Tuesday, November 6, 2018

I ask God when I should Write

The Solar Logos said to me last spring that I am his representative on earth regarding the Golden City Heaven or Golden Heaven as I sometimes like to call it which is a heaven designed and empowered by him to help beings caught by global warming and who die from global warming or earth changes. These deaths are more accidental in nature than anything else. However, they also allow humans on earth not to go extinct simply by thinning out mankind by millions and possibly billions this century.

So, instead of just writing Memories when I feel like it (so far Chapters 12 through 18) I don't write when I feel like it usually but only when I'm given permission by God to write which could be anywhere and any when (24 hours a day). I know what I'm writing is not just for the present day here on earth but also for the past, present and future for earth and way beyond earth too.

Many civilizations on many planets and dimensions in the past, present and future also need to understand how the Galactic Government actually works. Mostly they begin and end timelines and manage timelines and any government not capable of that isn't really considered a government at all by the Galactic Sentience. Since the final authority in our Galaxy is the Galactic Sentience who is the leader of the Creator species in the Milky Way Galaxy, the only government actually recognized is the Galactic Sentience's Creator based Government which manages the Milky Way Galaxy sort of like how humans manage a farm here on earth. Because to them the Galaxy is a farm. It is an energy farm because they eat energy as it moves from one form to another. like from unknown matter to matter or from unknown matter to anti-matter sort of like that or even from anti-matter or matter back into unknown matter which all matter and anti-matter do also eventually when a galaxy (which is like a waterfall in space) ends.

So, I know I have a responsibility to many billions of beings on earth and beyond to try to allow God to write about all this so beings can read it in the past, present and future of Earth and beyond.

By being picked up by the Golden City heaven it reduces the stress of beings because they are automatically scooped up by the Golden City heaven which then allows them to go to whatever heaven or heavens they are suited to. Its sort of like a Life boat for everyone who accidentally dies in Tornadoes, floods, hurricanes and droughts and high winds etc. All over the world.

By God's Grace

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