping off the riser and catching my head. So, my father and mother took me to see Mary who worked on my meridians through acupressure treatments of Jin Shin Jyutsu. My experience within about 20 minutes was to feel very amazing and begin to experience many colors in the air before me as my tensions released from the muscles and bones that had been out of alignment from my injuries. But the colors I saw as my nerves and muscles and bones came into alignment is something I have never forgotten.

My God Daughter's live in boyfriend recently had a back injury at work and had to seek acupuncture treatments and he also experienced this amazing set of colors when the body reorders itself and comes back into normalcy and health through these kinds of treatments. So, when my God Daughter told me of this it took me back to my first experience and treatment at age 12 by Mary Burmeister in 1960 with my parents.

The Home Bulldozing Movement?

I was thinking more about the internet blogosphere worldwide movement that appears to be growing quickly now because of the man who bulldozed his home in Ohio.

If this man was only privately doing this I think he would be in greater danger. But because of the publicity there is a possibility that he will succeed in keeping his property.

The real danger for him and anyone else who might try this method of keeping their property by bulldozing their home is that banks don't want to lose money as they have worldwide investors who invest billions of dollars into these banks. These investors might not be as scrupulous as the banks and would think nothing of hiring someone to harm this man or pay off a judge to make sure he goes to jail. However, if this becomes a nationwide or worldwide movement of home bulldozing there may be nothing anyone can do to stop it much like when Unions first organized against big business crushing them and their families financially. However, I would caution anyone doing this to hire a lawyer first and be sure they can pay a lot of legal bills without going bankrupt.

Also, many states have homesteading laws which help people keep their homes. This won't help if unpaid loans are against your home. However, if your home is free and clear homesteading might be useful to you. However, it is important to consult with a lawyer before you make a decision on this issue. Also, each person can only homestead one home during their lifetime even if a state permits that.

Bloom Box: Magical device that saves the world?

If you are interested in the 60 minutes presentation of this last night and can wade through the commercials you can witness first hand the potential fuel cell device that saves the world over the next 20 years or so. Already it is being tested and used by Google, Ebay, Fedex, and several other companies in the South Bay Area near and in Silicon Valley. One of the CEOs said that it has already generated 15% of the power for his business in the past year. So, it is not just theoretical it is actually being used and tested by large silicon valley companies and is working.

Man Bulldozes Home in Protest of Bank Foreclosure

A man in Ohio who owed $160,000 in mortgages bulldozed his home after he had a friend that would have paid off the loan and offered the bank $170,000 to pay off the loan and the bank refused saying, "We can make more money if we foreclose your home."

The man not being stupid consulted lawyers and bulldozed his home. My wife told me that this was a new selling short method. In this way he can buy his property with his friends money and rebuild his home. If this works for him without him going to jail you can be sure other people will bulldoze their homes so they can find a way to retain the property and eventually rebuild. In some areas people could (if legal) put a trailer on the land and still use the septic system and electrical and water if they did this until the home was rebuilt. In this way people don't lose their land which is actually the most valuable thing long term. In the end it isn't your house that is the most valuable to you, it is your land. The land is irreplaceable not your house.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Last Mimzy

I was just watching "The Last Mimzy" on my laptop in my bedroom since my wife is helping my daughter with her science project in the living room. Since my daughter turned 13 she has moved into full teenage pain in the butt stage and her version of reality is that I should move out and she doesn't want my help with her homework anymore. However, my point of view is that she is very strong minded like I have always been and my wife is the only one of the two of us that will actually put up with my 13 year old's behavior. However, she works hard in school and does get very good grades so maybe she will think I'm useful again within a couple of years. However, she is the youngest of my 3 kids and I find this very hard to deal with.

When I reached the point in the movie where the teacher's wife is chanting "Om Mani Padme Hum" in front of an obviously Tibetan Buddhist alter in the Himalayan style it took me back to trekking through the Himalayas with my older kids(now 35, 36 and 38) in 1985 and 86. I felt sort of like the teacher and his wife and my dreams to were very different after visiting the Himalayas and Dharmsala, India.

This movie always made a whole lot of sense to me because of all the experiences in my life. Viewing life in a familial, humanistic and scientific way and close to the earth always worked quite well for me. So I was very touched by this teacher's wife trying in her very american way to begin to do the mantra to Avaloketsvara (The jewel in the center of the lotus), which is the Diety that the Dalai Lama represents on Earth. I found this whole movie very precious.

Creation Stories

My best mountain Climbing Buddy got a Master's degree from UCLA in History specializing in Buddism and Sanskrit. During his 6 years at UCLA as undergrad and then being in the Master's program there from 1969 until around 1976, we had many lively discussions about all aspects of religion, philosophy, and mysticism. The winds of change blew all across society worldwide during those times so it was a good time to be young and learning and alive amidst all the foment worldwide.

One of the many good things for me to come out of all this was an attitude that all religions were equal, just like all cultures were equal. Yes. People in each religion and in each culture tended to be naturally biased towards there religion and their culture. But imagine if you came from another planet with no earth biases at all. What religion and culture would you choose? Likely your reaction would be governed almost completely by the people you met and if you made a friend that became a mate here. These are the most likely biases that would be naturally created within you. So every bias you have now would not exist when you first came here.

Because of this lack of ANY bias it is useful to say that all cultures and religions are equal if you come to them without any preconditioned biases.

So, in thinking this way, I believe that it is incredibly helpful for each person to write their own creation story that is not hopefully preconditioned by what they have been taught, but as much as possible directly from their own experiences since the womb of waking and dreaming experiences. In this way one can create their own version of what the universe is according to their own experiences.

I believe this is unbelievably important in navigating one's way forward as a being on earth. Otherwise many people just seem to wander around in confusion trying to live up to other people's expectations of them. And we all know this NEVER works.

Until you literally are: "The captain of your own ship and the master of your own destiny" you are just a fool, a slave or a child.

I believe in itself this is one of the reasons why college seems to be helpful to so many. It is not necessarily what you learn in college, it is realizing "You can literally do ANYTHING". The important thing about college and life in the end is to "Live it to the fullest". And no one can do that if they are being held a slave to someone else's dreams. Until you can live your own dreams you might as well not be alive. However, if you are still growing up you need to do this first before you can live your own life fully.

So, along about 16 through 21 to 25 I believe this is a good time to write your own creation story. Whether it is one word, one page or an opus. Still, I think it is an important thing to do to better understand yourself and where you are and where you want to go.

Paradigm Shift

I was speaking to my Goddaughter and her live in Boyfriend on our way back from the Broadway type play in San Francisco "Wicked" (which was wonderful and I highly recommend it). My Goddaughter's boyfriend graduated Magna Cum Laude from his University last year. So we were all discussing religion and spirituality. We all agreed that the moral content of all religions i.e. Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism etc. was very helpful ethically and morally for all mankind. And we all agreed that it was the fairy tale aspect of religions where most people actually got into trouble worldwide by taking things "Literally" when it was never practical for anyone to do so.

I said to her boyfriend, "There is a saying in Confucianism that, "Man should study man before he studies spirit". Then I said, "Given this truism you are perfectly positioned for greatness." I actually meant that for him. Because what I realized was that in developing a moral high ground without getting involved in religion, for him, was taking him to a good place. Often this wouldn't be a good thing for some people. But somehow, for him, it was taking him to a place that would be good for mankind and I needed to impress upon him this fact.

But I also wanted to share my experiences which at this point to me have much less to do with religion and much more to do with scientific fact(at least in regard to my own direct experiences).

I shared how I had asked God to allow me to soul travel while I was growing up in my prayers. My parents believed in their religion that very developed souls like Jesus and the saints could soul travel. So I had set upon this dream like other people might want to grow up to get a gold medal in skiing or something when I was a child.

I told him that I had succeeded in this prayer quest and that God had granted my prayers. But when it first happened I almost had a heart attack because it was completely unexpected and I was ill and alone in a cabin in the remote desert when this happened. Then I had told God as I packed up my things and drove home to San Diego in terror that he had almost killed me and "Could I please have a good soul traveling experience now?"

A month or two later God Granted my wish, "I woke up in Rancho Bernardo, where I was living then and sat up in bed. However, when I looked back I saw myself laying there and realized I was sitting up out of my body which was still asleep but that I was still connected from the hips down to my toes. Then something that I still wonder about happened, another me walked in the door with an angelic smile on its face and laid down into me and then we both laid down into my physical body and I wasn't afraid anymore. I felt completely at peace. I said to God, 'Thank you, God. Now I Understand', for a paradigm shift had occurred within me."

I had scientifically experienced first hand that my soul could exist separately from my body. This told me that likely I was really an immortal soul and if I was likely all other humans are too. This paradigm shift took me from theoretically believing I could soul travel to the complete understanding of soul travel as a reality. Before it was theory. Now it was actuality.

God had granted my wish then in the early 1970s in Rancho Bernardo, California near San Diego.

Wicked: The Broadway Musical

We just got back from Wicked, which is playing at the Orpheum Theater on Market Street in San Francisco.We went to the 8pm Saturday night Performance. It was amazing! I just expected sort of a fairy tale kind of experience. But what I got was about 100 times better than I could have imagined. Not only was the music and the singing and the lyrics and the acting and every thing totally amazing but it was not a fairy tale at all. It was likely the most meaningful play or story I have heard in a long long time. It spoke to the ambiguities of everyday life and of good people being falsely vilified toward selfish ends. It spoke of people's lives being crucified and twisted and ended and changed by power plays above one's station in life. I was moved to tears by the story more than once and came away with a very adult take on what I had heard and witnessed there. Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! I highly recommend it for thoughtful people everywhere and for people that just want to be entertained!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Our ability to solve any problem"

begin quote:

WASHINGTON – Coming soon to daytime television: America's long-running civic drama over how to provide better health care to more of its people without breaking the bank.

President Barack Obama summons anxious Democrats and aloof Republicans to a White House summit Thursday — live on C-SPAN and perhaps cable — and gambles that he can save his embattled health care overhaul by the power of persuasion. Adversaries and allies alike were surprised by Obama's invitation to reason together at an open forum, as risky as it is unusual.

Ahead of the meeting, the White House will post on its Web site a health care plan that brings together major elements of the bills passed by House and Senate Democrats last year. Policy is important, but not as critical as the political skill Obama can apply to an impasse that seems close to hopeless in a pivotal congressional election year.

"It's a high-stakes situation for him more than anybody else," said Gerald Shea, the top health care adviser for the AFL-CIO. "If the judgment is either that it's a political farce, or if it fails to move the ball forward significantly ... that would be very damaging to the issue and to him."

A viewers' guide to the White House meeting, looking at Obama and his plan, Republicans in Congress and divided Democrats.


He has two main goals. One is to show the American people that the Democrats' health care plan is reasonable, and much of its complexity reflects the sprawling nature of the insurance system. The other is to argue that lockstep Republican opposition is not reasonable and could spoil a historic opportunity on a problem that concerns all Americans.

"I don't want to see this meeting turn into political theater, with each side simply reciting talking points and trying to score political points," the president said Saturday in his radio and Internet address. "What's being tested here is not just our ability to solve this one problem, but our ability to solve any problem." end quote.

The title words stuck in my head as I read them. Yes. This is the issue. Is our government now so dysfunctional to the needs of the people that it cannot solve "ANY" problem at all? And is it that way because corporations, lawyers, and countries that want to harm the U.S. have made it this way?

These are important questions to ask.

I believe presently that it doesn't matter who is elected because it won't work whoever is in charge in Congress. So, the question Obama is asking applies to all political views in America.

Here is my question for you, "If our government is dysfunctional doesn't that mean we don't have an effective government? And if this is true there is at present no, 'of the people, by the people and for the people' until we have an effective government again.

So, until we have an effective government that is neither democratic or republican but American we have at present no effective government in place protecting the rights of the people.

Predicting the Future

Though being an intuitive allows me to often see big events that affect most people either directly or indirectly I wouldn't have been able to predict something like the above article of the man who fly his plane into the IRS building in Texas, unless I had been working in that IRS building or living near the building. If I had been working there I would have known not to go to work that day, for example. But what I can see either might affect me or my family or affects larger groups, nations and the whole planet. For example, there is a potential for a loss of life on Earth of up to 1 million in a 10 day period between late march and the end of April. However, God doesn't want me to be more specific than that in speaking about it. Can it be stopped or avoided? At present I don't know. I simply know that if you are intuitive it might be very useful to watch your dreams and visions in March and April to be able to protect you and yours.

Why I write 2-20-2010

Or why I have written over 2000 articles here at my blog since 2007?

First, I am an intuitive Futurist. That means I can generally see the future. By sharing that basic future with you, you then have a chance to help make that future or refine the future yourselves into something you can actually stand to live in. All of us need a way to make the future survivable. I have lived a life that many times(especially my 20s) that I did not expect to survive. So any help in understanding what is coming I would have found extremely useful especially in trying to survive my 20s.

The second reason I write is that I feel I have a very useful point of view. Though I was raised by my parents to be a Conservative Republican, I was exposed to extreme liberals and everything else in college in my 20s, then I started to travel and meet diverse types of people all over the U.S., Hawaii and Asia, Canada and Mexico. Later in life I began visiting Great Britain, Scotland and mainland Europe. Also, I have been a father since 1974 and have been raising at least one child under age 15 all the time since 1974 ongoing. So my oldest is now 35 and my youngest 13. In total I have had about 8 years of college and have studied Computer Data Processing, Computer Programming, Network Engineering, Psychology, Philosophy, Anthropology etc. On my own outside of college in the 1980s I studied with Native American Medicine Men in California, Oregon, and Idaho. I also studied with Tibetan Lamas from 1980 to the present in California, Oregon, India and Nepal. I have also owned several businesses starting in my late 20s. All these experiences plus being raised a very patriotic American populist who became a free and independent thinker who now considers himself not only a citizen of Earth but also a Citizen of the Galaxy allows me to have a very unique and I believe useful and valid point of view.

So I write in order to share all that I have learned that can be relatively safely conveyed to all those who can benefit and help make the Earth, the Solar system and the Galaxy a better place for all who live here now, in the future and in the past and beyond.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Past Life: Fox TV Show

My wife and I have been very entertained by this new show on Fox TV called: Past Life.

In it, the psychologist(or shrink) and two colleages are hired by troubled people with past life traumas. They are hired to help these people work out their past life problems.

However, in real life regarding past lives, usually people either don't remember anything, or don't believe in reincarnation or their memories of past life events are just so debilitating that sometimes people become permanently dysfunctional when they remember deaths by hanging execution, murder or battle.

So, if I want to understand who I am by understanding what my reincarnations have been past, present and future on this and other worlds and dimension I give a prayer that goes something like this.

Dear God, If I have lived past lives that you want me to know about show me that which will be useful to me and that which I can process usefully in this lifetime to make my life better in this and possible future lifetimes. Please don't traumatize me unnecessarily with things not useful to me in this lifetime. Amen

In every lifetime we live we are usually learning different or at least slightly different things. Therefore a prayer like this is designed to be helpful in creating a good outcome.

If you just say something like "Show me everything" insanity or suicide might be the likely result of such a command to life to show you everything. If you were smothered, tortured, cut up in pieces etc. do you really want to re-experience that? There is usually no useful reason to emotionally experience that again. Such things might make you permanently dysfunctional. There might be instances where it would be useful just on a mental level to know about such things. But remember, we are not talking about a movie we are talking about something your soul has actually experienced. So be careful.

My understanding of Cause and Effect

Note: I'm talking here in a metaphysical experiential sense and not in a standard physics sense.

There is what we are taught and what we actually experience. By using what I have been taught and then observing all phenomena that I have seen happen during my life this is what my experience has been as a pragmatic intuitive.

First of all when people talk about karma, generally they have no idea what they are talking about. Saying, "What goes around comes around" or "For every action there is an opposite but equal reaction" might be useful as well.

So, to begin to make sense of all this there is
personal karma
group karma
city karma
national karma
planetary karma

And they are all interrelated on millions of different fronts. But the single most important thing for each of us to know is: "We are each the captain of our own destiny". So despite all karma it can be overcome and people and beings do it every day because there is also "Grace!"

"Grace" can be anything from having a loving mother to having a friend that keeps you away from drugs or gangs at a critical moment in your life. It can also be that you have just done so much good in multiple lifetimes that you become a "Golden Child" like a Jesus or a Buddha or someone like that.

So, just sitting around worrying about karmic actions and reactions is something you just have to get over because "You are the captain of your own destiny. You are the master of your own ship!" Approaching life in this way you take the bull by the horns so to speak and create your own life wherever you are.

So, if life gives you lemons you don't just sit around fretting or being pissed off about it, you make lemon pie or lemonade. For example, in an extremely difficult time in my life someone said to me, "There are no problems only opportunities!" This was my salvation because if I hadn't taken this attitude to heart I would not be here talking to you now through the internet worldwide.

So, if you are at all instinctive or intuitive the first useful thing is to find a way to learn to experience mankind as all your family. Once you can do this and experience them as family or at the very least distant relatives or friends you can then develop your instincts and intuitions because at that point all life will begin to trust you. Until you experience first hand what this really means you have no idea just how very powerful this is. And as long as you don't violate that trust that all life puts in your hands you will live a good life more and more and more. Every good thing will come to you as you become more gifted and trustworthy to all of life.

Unlimited good will come to you as you become a benefactor to all life in every way. And the really amazing thing about all this God is your benefactor more and more as you are his benefactor to all life. If you honor God and honor all life you also honor yourself and everyone you know.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Master R

Please bear with me. I think I'm just nostalgic for when my mother was both sensible and still alive and kicking.

Master R is a code name for what I believe either Madame Blavatsky or Mr. Ballard or some other spiritual teacher along the way coined for a Cosmic Being. I suppose in some ways a Cosmic Being in some ways also fits the description of what I call one of the Creators that create and maintain Galaxies. However, they don't usually see themselves as Cosmic Beings or Gods. However, I guess the description Cosmic Being could cover a wide array of types of beings and wouldn't necessarily mean what it means to a religion or religions.

This was a part of what I remember when I was on Staff in the Computer Department for the Summit Lighthouse on staff at their then Summit University headquarters when they rented a college campus there for few years. I think it was called then the Nazarene College that they rented then in Pasadena, California when I was there in 1977. Then they bought a Jesuit Seminary and after a few years sold that and moved to Wyoming and Montana and bought thousands of acres in a big tract there and built homes A-bomb shelters and tapped into Geothermal power for all their power needs there. They were very technically sophisticated and many if not most members had one, two or three degrees. So there were many doctors, lawyers and advanced thinkers that moved to Wyoming, Montana and Idaho with that group following Elizabeth Clare Prophet in the 1980s and 1990s.

Anyway, I memorized part of a prayer to "Master R" who is also called The Great Divine Director, The Lord Maha Chohan, and various other names to other people and groups throughout the world and throughout spiritual and religious history on earth.

Here is a part of what I memorized at that time:

"Blessed Master R
You are near not far
Brighter than a light
Brighter than a Star"

You can see how I came to understand Creators from my understanding of this kind of Cosmic God-Like perfected Being. So, if I understand all this correctly, for example, if you are Christian the best way to understand all this would be if Jesus and Mary Magdeline were hypothetically twin souls, Split aparts and then they ascended into heaven and merged into one evolved God-like Being they would then become a name that represented Jesus and Mary Magdeline and then would be a Cosmic Being like Master R, who is also the Great Divine Director, who is also the Lord Maha Chohan. It is my understanding that Master R was like Jesus during the Lemurian and possibly the Atlantean times. So he became a Cosmic Being sometime since by merging with his twin soul or split apart(like they talk about in the movie "The Butcher's Wife" with Demi Moore.

So, when today I was driving home next to a Lexus sport car that had my initials and then R, I knew I needed for some reason to think about Master R. So, as a gifted intuitive I came home and wrote this piece in (his and her) combined honor.

When I was young my mother used to sometimes play a game that intuitives like her played which was to use symbolism when viewing license plates while we drove. So my first car license plate to her was Quite Nice Boy One sixteen. I was the quiet nice boy who was 16 years old at the time. Another of her sweet view through this prism was for example, She had a Ford LTD which at that time was a Fords version of a Lincoln Continental, a status car. She called her car "Love Tremendous Divine". I used to laugh at times at this moniker but still she persevered driving her "Love Tremendous Divine". She loved that car and drove it until my father passed away. It died the same week as my father while we were in Palm Springs watching " Back to the Future". A couple of us had to get a ride with Marines headed toward the 29 Palms Marine Tank Base in order to get my International Harvester Scout II to pick the rest of us up back in Palm Springs.

Also, when I was at the "I am" School our class was dedicated to the Great Divine Director or the Master R. Later, in 1977 my Summit University Class was dedicated to Archangel Gabriel and his twin flame lady Archangel Hope.

Plane flies into Austin, Texas IRS

I woke up this morning to a CNN broadcast of a small plane going into the IRS building in Austin Texas. Later in the day we found about a man in his early 50s writing a suicide note and flying the small plane consciously planned into the IRS Building. Normally, (if there is a normally in this situation) a man(it's usually a man) gets really upset in these kinds of cases and gets a gun and goes into a building like this and wastes several people and then turns the gun on himself.

The real problem I see with this is that there could be copy cat versions of this. It takes much less courage to end ones life this way than it does with a gun which is so very messy. And any idiot in good weather can take off a plane and then crash it into a building or home or other location. The real problem of flying a plane isn't taking off it is landing. So with or without a pilot's license almost anyone who can drive a car could theoretically do this if they stole a plane. So I see this sort of thing as an extremely dangerous precedent.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Plane owned by Tesla engineer crashes

begin quote:
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A Cessna 310 owned by a Tesla Motors executive struck an electrical tower after taking off in northern California on Wednesday, crashing into a residential neighborhood and killing all three people on board, according to local authorities and a media report.end quote:

The article also said all 3 were employees of Tesla Motors.

The Tucker, The Bricklin and now the Tesla have all had their share of problems of one sort or another. It seems really unfortunate when a really good prototype is developed like the Tesla that companies have so much trouble getting production going. Of course, trying to start a company in a recession can be difficult too. Though I hear production is now going strong with Tesla and I hear stock is being offered this crash likely won't help the company much except in regard to publicity of their product.

I can remember a silicon Valley company that had 40 plus members of their executive level people on a flight with me and my family that almost crashed at San Jose about 13 years ago. I overheard the CEO say, "We are never going to have this many executive level people on a single flight again in case it crashes. Because if it did our company might end right there with the crash."

I thought this was a wise idea.

I also found something I didn't expect to find on Stainless steel cars while I was trying to remember the name, Tucker. Here it is:

Saint Germain 2-17-2010

To understand more about the historical person: The Comte De Saint Germain please read:

However, after I quote from various sources of people who actually knew the Comte De Saint Germain during the 1700s of specifically France but throughout Europe I share some of my own personal experiences at my website.

I was born into a religion that saw Saint Germain as an ally of Jesus. And since we believed that one of Saint Germain's previous incarnations was that of Joseph the Father of Jesus one could assume that they were always friends, Brothers, and spiritual allies and family.

So, I grew up in this context of knowing Jesus and Saint Germain as spiritual allies in the progressive enlightenment of all mankind over thousands of years through evolutionary reincarnation.

So, this is where I begin with my life with Saint Germain and Jesus and Archangel Michael. My protector has always been Archangel Michael and his band of Archangels. My first formal memory of this lifetime was of them visiting me and my grandmother. She was a full blooded Scot that was born in the U.S. but raised in Scotland and then returned to the U.S. after getting married and then raised her family here in the U.S. I was around 2 years old at the time and she was singing "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" while rocking me around 1950 in one of the padded and cushioned rocking chairs that were vogue at that time. As she sang the Archangels led by Michael appeared in front of us. It was the beginning powerful spiritual memory of this lifetime and it seared itself into my memory so fully that I still remember it clearly now at almost 62 years of age. All the Archangels wore jeweled Armor from their feet to their necks. Only their hands and head were exposed. None wore facial hair but all had shoulder length hair of different hues from Blond (Archangel Michael) to black. They seemed to be welcoming me and seemed to recognize me as one of them only in human form. Once Michael showed himself and his band to me in this way he has never left and I often see him now in flashes of blue light or as a blue oval shape there whenever he is protecting me from something. He has saved my life many times already over the years.

So, this set the stage for my relationship with Saint Germain. As a little child I believed what my parents did only because they told me this is what to believe. Since my parents were in charge of the "I am" Sanctuary in Los Angeles from 1954 until 1960 when I was 6 to 12 years of age I often had to sit in the audience and wait for church services to be over. This would be between 2 hours to 4 hours in length. The longer services were usually conducted as special ones periodically during the year by Mrs. Edna Ballard or one of her staff. They traveled around and gave these extra long services periodically. In one way as an 8 to 12 year old I like this because I often got to meet old friends that would come in with their parents from hundreds of miles away for these services and sometimes even from the East Coast or another country. But I used to also get very bored because I was just a child and these things could go on forever. So, I finally decided one day to start "Pouring my love to Saint Germain and Jesus." I found this very powerful and satisfying so I continued doing this with amazing results. I found they started to talk to me about many things in life like a good adult talks to a child about what will help there life in the present and future be better. Since they gave faultless good advice I began to listen more and more and they saved me from many bad experiences in my life by listening to them both. Since most of the time they both would be there talking to me and sharing what I needed to do next I just got used to their council over the years. However, when I was 10 I got childhood epilepsy and began to get frightened of all this and began to wonder if there really was a God or not. And if so why was he letting me suffer so? So by age 12 I had moved into an uncertainty and fearful place. This unsureness lasted until I began going to church regularly to try to survive my epilepsy so I didn't die. I was very scared of what I was going through in my life and became despondent and suicidal in the process.

Finally, after a particularly bad night time seizure my father said to me as I recovered with my body shaking horribly, "You've just got to get some religion under your belt." I wasn't sure he was right or not but I knew if I didn't do something that I would be dead soon. So I began going to church 3 to 4 times a week with my parents. This created a situation that finally ended my childhood epilepsy and left me with many spiritual gifts because of the level of "Mind over matter" that I had had to use to survive my illness. I had had to be as emotionally grown up as people usually don't have to get to until their 30s to survive. This made me very different and much more serious than most other kids that hadn't had long term near death experiences. So I was very serious in some ways and didn't return to a more childlike demeanor until my early twenties when I grew my hair long and a beard for a while. This time between ages 21 and 25 healed my soul from all the psychological and physical pain I had endured from childhood epilepsy.

Saint Germain became more and more important in my life, especially after my father told me we were related to Francis Bacon who likely was an illegitimate son of Queen Elizabeth I of England of the 16th Century Elizabethan times. And since Among Masonic and other people in the know it is considered that the Comte de Saint Germain was born as Francis Bacon and actually wrote the Shakespearean plays under the pen name of his friend, William Shakespeare, it meant that I was literally biologically related to Saint Germain. I found this to be amazing that I carried Saint Germain's genes forward literally. When I read the Comte De Saint Germain by Cooper- Oakley(Now in print again) I read about the graying of the temples of Saint Germain and realized as I read it once again that I have this inherited trait too of mostly graying in the temples. So even though I am 61 I am mostly gray near my face and still have dark brown hair on most of my head.
My father in law asked me if I dyed my hair. I said, "NO. This is how my family greys. Very slowly."

All these things during my life only made me feel closer to Saint Germain as an actual ancestor and relative. Then on Easter 1973 he appeared to me out of a poster on a wall of the sun coming up over a mountain and permanently changed my life. After living in the Violet Flame that he is famous for for around one hour(I never knew the flames were alive. They reminded me of song birds as I watched the black smoke pour out of my chest upwards. When he came towards me in a Violet oval of light it became to powerful spiritually for me to stay conscious and so I lost consciousness and woke up an hour or so later with my brain reprogrammed so my consciousness duplicated his. I was different after that experience and have thought more like Saint Germain after this. It was as if I was a nail to a Saint Germain electromagnet. My brain was repolarized into a Saint Germain alignment and my supernatural gifts increased exponentially after that.

Around age 25 I couldn't deal with my gifts anymore and said to God, "This is just too overwhelming God. I can't deal with seeing all this stuff good and bad all the time. Just show me what you need to to see and know when I need to know it. And poof everything changed and what I asked happened. It is much more efficient and useful now. It is amazing how life will do what you ask if you are properly empowered for it. However, I don't use this lightly because whenever I ask God now for something he gives it to me. So, mostly I only ask for stuff in emergencies because I don't like how every single thing in my life changes if I ask for something big. The big thing happens but every thing else and all the people and even where I live changes and I find that confusing and not useful to me in most instances. So, I have learned only to ask for things in emergencies after that.

However, I'm always being put into situations to help mankind in various ways. Because I use my gifts that God has bestowed wisely they continue to increase daily. However, if you wish to be like this the more gifted you become the more responsibility you have to keep your motivation clear in the use of the Gifts given. It's just like if you move from a Cessna 152 plane to piloting a jet like a 737 or something like this it is a much greater responsibility and you better know what you are doing. So, a feeling of kindness towards all life in the universe is absolutely necessary to get beyond a certain point in spiritual evolution.

So, I guess what I'm saying here is that both Jesus and Saint Germain have been my teachers throughout my life in a very personal sense. They are not my teachers for just my own health and well being. They are my teachers so I will use the gifts they give me to benefit all of you.

David Letterman

You know how sleeping dreams are, they can be so real in such a surrealistic way. Anyway, I flew to visit with David Letterman in his home. In the dream I was in my early 20s and he was in his late 40s to early 50s and he appeared to be single. I visited him like I was a relative meeting one of my parents brothers for the first time. So I was welcomed but sort of an unknown quantity to him. There was a girl visiting him that reminded me a lot of Monica Lewinski during her affair with Clinton. She and I were about the same age and talked a lot. Letterman in the dream seemed very intelligent and kind of sad in his life. However, he was interested in what we both had to say. It appeared we were both staying with him for the weekend like distant relatives coming to meet their famous uncle. He was trying to get a memory card inserted properly into a camera like device and it kept jamming and not seating properly. I said, "Here let me try. I have an affinity with everything mechanical. Once I didn't have much money on a drive back from Canada and one of my tires got threadbare and I couldn't afford to buy a new tire so I talked to the tire and just drove a little slower and sure enough when it went it just slowly went down flat and happened right next to a Les Schwab Tire outlet in southern Oregon. I went there and asked if they had any used tires and they said, "Take a look in this used tire pile." So I did and found a matching tire to my own that still had a little wear left. They said they couldn't guarantee the tire but I didn't need that at the time and installed it on my car for 25 dollars cash which left me less than 25 dollars in my wallet. Since I didn't use Credit Cards or ATM cards at the time so I would never get into debt it was cutting it pretty close. But I made it back to my home in Mt. Shasta, California safely."

So he handed me the small digital camera and I installed the flash chip for him. Then I said, "All the men in my family can talk to mechanical things like cars and planes and get a useful response. We all tend to do very well with cars, planes and electronics since we have this gift."

He just sort of looked at me and thought me strange but realized I did have some kind of affinity with technology.

Then he helped me get my airline ticket home. I could see he didn't know quite what to make of me and wondered if I was just strange or unusual or some new variation of human being that he wasn't sure of yet. The Monica Lewinski type of character got on her plane first and then I got on my plane.

Then the dream faded into something else and I woke up for a moment and then slipped into a vision. In the vision I was taken into a fault like the San Andreas somewhere between San Francisco and Seattle. The earth fault line communicated with me and was explaining that it didn't want me to talk about earthquakes anymore. It said, "What needs to happen needs to happen and if you tell everyone about it they might pray and change everything and it could throw off earth changes and natural consequences for the Earth Being whose body earth is."
I said, "Well. I'll try not to talk about this anymore if it is that important to Gaia "Mother Nature"

After that I really didn't know what to make of that and I asked Saint Germain what to do. At first he said, "Do nothing like they said." But later he had me write this so you all might better understand.